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Gene Aguilera – Upcoming Book Signing

By David Martinez /  

My friend Gene Aguilera has had numerous book signings of his two outstanding book publications over the years.

His first book “Mexican American Boxing in Los Angeles” was released in 2014 was a monster hit, and now he has released his second book “Latino Boxing In Southern California” … both publications are a must for your purchase and certainly make the perfect gift for any boxing fan!

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FROM THE DESK OF: David Martinez

(Winter 2018 Edition)

As we head into 2019, I wish everybody the best of health and a prosperous Happy New Year!

It is absolutely my pleasure to bring you this website.  There have been 1,551 published feature articles – an average of eleven per month – since the beginning of which started on July 15, 2007.

I am truly thankful for the special people that continue to help and contribute to the success of this website; they are: Bob Quackenbush (Lead Assistant / Proofer Reader / PhotoEditing); Tom Donelson (Member Boxing Writers Association of America); KathyKraft (Proof Reader); Steve Corbo (Boxing Writer / Proof Reader); Harold Lederman (HBO World Championship Boxing); Jim Amato (Senior Boxing Writer / Boxing Historian); Rusty Rubin (In Rusty’s Corner / Glove2Glove / first to contribute to dmboxing in July 2007) as his friendship and lovely memory will never be forgotten (R.I.P.)

For those of you that have purchased website products, thank you for your support, and as holiday gifts this year it was my pleasure to send out approximately 100 calendars to friends and my boxing constituents; if I missed anyone, please contact me and I will kindly and promptly make one available to you.

Speaking of gifts, be sure to reserve your copy of an amazing boxing publication by author Gene Aguilera called “Latino Boxing In Southern California”.  This is Gene’s second book and, like his first, it’s a gem.  Purchase information: price $22.99 (plus shipping and handling); contact Gene at (323) 697-7197 or  

I would like to bring to your attention that coming next month is an outstanding and interesting two-part article piece written by Bob Quackenbush regarding famous outdoor venues of historic fights.  You don’t want to miss it.

As the year 2018 comes to an end, I will have my “Year in Review / Best of in Boxing” top five categories – Fighter, Fight, Round, Knockout, and Upset. These are my personal picks and will be posted during the first week in January 2019 for viewing.

Here are my top “pound for pound” dozen boxers (ending December 2018):

1) Terence Crawford (34-0 / 25 by KO)

2) Vasiliy Lomachenko (12-1 / 9 by KO)

3) Oleksandr Usyk (16-0 / 12 by KO)

4) Gennady Golovkin (38-1-1 / 34 by KO)

5) Canelo Alvarez (51-1-2 / 35 by KO)

6) Mikey Garcia (39-0 / 30 by KO)

7) Errol Spence Jr. (24-0 / 21 by KO)

8) Naoya Inoue (17-0 / 15 by KO)

9) Srisaket Sor Rungvisai 47-4-1 / 41 by KO)

10) Leo Santa Cruz (35-1-1 / 19 by KO)

11) Anthony Joshua (22-0 / 21 by KO)

12) Donnie Nietes (41-1-5 / 23 by KO)

In closing, thanks to everybody for making a part of your boxing selection!

A special thank you to website hat model, Amy … note – hat is blue in color embroidered with official website logo, adjustable Velcro strap to fit all sizes – price is $18.00 – includes FREE shipping.

FROM THE DESK OF: David Martinez

(Fall 2018 Edition)

It’s Fall and here’s wishing everybody well as we come into a new season, and thank you for making my website one of your choices in boxing.  It has been my pleasure since the start of this website in July 2017 to share information with you from my almost 60 years of wealth in boxing.

I want to say thank you to those that have purchased my products, and also to you who have recently have sent in for my newest long sleeve blue t-shirt.  To see all of the products that are available, go to the Categories section on this website and click onto Products.

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Gene Aguilera – BOOK REVIEW

By David Martinez /

His first book was – OUTSTANDING. Now, his second book leaves me breathless, and I will say that it is also – OUTSTANDING!

Gene Aguilera’s publication of his newest book “LATINO BOXING IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA” is now official, and it has been released to the general public.  This book is a must for all boxing fans and is a great read for all that have grown up in the Southern California area and have visited such legendary boxing venues as the Olympic Auditorium, Hollywood Legion Stadium, the Los Angeles Sports Arena, and the Forum.

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THE FIGHT – Book Review

*** FLASHBACK – this article originally appeared on on June 23, 2014

The Fight

By Steve Corbo (Guest Post)

Chicago based ring announcer Steve Corbo, who has been a hit with audiences in Europe, recently recorded Luke Wordley’s top selling novel, “The Fight”.

At the top of the charts in Great Britain, “The Fight” has recently been released in the United States with the audio version being recorded by Corbo and released by Oasis Audio. Two-time World Champion boxer, Nigel Benn, has enthusiastically endorsed “The Fight”.

Reading the book this summer, he said: ‘I loved The Fight. I just couldn’t put it down. It is so realistic and true to life. I can’t recommend this book enough.’

Publishers Weekly reviewed: “The Fight” and said “Wordley has written a champion novel that will stand out in a crowded ring of contenders.”

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FROM THE DESK OF: David Martinez

(Winter 2016 Edition)

It’s the time of year to say…  Merry Christmas Everybody!

As we wind down 2016 and approach the new year of 2017, I want to say thank you to a group of people that make this website the huge success that it is. They are: John Boitnott (Web Master); Bob Quackenbush (Proof Reading and Photo Editing); Tom Donelson (Member Boxing Writers Association); Jim Amato (Senior Boxing Writer); Harold Lederman (HBO World Championship Boxing / Hey Harold!); Steve Corbo (Guest Post and Advisor); Adam Pollock (Book Reviews); and Kathy Kraft (Proof Reader); and in memory of my friend Rusty Rubin, the former editor of Ring Sports Magazine, and the first contributor to in July 2007 with his award winning column In Rusty’s Corner and Glove2Glove. May his soul rest peacefully in Heaven with God forever.

In appreciation of this wonderful group of people that help me so much with the website, I am giving them a special friendship gift for Christmas, my official pen, to sincerely say thank you!

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Gene Aguilera – Upcoming Book Signing

By David Martinez /

With Christmas less than two months away, a great gift idea for you boxing fans is my friend Gene Aguilera’s book, Mexican American Boxing In Los Angeles. 

This publication is truly a collector’s item for everyone and a must-have for those who grew up around boxing in the Southern California area.

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Ali – Frazier: Ghosts of Manila

By Tom Donelson (BWAA)

Tom -crop

Author, Member of Boxing Writers Association of America

Contributor to since 2008

(Excerpts from my book on black fighters, Boxing in the Shadow)

Fighters know how to suffer.  They demagnify pain and seldom talk about it.  Though some fighters have been called “bow-wows” within the sport, thresholds of pain are hard to detect in fighters….Eyes, nose, ears, larynx, kidneys, they all take horrific beatings.  But their faces tell where fighters have been, the potholes over which they had to rattle, from the small arenas with the single light bulb and a backed-up toilet in the dressing rooms to the flooding light of the big time”


Boxing heroes are usually defined less by the ease of their victories, than by their defeats and their various comebacks in the course of a career. Fighters are made through the brutal confines of their sport, in which they nearly see death approach, in which their blood is splattered; and yet they somehow persevere.  Brutality sells tickets, but more importantly, it seals one’s fame.   For Ali, Joe Frazier was his ticket to fame.

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Sonny Liston: Ali’s First Big Foil

By Tom Donelson (BWAA)
Tom -crop

Author, Member of Boxing Writers Association of America

Contributor to since 2008

(Excerpts from my book on black fighters, Boxing in the Shadow)


Ali jumped all over Liston after Ali sent Liston down in their second fight, yelling for him to get up. Jersey Joe Walcott, the referee, totally lost control as he tried to get Ali to a neutral corner.  Liston stayed on the canvas as Walcott tried to restrain Ali. Liston eventually got up as Walcott went to the corner to talk with Ring Magazine editor Nat Fleischer. Ali started nailing Liston with more shots.  Meanwhile Fleischer told Walcott that Liston should be counted out, so Walcott called the fight and gave the bout to Ali.  Years later, Liston told Sports Illustrated Mark Kram that he stayed down because, “Ali was a crazy man.”  The great intimidator was intimidated.

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GENE AGUILERA – my friend!

Gene & David
By David Martinez /

I met Gene Aguilera a few years ago and consider his friendship to be a blessed gift from Heaven.

I had heard about Gene years prior through mutual friends. However, when he contacted me directly in early 2015 to inform me he would be my presenter at my induction into the WBC Legends Hall of Fame, I could tell by the enthusiasm in his voice that he was not only sincerely happy for me, but also happy in my honor.

My attraction to Gene is simple; he is a kind and giving human being.

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