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Dub Harris – World Boxing Hall of Fame

By David Martinez / 

I want to tell you about a man for whom I, and many others, have the utmost respect – Maurice “Dub” Harris.

I first met Dub in November 1996, when I was introduced to him by Deborah Sutherland- Hocamp.  At that time, Dub was president of the World Boxing Hall of Fame and Deborah was Vice President and Advisor.  That October, Deborah had heard me doing play-by-play  commentary for a boxing show broadcast on KVEN-AM Ventura radio with Barry Turnbull and, knowing Barry, she later asked him “Who is this guy David Martinez who knows so much about boxing?”

The rest is now history and, as it turned out, meeting Dub began a huge chapter in my life and in my passion for boxing.  Dub interviewed me at his Los Angeles (Commerce), California office.  Although nervous, I was confident during the interview, and he immediately, on that day, on the spot, welcomed me into the organization, asking me to start officially in January 1997 as a member of the Board of Directors.

Dub told me something at that initial interview that I will never forget, and I applied it to the fullest during my ten year (1997-2007) tenure in the World Boxing Hall of Fame.  The quote was “Don’t ever let me down, Martinez.”  I must admit, that single phrase prompted me to become the best I could be while serving in the World Boxing Hall of Fame and that quote still motivates me to this day.

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Don Fraser – Hall of Fame to Salute

By David Martinez /

Don Fraser, a friend and mentor for many years, will be honored in a special “Salute To Don Fraser” this Saturday, October 20, 2018 by the National Boxing Hall of Fame.  Also honored will be the latest class of 2018 inductees.  The gala event will be held at The Sportsman Lodge, 12825 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, California.

I consider Don Fraser to be the “Mr. Boxing” of my era.  His involvement in boxing ranges from that of a promoter, to matchmaker, publicist, writer, corner man, and Executive Officer for the California Athletic Commission.  In addition, Don recently retired as President and Founder of the California Boxing Hall of Fame.  He truly is a wealth of boxing information.

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New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame 2017 Inductions



                                                               FOUNDED NOVEMBER 8, 1968                                                                                                                                President, Henry Hascup                                                                                                       59 Kipp Ave., Lodi, New Jersey 07644                                                                                            –                                                                                          Tel – 973-471-2458  –  Fax – 973-470-8301                                           

The 48th Annual Induction & Award Ceremonies for the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame will take place on Thursday, November 9th at the Venetian in Garfield, N.J. – Tickets @ $85                                                                                                                                              


         Sal Alessi                 Kenny Bogner          Clarence Coleman            Greg Everett                                         Anthony Hamm                Joey (Eye) Intrieri                   Johnny Molnar                                Bob Rooney Sr.            Marlon Starling                Adrian Stone               Paul Vegliante                                                                   

                                                                         POSTHUMOUSLY                                                                                                    Jimmy Cerello                     Oscar Goode                 Mike Mastandrea

Also, the NEW JERSEY BOXING HALL OF FAME will be honoring our Senior Amateur (Aadam Ali), Junior Olympic Amateur (Emmanuel Chance) & Pro Boxer of the Year (Derrick Webster) as well as the Amateur Official (Andrew Mustacchio) & Coach of the Year (Mike Rizzo), Plus our “2017 Man of the Year” (Chuck Wepner).

Gene Aguilera

By David Martinez /

On December 3, 2016 my friend Gene Aguilera was inducted into the WBC World Boxing Council Legends Hall of Fame. It was an extreme honor for me to be his presenter, and it was such a deserving honor for Gene. In prior years, with the World Boxing Hall of Fame and California Boxing Hall of Fame, I have been a presenter for Rodolfo Gonzalez (WBC lightweight champion); Ernie Terrell (WBA heavyweight champion); Eddie Perkins (WBA junior welterweight champion); Eddie Futch (arguably the greatest trainer of the 20th century); and Harold Lederman (HBO World Championship Boxing). But, it is Gene that is so very special in my heart because our roles were reversed – he was my presenter upon my induction on May 17, 2015.

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Dub Harris R.I.P.

 Johnny Ortiz, Dub Harris, David Martinez
( photo taken October 18, 2002 )
 Ortiz - C
*** FLASHBACK – this article originally appeared on dmboxing on July 21, 2011 … In Memory of Dub Harris (R.I.P.) I am re-posting in his honor.


By David Martinez /

Last month the boxing world lost a friend, Maurice “Dub” Harris, who passed away peacefully on June 27, 2011 at the age of 94. He was a highly decorated veteran of the United States Army serving in both World War II and the Korean War.

Dub, along with Everett Sanders (original founder), Charlie Casas, and Gordon Del Faro, was one of the charter members of the World Boxing Hall of Fame that started in 1980. Dub served five terms as president (1982), (1985), (1989-1990), (1995-1996), (1997-1998). Dub remained active as Chairman of the Board and President’s Advisor until failing health in 2005 forced him to depart the World Boxing Hall of Fame after twenty five years of dedicated service with the goal to always strive for excellence.

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WBC Legends of Boxing Museum 2016 Event


By David Martinez /

Come join a great boxing event – The WBC Legends of Boxing Museum 2016 Hall of Fame!

This is a premier boxing hall of fame venue that honors boxers and other boxing related personnel for their outstanding accomplishments.

This years’ show will take place on Saturday, December 3, 2016, 1:00pm, at the American Sports University, 399 North “D” Street, San Bernardino, California 92404.  

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