David Martinez / BIO

David Martinez / Boxing Historian  

www.dmboxing.com /  email address:   dmmcgn9@verizon.net / mailing address:  810 Coronel Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93109 … Boxing Collector for 60 years … Boxing writer: Santa Barbara News Press, WBHF Newsletter, Boxing Globe, Ring Sports Magazine … Boxing analyst: KIST 1340 AM , KDB 1490 AM, KTYD 99.9 FM, KEYT 1250 AM, KVEN 1450 AM, ESPN Radio & KCOX TV, KEYT TV / ABC, KZSB 1290 AM, London England Radio, Los Angeles media TV news reports, Pinnacle Sports Radio Productions, Time Warner Cable TV … co-promote & MC host “Greatest Fights of the Century” film show at Eagles Lodge #442, Santa Barbara, CA on July 6, 1974 … member of USA Amateur Boxing, Inc / judge & referee 1989-94 & coach 2009-present … volunteer work & contributed to various amateur boxing shows (i.e.) La Casa De La Raza, Primo Boxing Club, Bell Gardens P.A.L., Los Angeles Diamond Belt Tournaments, the “inaugural” UCSB boxing fight night, Ventura boxing club, … ringside supervisor & judge for the Santa Barbara Brawl “fight night” 2001 at Earl Warren Showgrounds venue … also on 2-19-01 promoted  the “first” World Boxing Champion to Santa Barbara for a P.A.L 다운로드. public workout & photo autograph signing: Willie Jorrin, WBC Super-Bantamweight titlest … 2003 World Boxing Hall of Fame recipient of Everett L 다운로드. Sanders Lifetime Achievement Award … reference & historical supervisor contact to answer worldwide website boxing questions for World Boxing Hall of Fame … co-promote & MC host “Gathering of Angels” event on 8-12-07 … inducted into the California Boxing Hall of Fame on September 22, 2007 … film credit / appearance (2009) movie “After The Last Round” … on July 4, 2010 exclusive interview with Reno, Nevada FOX radio KBZZ 1270 AM regarding 100 year anniversary of “Fight of the Century” Jack Johnson vs 윈도우7 iso 이미지 다운로드. Jim Jeffries, July 4, 1910 … Art in Athleticism boxing event referee, 4-22-11, University California Santa Barbara … 2011 recipient GSBA Don Fraser Lifetime Achievement Award … received Joe Louis Humanitarian Award 12-10-11 … licensed with California Sate Athletic Commission as corner man to work professional boxer Henry Calles Jr 다운로드. (2013-2016) … Boxing Coach / Duke’s Boxing & Fitness 2009 to present … inducted into the WBC World Boxing Council Legends Hall of Fame on May 17, 2015 … President / Founder  www.dmboxing  “aka” David Martinez Boxing website July 15, 2007 to current fifa online 3.
Santa Barbara High School Class of 1966  / Associate Arts Degree Santa Barbara City College 1978.
United States  Navy 1966-69 / Signalman 3rd class (E-4) / aboard USS Long Beach (CGN-9), first U.S 다운로드. ship to shoot down enemy aircraft with surface-to-air missiles, Tonkin Gulf, North Vietnam,  May 23, 1968,  a bench mark in U.S. naval  history 다운로드.
Work Status:  Retired / State of California  /  Caltrans  / 40 years of service: Feb 16, 1971 ~ June 24, 2011 / Transportation Engineering Technician  /  Permit Inspector
Served as Boxing Historian & Board of Director for World Boxing Hall of Fame / 1997 to 2007 … presenter for boxer inductees: Rodolfo Gonzalez (2003), Ernie Terrell (2004), Eddie Perkins (2006)
Presenter for induction into California Boxing Hall of Fame:  Eddie Futch (2008), Harold Lederman (2013)
Presenter for induction into WBC World Boxing Legends Hall of Fame: Gene Aguilera (2016)
Past member – Golden State Boxers Association
Personal Quote:  “ boxing  is  my  blood  life – line ”
Favorite Boxer past:  Marvelous Marvin Hagler and Alexis Arguello
Greatest Boxer all time:  Sugar Ray Robinson
Most underrated Boxers past:  Vicente Saldivar, Charley Burley, Harold Johnson 
Best Boxing movies:  Raging Bull (1980), The Set-Up (1949), Hard Times (1975)
Favorite Boxing Historian’s: Al Nelson, Bert Sugar, Emanuel Steward, Don Fraser 
My “dynamite dozen” 12 greatest “pound for pound” boxers of all time (listed alphabetically) are: Muhammad Ali, Henry Armstrong, Roberto Duran, Joe Gans, Harry Greb, Eder Jofre, Jack Johnson, Benny Leonard,  Joe Louis, Carlos Monzon, Willie Pep, Sugar Ray Robinson

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  1. Hey Dave, remember Sugar Ray Robinson ringside for La Casa De La Raza/Primo Boxing club first ever amateur boxing show, which the Ruelas brothers fought as 14 year olds.

  2. Hey Dave,

    Hope you are well. Heard you were retiring soon, bout time. James is doing well, been cancer free for a year now. We did our make a wish trip to Disneyworld a few months ago, awesome trip. Enjoy retirement, and give me a shout when you are in the Sacramento area.




    My husband is an ex-heavy wt. He was in Bennie G’s stable at the time that Danny Ray Lopez, Albert Davila, and Jaime Garza were champs. He lost touch with Jaime and I’m desperately searching not only for Jaime, but also photos of the Olympic & Main Street Gym.

    Do you know of any contacts from the Olympic? His fights there were televised, but I have no inkling of who to contact for copies. He has no pix at all to share with our daughter. I’m so proud of his accomplishments as a bodyguard and would love to find remnants of his boxing career before he had the eye injury that ended it.

    The effects of being a heavy wt knock out artist are taking the toll and I’d like to get photos that he can appreciate before he slips any further.


  5. David, you are not only a credit to the world of Boxing. You inspire Chicanos, all over the World. Ray Maynez. Advertising Director for the California Boxing Hall of Fame.

  6. hi DAVE ! My name is MANISHIMWE ABRAHAM i’m from rwanda, i’m 21 years old, 1.88 m height and 76 kg. I play, like, even know much about boxing! It’s been 5years training box with my coach in INKUBA BOXING CLUB here in my country and train online with EXPERT BOXING. For really boxing is not yet developed in my country and i didn’t find any boxing match to prove what i know! And i feel boxing inside my body! I need your help please, i want to become an international boxer. Thank you for your good answer.

  7. Do you happen to know when the size of boxing gloves changed? For instance nowadays:
    105-140 8oz
    147+ 10oz

    Meanwhile in Ali’s era they wore 8oz Gloves for Heavyweight. I dont know what size all of the other weight classes wore?

    If you can give me any information of the History of the different sizing of Boxing Gloves in Pro Fights, i would greatly appreciate it Dave, thank you.

  8. I am going to say the glove size change was in 2006 … lightweight & above 10oz … lower weights 8oz … today the 10oz size is welterweight & above.

  9. Hello, Dave,

    Tommy Cannon was an old-time ring announcer in the late 1890s and in the early 1900s.

    Cannon was also known by the name of “Eddie McCoy.”

    I am interested in finding out where and when Cannon died. Can you help me?

  10. David, impressive resume! Long time since we have spoken. Send me an email.

  11. Hi David, wishing you Happy Holidays! Just thinking of you and hoping you are happy and safe. Tina and I read your amazing resume. Also remembering your fun retirement! If you’re ever in Arroyo Grande, please contact ua: Flyingdog@myexcel.com

  12. love to meet you!i am 73 been boxing fan since a kid,my grandfather got me into it! been to many fights etc i live in santa barbra like to meet you!?

  13. Wow! You’re the real deal!
    I’ve seen your ad in the CVN and wondered what you did? I still am not sure, but you have quite a bio!
    Congratulations on your many achievements!!
    I’ll keep checking in and look forward to meeting you and attending events you may have. Until then, thanks!

  14. Hi David,

    Hope you and yours are well. I’m Dr. Gerard Gibbons, grandson of Tommy Gibbons and great nephew of Mike Gibbons, the St. Paul Phantom.

    It has been a few years (2016) since you helped connect me with J.J. Johnson. If you recall, my dad and I were very close friends of J.J. My dad (Tommy Gibbons, Jr.) passed away in 1999 and J.J. as you well know passed away in November 2022. We worked closely together from 2016 to 2022.

    I have just published a book “Shelby 1923 – The Dempsey-Gibbons Fight For Glory and a Little Montana Town’s Impossible Dream.” Rick Farris and West Coast Boxing Hall of Fame have already awarded it the book of the year for 2024.

    I’d like to have a brief call with you and share what I have in store for my Fight For Glory franchise which has been in the works since you helped me fight J.J. in early September 2016. And I’m also interested in joining IBRO.

    Can we please have a call? My cell is 805-402-9922

    Looking Forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you kindly and best regards,
    Dr. Gerard Gibbons

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