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Lomachencko “Brilliant” Defeats Kambosos By 11th Round Knockout

음력 달력 다운로드

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Vasiliy Lomachenko faced Australian George Kambosos, Jr 삼성 사이드 싱크 다운로드. for the IBF lightweight title, and this promised to be an interesting fight as both fighters were looking not just for a title but also a loss could hurt the loser if not end his career as championship contenders 유령신부 다운로드.

Lomachenko won the first two rounds as Lomachenko landed Kambosos 18 punches to 5 and controlled the ring and I had Lomachenko ahead 20-18.  In the third round Kambosos landed 8 punches for his best round, but his opponent landed 14 punches and as ESPN announcers Tim Bradley noted as the fourth round progressed, Lomachenko has downloaded his opponent weakness and he simply avoided Kambosos punches while accurately landing 21 punches to only one for Kambosos and after the round, it was 40 to 36 for Lomachenko who is looking as sharp as I seen in a while 더존 스마트a 다운로드.

The fifth round was the same as the other rounds as Lomachenko simply landed at will and Kambosos couldn’t even land a punch. Lomachenko landed 41 punches and Kambosos only three in the fourth and fifth round 영화 거인 다운로드.

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Pages From The Scrapbook #27


By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

In this edition of “Pages From The Scrapbook” features my pre-fight article piece – that was published in the Santa Barbara News Press on May 6, 1982 for viewing – regarding the Arturo Frias vs 오피스 2013 홈앤스튜던트 다운로드. Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini WBA Lightweight Championship fight.

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Devin Haney Dominates Regis Prograis ~ By “Unanimous” Decision … Espinoza Over Ramirez

By Tom Donelson / contributor to www.dmboxing since 2008 / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

This past Saturday, Devin Haney challenged Regis Prograis for Prograis WBC 140-pound championship 다운로드. Haney had yet to lose in his thirty fights with fifteen knockouts and Prograis came in the fight with only one loss with twenty-nine victories and twenty-four knockouts 다운로드.

Haney obtained his lightweight title when he defeated George Kambosos Jr in Kambosos  backyard in Australia and then won the rematch before winning a close fight against Vasyl Lomachenko. 

Prograis won his title from Jose Zepeda in an 11th round knockout before struggling in a split decision against Danielito Zorrilla in his first defense and now he faced the slick boxer, Haney.  This was a bout featuring the slick boxer versus the puncher 다운로드.

Haney out jabbed Prograis and was busier fighter and I had him winning round one but a close round as Prograis had solid body shots. Haney was the busier fighter over the next two rounds and in the third round, Haney knocked Prograis down with a right for a 10-8 round 코렐드로우 x5 다운로드. This was the first major surprise of the evening, and I had the fight 30-26. Haney landed twenty-three punches to Prograis 13 and while Haney only connected on 26% of his fight but Prograis landed 13%. 

In the fourth round, Haney continued his boxing and landed more punches as Prograis looked tentative from the previous rounds and now it was 50-45 for Haney on my card 김태우 사랑비.

Haney took Prograis to school as through the first half he landed fifty-eight punches to only twenty for Prograis.

The seventh and eight round, Haney continued to school Prograis who looked lost and unable to figure out a way to change the tide.  Haney combinations flowed effortlessly and after eight rounds, Haney pitched a shutout 80-71. 

In the ninth round, Prograis threw a left hook that missed wildly and then it was Haney who simply landed any punch he wanted and dominated his opponent and now after nine rounds, it was 90-80.

Haney now going for the knockout in the tenth as he simply throwing combinations and in the eleventh round, Prograis face was a swollen mess as he was simply being outclassed by Haney.  And in the final round, Haney put the finishing touch of an easy shutout victory and I had the fight 120-107. And all the judges agreed with me, 120-107.

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Ryan Garcia Defeats Oscar Durate by 8th Round Knockout

맥용 페인터

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Ryan Garcia was making his comeback after losing to Gervonta Davis against Oscar Durate, who was 26-1 coming into this bout with twenty-one knockouts.  Until the eighth round, it was even fight that proved round for Garcia as Durante mauling and aggressive tactics troubled Garcia most of the fight.   Both fighters landed a similar number of punches with Garcia landing more jabs and Durante more power shots Orcad download.

Punch Stats

Total landed7069
Total thrown300287
Jabs landed157
Jabs thrown162112
Power landed5562
Power thrown138175
— Courtesy of CompuBox

Garcia found a home for lightening left hook that stunned Durante in the eighth round before landing several power shots sending Durante down 다운로드.


In the early rounds,  Garcia came out early to take advantage of his reach, but he  also showed defensive inconsistencies that hurt him against Davis in his previous fight.  Durante didn’t back down and stalked Garcia with successes early in the fight with body shots digging to the body.   Durante continued to pressure Garcia into the middle rounds.   The pressure exposed Garcia defensive inadequacy  Garcia noted , “He was building momentum, momentum and I was like, ‘Man, I gotta cut this off somehow.’ … He was a strong fighter 다운로드. He took a good punch. … I hit him with some hard shots, and he just kept coming.”

Ryan Garcia now is back in the win column and looking for his shot at a title as he managed to stop Durante who had not been stopped before 27 fights before 다운로드.

Stevenson Defeats De Los Santos by Decision … Navarrete vs. Conceicao Battle to a Draw


By Tom Donelson (BWAA) Member Boxing Writers Association of America

Shakur Stevenson defeated Edwin De Los Santos in a very boring fight that would have cured insomnia and be quite honest, I lost interest as round and round we saw a pattern of Stevenson jabbing and De Los Santos simply did very little, satisfied to finishing the fight.  Stevenson landed 65 punches over 12 rounds, landing at a 31 percent rate whereas De Los Santos landed 40 punches, landing at a 12 percent rate.  Stevenson landed a little more 5 punches per round and De Los Santos little more than 3 punches per round.   Stevenson had some nagging injuries before the fight, but he did little to excite his own future in getting bigger fights as he was satisfied with jabbing and take no chances 다운로드.  De Los Santos was the challenger who needed to push the issue and never did.  He seemed too afraid to push the issue and never seemed to be willing to take a chance.  As challenger it was his responsibility to push the issue and he never did 애즈원 천만에요 다운로드.

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Hands of Stone – Movie Review


******* FLASHBACK *******

This article originally appeared on on August 29, 2016

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

I am reluctant to expose the full contents of the latest boxing movie, Hands of Stone, as my intent is not to spoil it for those of you that have not seen it yet. I will just touch the tip of it in this review 엑셀 무설치 다운로드.

Duran 1

I was the first in line last Friday morning (11am) on the first day of release and the first showing at the theatre, so nobody could tell me anything about the movie before I could see it myself  다운로드.  Although I pretty much knew the whole story in following Roberto Duran in the five decades (1968-2001) of his boxing career, I was anxious to see it 다운로드.

Duran 3

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Joshua by Knockout over Helenius – AND – Navarrete by Decision over Valdez

스파이더 릴리 다운로드

By Tom Donelson (BWAA) Member Boxing Writers Association of America

Anthony Joshua fought Finnish fighter Robert Helenius whose last big fight was a one round knockout defeat at the hand of Deontay Wilder.  Joshua last fight was a decision victory against Jermine Franklin, and it was hardly impressive even though he won an easy decision, but it was like he was satisfied to win by a decision.  In this fight, he proved to be willing to finish his opponent.  Originally scheduled to face Dillian Whyte who flunk a pre drug chase and then step in Helenius, who had fought and defeated follow Finnish fighter Mika Mielonen in three rounds, so Helenius was ready and in shape. 

With the exception of the first round, Joshua out punched Helenius in every round and dominated much of the fight as he outpunched Helenius 74 punches to 48 punches and his jab was accurate as he landed his jab 35% of the fight.   Both fighters landed similar number of combinations and Joshua landed 18 power shots to 12 power shots for Helenius, so the biggest difference was Joshua jab that set up his other shots 다운로드.

Joshua’s victory keeps him in the discussion of a heavyweight champion and the big fight that people talk about is Wilder vs Joshua.  This would be interesting but for a few things, Wilder has only one fight, a one round knockout of Helenius since his last defeat at the hands of Fury.  Joshua has been active over the last few years and would have the advantage in the number of actual rounds fought.  A few years ago, I would have favored Wilder but now the advantage lies with Joshua who is a better boxer and been staying active 심해소녀 다운로드.

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Haney vs. Lomachenko (RECAP) The Scoring

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) … and – long time honored contributor to since 2008

The Lomachenko-Haney fight was a close fight, and you could have scored it for either fighter.  The only score that I found objectionable was 116-112 for Haney.  I could not find eight rounds for Haney or for that matter for Lomachenko, but I certainly could have seen a 115-113 either way 다운로드. I had the fight a draw.

There are many ways to score a fight, beginning with efficacy.  Is the fighter effective with his defense and his offense?  This fight was interesting since throughout the fight both fighters had their moments.  Overall Lomachenko only connected on 20 percent of his punches, but Haney only connected 28 percent.  Both fighters did have their moment of success but also, they failed to dominate their opponent 다운로드.

The only two rounds did we see one opponent dominate the other was the tenth and eleventh round.  Lomachenko dominated the tenth and eleventh round as he connected on 31 punches to only 7 for Haney.  Boxing is not based on the cumulative total, but It is judge round by round.  Lomachenko connected 124 punches to Haney 110, but you take out those two rounds, Haney connected on 103 punches to Lomachenko 93 punches 다운로드. So over those the remaining ten rounds, Haney connected on ten punches per round versus 9 punches per round for Lomachenko. Those ten rounds were close, and I had Haney winning six of those rounds.  In each round, one or two punches could prove decisive, and you have to look at other things like defense and power of the punches aws s3 이미지 다운로드.

If you take out the tenth and eleventh round, Haney landed 84 power shots versus 75 power shots for Lomachenko.  Haney averaged one more power shots per round than Lomachenko, again hardly dominating numbers 신용재 다운로드.

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Haney by Decision over Lomachenko

By Tom Donelson (BWAA) Member Boxing Writers Association of America

Devin Haney engaged in his toughest fight as he faced Vasiliy Lomachenko for the undisputed light weight title and the fight went as I thought as Haney used his size to jab and Lomachenko was the more aggressive fighter 뉴먼 애슬레틱스.

The fight was close most of the way and when reviewing the various scorecards, there were many close rounds which made it difficult to score 울트라 다운로드. The only two rounds that were easy to score was the 10th and 11th in which Lomachenko dominated with 31 punches landed versus 7 punches landed for Haney vmware 무료버전. These two rounds impacted how many boxing fans and pundits viewed this fight as these two rounds were near the end of fight.

ESPN had the fight 115-113 for Haney and MMA had the fight 115-113 for Lomachenko 다운로드. (My good friend David Martinez / agreed with MMA with a 115-113 score).  The first round was a close round as Haney tried to land couple of good jabs, but Lomachenko ended the round with a flurry but interesting, it was Haney who landed more effective power shots, landing 45 percent of his shots but only landed 1 jab out of 21 attempts 다운로드. Close round, I gave it to Haney by a whisker, but it could easily gone to Lomachenko.

In the second round, Haney was the more accurate puncher as his jab won the round, but the third round belonged to Lomachenko as he pressed the action and landed 40 percent more power shots. First round that he found a rhythm. After three rounds it was 29-28 in favor of Haney, but it could easily have been 29-28 in favor of Lomachenko.

The fourth was Haney best at that point as he landed nearly double punches but in the fifth round, Lomachenko nailed Haney with a solid right that shook Haney. Haney landed 13 punches to Lomachenko 12 punches, but the best punch of the round belonged to Lomachenko. After five rounds I had 48 to 47 for Haney.

In the sixth round, Haney landed some solid rights and Lomachenko left side has some redness, but Lomachenko landed some good head shots. Halfway through the fight, I had Haney up by 58 to 56 but depending on how you scored the first round, it could easily be 57 to 57.

Haney opened the seventh round with an uppercut partially blocked while Lomachenko landed two solid rights and after tying up Lomachenko, Haney landed a solid right plus he landed a jab and left hooks while Lomachenko landed a combination. Close round but I gave it to Lomachenko but could easily gone for Haney. 67-66 for Haney after seven rounds, Compubox noted that Haney landed 70 punches to 62 punches at this point of the fight and Lomachenko only landed 20 percent of his punches when he normally land close to 40 percent. Haney defense frustrated Lomachenko.

Another close round but Haney landed solid jabs and more efficient with his punches as he won the eight round and after eight rounds, Haney was winning on my scorecard 77 to 75. In the ninth round Haney beat Lomachenko to the punch and Lomachenko could sustain a consistent attack, and with three rounds left I had Haney up by three points, 87 to 84. After nine rounds, Haney landed 92 punches to 80 for Lomachenko.

Lomachenko dominated the tenth and eleventh round as he landed clean shots, easy for judges to score. (these two rounds were the easiest to score.) He appeared to get the upper hand and Haney suddenly looked confuse and after round tenth, Haney face showed concern. Concern were well founded as Lomachenko buckled Haney with a left hand from his southpaw position in the eleventh round. He landed punches in bunches as Haney only landed 2 punches to Lomachenko 20. Over these two rounds, Lomachenko landed 24 more punches. With one round left, it was 105 to 104 on my scorecard but Lomachenko had the momentum.

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Haney / Lomachenko PREVIEW

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) and contributor to since 2008

Vasyl Lomachenko seems to have been with us for a long time, but he has only fought 19 professional fights 다운로드. He fought for his title in his third fight as he upset Gary Russell Jr for Russell’s feather weight title.  My first thought was that he would go the way of past Olympic stars who went for the title too early in their careers.  Davey Moore in, his ninth fight, won the world super welterweight title but in his thirteenth fight, he lost to Roberto Duran and from that point, was never the same fighter. He went on to lose four more times and retired with an 18-5 record 다운로드.

Olympic gold medalist Pete Rademacher fought Floyd Patterson in his first fight as a pro for Patterson’s heavyweight title. He knocked Patterson down in the second round but then hit the canvas six times before the fight was stopped. He then lost to heavyweight contender Zora Folley.  He went on to fight many contenders and finished with a 15-7 record.   Then there was Leon Spinks who won a heavyweight title from Muhammad Ali in his eighth fight before losing the rematch. From that point he went from the apex of the sport to mediocrity finishing with a 26-17 record. 

Lomachenko never suffered the fate of the other Olympic champions who won or fought for titles too early in their careers. He has a 13-1 record in championship bouts and now he is facing Devin Haney for all of Haney’s belts 다운로드.

At 35, Lomachenko still has the talent to win the title back, but Haney is a good boxer who has the speed and agility to frustrate Lomachenko 아이폰 음원 다운로드.

Haney went to Australia to capture the lightweight titles as he defeated Georgie Kambosos Jr. in Kambosos backyard.   And when he defended his title, he went to Australia to give Kambosos a shot to regain his title, but he won even more easily 다운로드.

This bout is an interesting bout for both are good boxers, but Lomachenko can turn aggressor if the needs arrive. Haney surprised everyone when he went down under and easily out boxed Kambosos not once but twice.  Haney strength will be his quickness and mobility whereas Lomachenko is a good boxer in his own right, but he also can be a good inside fighter with body shots. Lomachenko doesn’t have the quickness of Haney so he may be forced into trench warfare to reduce Haney’s mobility. While Haney has had more fights overall, Lomachenko has been involved with more championship bouts and his lengthy amateur career supplemented his professional career. Lomachenko is the rare fighter who quickly translated his amateur career into a successful professional career.  In his third fight, he won a championship and won titles in three different weight classes.  While many favor Haney due to his speed and youth, there is something to be said for experience and Lomachenko has yet to be stopped. 

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