Joshua by Knockout over Helenius – AND – Navarrete by Decision over Valdez

By Tom Donelson (BWAA) Member Boxing Writers Association of America

Anthony Joshua fought Finnish fighter Robert Helenius whose last big fight was a one round knockout defeat at the hand of Deontay Wilder.  Joshua last fight was a decision victory against Jermine Franklin, and it was hardly impressive even though he won an easy decision, but it was like he was satisfied to win by a decision.  In this fight, he proved to be willing to finish his opponent.  Originally scheduled to face Dillian Whyte who flunk a pre drug chase and then step in Helenius, who had fought and defeated follow Finnish fighter Mika Mielonen in three rounds, so Helenius was ready and in shape. 

With the exception of the first round, Joshua out punched Helenius in every round and dominated much of the fight as he outpunched Helenius 74 punches to 48 punches and his jab was accurate as he landed his jab 35% of the fight.   Both fighters landed similar number of combinations and Joshua landed 18 power shots to 12 power shots for Helenius, so the biggest difference was Joshua jab that set up his other shots 다운로드.

Joshua’s victory keeps him in the discussion of a heavyweight champion and the big fight that people talk about is Wilder vs Joshua.  This would be interesting but for a few things, Wilder has only one fight, a one round knockout of Helenius since his last defeat at the hands of Fury.  Joshua has been active over the last few years and would have the advantage in the number of actual rounds fought.  A few years ago, I would have favored Wilder but now the advantage lies with Joshua who is a better boxer and been staying active 심해소녀 다운로드.

Also, this past weekend, Emanuel Navarrette faced Oscar Valdez and he showed his muster as he won an easy decision over Valdez, 116-112, 118-110 and 119-109 and no one would disagree that he earned the victory.  Valdez right eye was swollen shut.  This fight was supposed to happen six months ago, but Valdez back injury didn’t heal in time and Navarrete had to come back from a knockdown to win the WBO 130-pound title against Liam Wilson.  After that fight, he became Mexico tenth three-division titlist.  The crowd were rooting for his opponent, Oscar Valdez, and at the start Navarrete was the busy fighter 스파이더 릴리 다운로드. Navarrete landed more than double the punches and threw more than double the punches, but Valdez was the more economical and accurate punches.

Both fighters landed sold left hooks in round two and Valdez connected on body shots and then hooks while Navarrete landed his own hooks 다운로드. Navarette started to time Valdez lateral movement and started to land his right.  Throughout the fifth and sixth round, both fighters landed solid shots, Valdez landed a right and even briefly forced Navarrete to the rope.  Valdez landed a left hook that shook Navarrete, but Navarrete landed a right uppercut python 첨부파일.

Valdez caught Navarrete with another left hook, but Navarrette greater activity took hold of the fight, and he threw nearly 130 punches in round ten and then he landed 89 punches to Valdez 46 over the last three rounds.  Navarrette thought he had a knockdown and a 10-8 round in the final round, but it was ruled a slip.

Valdez did not back down and fought with his right eye swollen and may have been due to a broken orbital bone. Navarette is now 12-0 in title fights over three weight divisions and defeated a great fighter in Valdez who has now lost both to Shakur Stevenson in a unification bout and now to Navarette, whose only loss was in his fifth fight. Stevenson has stated he be happy to fight Navarette after he wins his lightweight title. 

This weekend, we saw Joshua solidify his place in the heavyweight division and several big money fights with the biggest being Wilder. Navarette showed he is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

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  1. I am glad to hear that you don’t discount AJ v Wilder. Many fans do. I give the fight even odds myself. Navarette v Valdez was a clear, but gritty win by Navarette, not unlike Holmes v Cooney, another clear, but gutty win.

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