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Mikey Garcia vs. Adrien Broner RECAP … Victor Ortiz wins by KO!

By Tom Donelson (BWAA)

Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America

Mikey Garcia dominated Adrien Broner last Saturday night with a technically sound performance.  Broner is the colorful fighter with the flashing combinations but it is Garcia who simply wins by being workmanlike. From the beginning and throughout the fight, Garcia jabbed his way inside Broner and then landed body shots that scored. From the very beginning, Garcia outworked and out hustled Broner.

Broner had his moment like the eighth round when he started with succession of combinations and over the last three rounds, he landed some big shots but he never landed with any consistency whereas Garcia would simply throw and land punches and as Garcia noted after fight, “I think that I controlled the fight in this early rounds and I kept the activity up … Broner is a great fighter and he has great skills but I was the superior fighter tonight.”

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Ward vs. Kovalev – RECAP

By Tom Donelson 
Member Boxing Writers Association of America
Andre Ward faced Sergey Kovalev and like the first bout, this too ended in controversy.  Going into the eighth and decisive round, this was a tight fight according to many ringside observer.  (I had Kovalev up by one point but this was one of those fights with many close rounds which explains why Harold Lederman had Kovalev up by three points at the half way mark of the fight and others had it closer with Paul Malignaggi having it even.)
Kovalev took to the center of the ring in the opening rounds and used his jab to set distance and allow him to use his power shots. Both men didn’t land many punches and this was a tough one to score.
In the second round, Kovalev lands a nice right hand and his jab forced Ward off guard and kept Ward from effectively countering.  Just as in the first fight, Kovalev landed the heavy punches in the early rounds and Ward moved inside to land body shots and landed one low blow that garnered a warning.

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Brook vs. Spence – RECAP … and a Look at the Welterweight Division

By Tom Donelson (BWAA)
Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America, and contributing writer for since 2008
Last month (May 27, 2017), Errol Spence Jr. faced Kell Brook in Sheffield England in Brook’s backyard. For the first six rounds, Brook had a slight lead as he forced the action with his upper cuts and right hands against the southpaw Spence who tried to push the action but often found himself against a savvy fighter.  Brook at times even shook Spence but Spence showed a strong chin.
The second half of the fight, Spence took control of the fight with vicious body shots to go with effective jabs to set up combinations.  Brook slowed down and during the tenth round, Spence pushed Brook around the ring with body shots with quick combinations. Brook went down in the tenth from effective combinations. Brook’s left eye swelled from Spence’s jabbing, and going into the eleventh, Spence had his opportunity to end it and he did. Spence put on the pressure and landed a combination that forced Brook to sit down.  Spence fractured Brook’s left orbital bone and Brook could not continue as the swelling affected his vision. 

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Crawford, Davis, Russell Jr., Dirrell Win – RECAP

By Tom Donelson
Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America, contributor to since 2008.
Terence Crawford dominated a game Felix Diaz at Madison Square Garden to defend his 140 pound title.  Crawford spent the first couple of rounds probing for weakness before instituting a savage beat down.  Diaz, a former gold medalist, came into this fight with only one loss to Lamont Peterson in a close decision and even connected on some hard shots against Crawford but this was an easy victory for Crawford who simply fought as a southpaw the whole fight.
Diaz absorbed a beating as Crawford connected on nearly 60% of his power shots and connected on three times as many punches. Diaz may have been close to Peterson but Crawford proved to be too much for Davis. Crawford wants Pacquiao, Julius Indongo and Keith Thurman but Pacquiao at this stage of his career will want nothing to do with Crawford and Thurman just had surgery will be out until the end of the year.  So look forward a unifying fight for all the junior welterweights’ title with Julius Indongo.
Undefeated Gervonta Davis traveled to England to face Liam Walsh and the southpaw Davis took control from the opening bell as he pounded Walsh into submission. He floored Walsh in the third round with a left hook after nailing the local hero with a serious of vicious inside shots. The referee stopped the fight with Walsh defenseless and on unsteady legs.

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Anthony Joshua vs. Wladimir Klitschko – RECAP

By David Martinez /

Lets get straight to the point, this was a good and very entertaining fight. This is just what boxing and particularly the heavyweight division needed.

I picked Joshua to win, simply because of youth. But I knew the 41 year old Klitschko would be a true test for the young 27 year old champion.

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Lomachenko vs. Sosa … Gvozdyk vs. Gonzalez … Usyk vs. Hunter … RECAP

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America

Last weekend on April 8, 2017, it was Ukrainian night at the fights as top Ukrainian fighters led by super featherweight champion Vasyl Lomachenko who simply dismantled James Sosa with ease.  For every punch Sosa landed, he got nailed by four by Lomachenko.  Lomachenko simply looked impressive as he maneuvered around the ring and simply nailed Sosa whenever he wanted.  After nine rounds, Sosa corners decided that enough was enough as Lomachenko outclassed Sosa.  As Max Kellerman noted, Sosa didn’t even win any moment of the fight.

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Golovkin vs. Jacobs and Gonzalez vs. Srisaket … RECAP

By Tom Donelson (BWAA)
Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America
Contributor to since 2008
“Triple GGG” Gennady Golovkin took on what may have been his toughest opponent, Daniel Jacobs but only for WBA and WBC but not IBF as Jacobs refused to do his morning weight in. (IBF rules stated that the fighter can only gain up to ten pounds following the official weight in.)  By refusing  the IBF, Jacobs could rehydrate to higher weight for an extra advantage over Golovkin.
Before these two fighters get it on, Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez faced Thailand’s Srisaket Sor Rungvisai for Gonzalez, Super flyweight championship.  Over the first two rounds Rungvisai dominated with his power and even sent Gonzalez down for eight count near the end of the first round. 

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Year in Review / The Best in Boxing 2016

By David Martinez /

I have assembled my personal choices in boxing for the past year 2016 in the five major categories, and my “pound for pound” ranking for the year ending 2016. Picks are solely my opinion, as I sincerely respect and welcome the opinions of others – thank you!

FIGHTER OF THE YEAR: Vasyl Lomachenko

Roman Martinez (KO 5)

June 11, 2016 / WBO Super Featherweight Championship

Madison Square Garden, New York

Nicholas Walters (RTD 7)

November 26, 2016 / WBO Super Featherweight Championship

Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, Nevada

*** Runner Up: Carl Frampton

Scott Quigg (SD 12)

February 27, 2016 / IBF and WBA Featherweight Championship

Manchester Arena, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Leo Santa Cruz (MD 12)

July 30, 2016 / WBA Featherweight Championship

Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York

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Kovalev and Ward ~ RECAP


By Tom Donelson (BWAA)

Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America

Contributor to since 2008

Andre Ward eked out a controversial victory over Sergey Kovalev in a close fight but a fight that many at ringside felt he lost.  I personally had the fight 115-112 in favor of Kovalev but it is not a robbery that Ward won but you can make the case it was a stretch as Judges gave the benefit of doubt to Ward in many of the close rounds. 

Ward problem was two -old, the first being that he has not been as active as Kovalev and he was moving up in weight and the second that became obvious over the the first two rounds; he couldn’t match Kovalev in power as Kovalev piston like jab kept Ward off balanced and Ward had difficulty penetrating Kovalev’s defenses.  A straight right in the second round sent Ward down and he was down three points after the first two rounds.  

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Ali – Frazier: Ghosts of Manila

By Tom Donelson (BWAA)

Tom -crop

Author, Member of Boxing Writers Association of America

Contributor to since 2008

(Excerpts from my book on black fighters, Boxing in the Shadow)

Fighters know how to suffer.  They demagnify pain and seldom talk about it.  Though some fighters have been called “bow-wows” within the sport, thresholds of pain are hard to detect in fighters….Eyes, nose, ears, larynx, kidneys, they all take horrific beatings.  But their faces tell where fighters have been, the potholes over which they had to rattle, from the small arenas with the single light bulb and a backed-up toilet in the dressing rooms to the flooding light of the big time”


Boxing heroes are usually defined less by the ease of their victories, than by their defeats and their various comebacks in the course of a career. Fighters are made through the brutal confines of their sport, in which they nearly see death approach, in which their blood is splattered; and yet they somehow persevere.  Brutality sells tickets, but more importantly, it seals one’s fame.   For Ali, Joe Frazier was his ticket to fame.

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