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Bob Quackenbush … A Pleasant Delight

스마트 메이커 다운로드

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

In July 2007 when my website  was officially born, I knew then that my friend Bob Quackenbush had to be a part of a small select group to make everything fit to its best 맨헌트.

Born Robert Harris Quackenbush and known to many as simply  “Quack” … Bob has been so very instrumental with expertise in proof reading and his deep photography background 다운로드. It’s such a blessing to have him as part of the team.

It was Bob back then when I was looking for the right logo (with many suggestions submitted by others) was when he roamed around my personal boxing memorabilia and located an original autographed black and white photo of former heavyweight champion Max Baer, and which would become the fighter image that represents the website to perfection 핸드폰 배경화면 초고화질 다운로드.

I will say that Bob certainly has an eagle eye with photos, as prior to his retirement in 2016 at the Braille Institute,  he had previously worked for Tony Rose Camera and at Specialty Photographic Laboratories 다운로드.

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David Martinez Health Update

By Bob Quackenbush /

Greetings to all friends of For those of you who did not know, dmboxing founder and producer David Martinez is at home recuperating from quadruple coronary bypass surgery after suffering a heart attack a few weeks ago nwc 무료. The surgery went very well, and David is following rehabilitation instructions with the help of his wife Cely who happens to be a registered nurse in a post-surgical ward 다운로드. He is in good hands with Cely and with the Lord, of course, and he appreciates your thoughts and prayers.

While David is on the mend, there will be fewer articles posted on 다운로드. Not to worry. As he regains strength, postings will begin again; but for now, it is time to rest and heal.

Thanks again for your concern, and for your support of 안드로이드 해킹 어플 다운로드.

The Toughest Guy In Boxing


By Young Bob Sproggins

On July 19, 1990 at the Kingdome in Seattle, Washington, Craig “Gator” Bodzianokski from Chicago, Illinois stepped into the ring to challenge the reigning and defending WBA Cruiserweight Champion of the World, Robert Daniels, from Miami, Florida. After 12 rounds of action it went to the judges’ scorecards where Daniels won a unanimous decision and retained his Title 다운로드.

However, there was something so unique about this fight that never before or since, in the history of boxing, has this situation been repeated. Bodzianowski had only one leg 다운로드! 

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