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Rocky Marciano


By David Martinez /

I have had many ask me where I rate Rocky Marciano as a heavyweight champion. Could he have beaten Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Larry Holmes, and Mike Tyson?

The answer is no to Johnson, Dempsey, and Ali; they would have beaten him.  And the answer is yes to Frazier, Holmes, and Tyson; he would have beaten them.  Also, had he met Joe Louis in his prime, I pick Louis to win.

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Why The Post Title Patterson Was Better

Patterson A

By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer

NOTE: Jim Amato has contributed to since 2008. His opinions and input to this website are honest and of the highest level. He is an expert in boxing in every sense of the word.

Poor Floyd Patterson. Everyone loves him but not everyone respects him as a fighter or champion. You rarely here his name tossed about when the topic of all time great heavyweights is brought up. What a shame!

Who is to blame for the heartbreaking oversight? People tend to forget that Patterson thrashed Archie Moore much more impressively then Marciano did the night he became the youngest man ever to win the heavyweight crown. Still when a ” Dream Match ” between Marciano and Patterson is talked about, Floyd is quickly dismissed… Simply put, Rocky had the PUNCH and Floyd did not have the whiskers.

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PacMan Ends an Era and Joshua Begins a New One


By Tom Donelson 

Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

This past weekend, witness an end of an era and the beginning of another era.  Pacquiao defeated Tim Bradley easily and left no doubt who was the better fighter in their trilogy.  The fight was fought at a measured pace with Pacquiao averaging only 35 punches per round and Bradley 25 punches per round but the two Pacquiao knockdown of Bradley in the seventh and ninth round highlighted the difference between the two fighters.

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Jack Johnson vs. Jim Jeffries “FIGHT OF THE CENTURY”

cigar box cover0001-crop
Heavyweight Champion James J. Jeffries
Image from original cigar box, circa 1900
(gift to David Martinez from Al Nelson, Boxing Historian, 1972)
***** FLASHBACK – this article originally appeared on on July 2, 2010

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

July 4, 2010 will mark the 100th anniversary of Jack Johnson vs. Jim Jeffries, “Fight of the Century”, for the heavyweight championship of the world.

Leading up to this fight, Jeffries won the title in 1899 against Bob Fitzsimmons and after defeating all challengers he retired undefeated in 1905. Johnson won the title in 1908 against Tommy Burns to become the first black fighter to win the coveted crown.

The build up to this fight was nothing less than controversial with a white champion coming out of a five-year retirement to try to win the title back from a black champion.

Scheduled for 45 rounds, the fight took place in Reno, Nevada on July 4, 1910, with Tex Rickard as the promoter and referee. Prior to the fight, Rickard had invited United States president William Howard Taft to be the referee, but Taft declined.
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Tony Alongi

AlongiBy Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer

Tony Alongi was among the better heavyweights of the 1960’s that time has forgotten. Alongi amassed 46 fights from 1959 to 1967. Tony won nine straight fights in his maiden year of 1959. He followed that by winning twelve more in 1960. In 1961 he stepped up the quality of his opposition.  Tony won seven more contests. Among his victims were Tod Herring, Jefferson Davis and George Logan. In 1962 Tony suffered his first setback being stopped in ten rounds by Rodolfo Diaz. He came back to stop Joe DeGrazio in four but in 1963 he was stopped in five by the talented Billy Daniels.

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Frazier vs. Ali – Fight of the Century

Frazier 1A
By David Martinez /

Last week was a date that I will never forget in boxing – March 8th. It was 45 years ago that Joe Frazier vs. Muhammad Ali fought in the Fight of the Century.

The bout was the most eagerly anticipated championship fight that I have ever been involved with in my 55 years in boxing. Two unbeaten fighters, both having legitimate claims to the heavyweight title, Frazier (26-0 / 23 by KO) and Ali 31-0 / 25 by KO).

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Ortiz wins by KO and Vargas wins vacant welterweight title

ORTIZ photo

By David Martinez /

As expected, WBA interim heavyweight champion Luis Ortiz (25-0 / 22 by KO) knocked out challenger Tony Thompson (40-7 / 27 by KO) Saturday night at the D.C. Armory in our nation’s capitol.

The fight was so one sided and lackluster, that I almost turned off my TV. I kept watching hoping for something that never happened, I’ve seen better sparing sessions.

I kept thinking to myself that if Ortiz is one of the best heavyweights in the world today (as HBO commentators kept reminding us) I thought of a few that never won the heavyweight title that would have cleaned his clock – Earnie Shavers, Ron Lyle, Jerry Quarry, Mac Foster, Gerry Cooney, Oscar Bonevena.

Ortiz sent Thompson to the mat three times in the fight. The third knockdown, a hard left from his southpaw stance, was the end for Thompson in round six.

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Billy Walker


By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer

NOTE: Jim Amato has contributed to since 2008. His opinions and input to this website are honest and of the highest level. He is an expert in boxing in every sense of the word.

During the 1960′s British fans were quite stirred by the prospects of a young heavyweight named Billy Walker. He was dubbed the “Blond Bomber” but later because of drawing power he was called the “Golden Boy”. After winning the British amateur title at the age of 22, Walker was enticed to turn pro by a $25,000 signing bonus. He headlined in his first professional fight which took place on March 27, 1962. Walker received $9,000 for the contest which he won by KO. That was serious money at that time. Walker drew so many fans and because of this he never fought a preliminary fight.

In his first dozen bouts Billy went 10-1-1. In his twelfth bout he stopped another heavyweight prospect named Johnny Prescott. In a rematch Walker was on the losing end of a decision. In 1964 Walker won by disqualification against the seasoned Joe Bygraves. Walker was then surprisingly halted by American Bill Nielsen. Walker turned the tables in a return match taking Nielsen out in two rounds. Billy finished 1964 with a point’s verdict over rugged Joe Erskine. Walker was inching his way up the British ratings.

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Muhammad Ali – Happy Birthday!


*** FLASHBACK – This article originally appeared on on January 16, 2012 … Muhammad Ali’s birthday, his 74th was this past Sunday, January 17, 2016 … Here’s the article and some photos of a few items from my Ali collection.

MA 3

MA 4

Muhammad Ali

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

This is the last of a six part series on Muhammad Ali. It has truly been my pleasure to share with you my personal accounts of THE GREATEST heavyweight champion in my era of boxing.

For those of you who have missed any of this special series, you can simply go to the menu on this website and click on the category, “Ali”, to view each part.

MA 6

So, in my final, part six, I will take you back to Saturday afternoon, March 5, 2005. The location was the Stevens Steak House, Commerce, California. The event was the annual California Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee ceremonies.

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