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Muhammad Ali – Happy Birthday!


*** FLASHBACK – This article originally appeared on on January 16, 2012 … Muhammad Ali’s birthday, his 74th was this past Sunday, January 17, 2016 … Here’s the article and some photos of a few items from my Ali collection.

MA 3

MA 4

Muhammad Ali

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

This is the last of a six part series on Muhammad Ali. It has truly been my pleasure to share with you my personal accounts of THE GREATEST heavyweight champion in my era of boxing.

For those of you who have missed any of this special series, you can simply go to the menu on this website and click on the category, “Ali”, to view each part.

MA 6

So, in my final, part six, I will take you back to Saturday afternoon, March 5, 2005. The location was the Stevens Steak House, Commerce, California. The event was the annual California Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee ceremonies.

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DREAM FIGHT: Gerry Cooney vs. Chuck Wepner

 Chuck WepnerGerry

By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer

Contributed to since 2008

Gerry Cooney and Chuck Wepner…What an interesting match up that may have been. Gerry could whack but Chuck could sure take it. Size wise they match up fairly well. Gerry had the better skills but if Chuck got inside he knew how to rough house. Unless Gerry could take Chuck out early or at least get his respect, it might have been a long night for Gerry. The longer the fight went the better I like Chuck’s chances.

I wish Gerry would have fought better competition on the way up. Beating faded fighters like Jimmy Young, Ron Lyle and Ken Norton looked good on paper but did little to test him. I feel that Young, Lyle or Norton in their prime could have beat Gerry.

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Wilder by “KO” over Szpilka and Martin wins IBF Heavyweight Title

Show 1

By David Martinez /

Show 2

Undefeated WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (36-0 / 35 by KO) scored a devastating knockout in round nine over Artur Szpilka (20-1 / 15 by KO) on Saturday at the Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York, televised on Showtime.

Show 3

Wilder delivered a right hand that sent the game challenger Szpilka down and out cold at 2 minutes, 24 seconds of the ninth round.  All three judges had Wilder ahead entering the round. Scores were 78-74, 78-74, 77-75 … my scorecard was a bit wider 79-73.

Show 4

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Luis Ortiz stops Bryant Jennings and Walters vs. Sosa Result is a “Controversial” Draw

Ortiz 1

By David Martinez /

WBA interim heavyweight champion Luis Ortiz (24-0 / 21 by KO) was impressive scoring a seventh round stoppage over Bryant Jennings (19-2 / 10 by KO) in their bout televised by HBO from the Turning Stone Resort Casino, Verona, New York.

Ortiz came out in the first round blazing with hard punches, battering Jennings at will.  Round two was Jennings best round of the fight as he was able to calculate his punches and keep Ortiz in close to avoid the hard hitting puncher. But after round two, it was all Ortiz who was most effective with his power punches and right jab in a southpaw stance.

Ortiz 2

The end of the fight came in the seventh round when Ortiz caught Jennings with a uppercut that dropped him and he seemed out, but was up to beat the count.

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Tyson Fury Upsets Wladimir Klitschko to Win Heavyweight Title

By Tom Donelson (BWAA)

Member Boxing Writers Association of America

But Saturday night, the Klitschko’s era ended as Wladimir fought a truly uninspiring fight against an opponent that he would have destroyed in his prime or even a couple of years ago.  Tyson Fury is big, strong but no one will view him as an all-time great but he dominated the fight simply throwing a few more punches than Wladimir who never seem to get off.   Wladimir average less than 20 punches per round and connected on an average of only 4 punches per round.  Fury was slightly better as he averaged slightly 30 punches thrown per round and connected on an average of seven punches per round.  This was hardly a classic but regardless, Klitschko did little in this fight and the question to ask, has father time finally caught up?

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Wilder retains WBC title over Duhaupas by TKO 11


By David Martinez /

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (35-0 / 34 by KO) successfully defended his title with an eleventh round stoppage over a rugged Johann Duhaupas (32-3 / 20 by KO) in his home state of (Birmingham) Alabama.


Although Duhaupas pressed the action, it was the harder hitting Wilder scoring in every round with bigger punches.

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World Colored Heavyweight Championship

***** FLASHBACK ~ This article originally appeared on in November 2012

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

Let me bring you a feature story that you will probably not read any where regarding, all together, the five best black heavyweights at the turn of the 20th century.

I got the idea when I over heard some mutual friends talking about the best black baseball players that never got the chance to play in the major leagues, and had to settle playing against each other in the old negro league.

I have rated many boxers in many categories throughout my over 50 years of boxing … on this website alone you will find that I have rated the best heavyweights, the best lightweights, the best Mexicans fighters, and now I will personally rate the best black heavyweights in a time period that but only one of them, Jack Johnson, had the opportunity to fight for the heavyweight championship.

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Best Punchers – The Heavyweights

*** FLASHBACK ~ This article originally appeared on in June 2012

By David Martinez /

Here is my list of the 15 best punchers in the heavyweight division from the start of the Marquis of Queensberry era, (i.e.) 1892 to the present.  A formula that I am using to help illustrate this for each boxer is to show their percentage of knockouts which is calculated by the number of wins they had with the number of knockouts in those wins.  This formula isn’t intended to determine the order in which I have placed them; the order also includes my opinion of them as punchers.

I am not concerned about “who beat who”, how many times they were knocked out themselves or the results if they would have fought each other.  Their physical size or if they were a world champion has no bearing – this is strictly based on strength of punching power with the opponents they fought.  Why isn’t Muhammad Ali on this list?  Personally, I would take Ali to beat any of these punchers on my list – but mostly by decision wins and not by knockouts.  When I write rankings of boxers in any capacity I always get disagreements and feedback, so please know that I respect your opinions, and hope you will respect mine.

#1) Joe Louis (66 wins / 52 by KO = 78.7 %) Heavyweight champion 1940-1949. Defended title a record 25 times. He was a smooth, deadly puncher with tremendous power in either hand. His combinations had perfect accuracy with overwhelming power.

#2) George Foreman (76 wins / 69 by KO = 90.7 %) Two time heavyweight champion 1973-1974 and 1994-1997. He is recognized as one of the hardest hitters ever in boxing in any weight division. He is forth on my list in the percentage category of knockouts.

#3) Sonny Liston (50 wins / 39 by KO – 78.0 %) Heavyweight champion 1962-1964. The most intimidating heavyweight ever, his left jab alone was so powerful that it knocked opponents out – the jab – and his left hook was nothing less than devastating.

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Klitschko over Jennings – retains title belts … Ali over Santana

fight April 25 - 2
By David Martinez /

Wladimir Klitschko (64-3 / 54 by KO) successfully defended his IBF/WBO/WBA heavyweight title belts for the 18th time in a row with a unanimous decision over Bryant Jennings (19-1 / 10 by KO) in a fight that was held in a sold out Madison Square Garden, New York and airing on HBO.

Klitschko used his lethal  jab to pile up points, as Jennings made it interesting in just lasting 12 rounds with the champion.  Jennings fought defensively for most of the fight with hands up high, but did have his moments by opening up and being first with his punches and becoming the aggressor.

fight April 25 - A

But at the end, Klitschko threw more and his jab was just right on target throughout the bout and there was never any doubt in what the out come was to be.

The judges scores were 116-111, 116-111, 118-109 for Klitschko, who had a point deducted in round 10 for excessive holding. … my unofficial scorecard was 117-110.

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