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Wilder loses by 5th Round Knockout to Zhang – and – Undercard Results From Saudi Arabia

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By Tom Donelson (BWAA) Member Boxing Writers Association of America

Between 2015 and 2020 Deontay Wilder won 9 championship bouts all by knockout and had Tyson Fury not gotten off the canvas from their first fight, Wilder era may have lasted even longer but this  past June first, the Wilder era is officially over 다운로드. Zhilei Zhang  wiped out Wilder in the fifth round with a vicious right.  This was not much of a fight as Zhang landed twice as many punches and was the more accurate puncher as he connected on 45 percent of his punches 다운로드.

In this fight Wilder was the younger fighter at 38 as Zhang was 41 years old but Zhang was the better technical fighter  That was the rub for Wilder depended on his right hand which was one of the more powerful right hands in heavyweight history, but he never learned the basic boxing skills.  There were fights that he ended with his right hand but was outboxed.  He depended on his power and never learned the basics.  At the end of his career, he found himself against superior technicians like Parker and Fury.  Fury was the superior boxer, and he had the power to stop Wilder.  Parker boxing skills gave Wilder trouble and Zhang more technical skills 다운로드. He lost four of his last five fights and they were not close events.  Wilder could have been a great fighter if he learned those basic skills of boxing instead of depending on his own right hand but as it was, he was a champion with a belt and he won his share of fights.  A good career if he chose retirement 다운로드.

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Usyk “split decision” win over Fury – becomes Undisputed Champion

By Tom Donelson (BWAA) Member Boxing Writers Association of America

Tyson Fury faced off Oleksandr Usyk in a battle of undefeated fighters for the Heavyweight championship of the world.  Fury has proven to be a unique fighter, a big fighter who could box and punch and Usyk is a two division champion, former cruiserweight champions before he took the Heavyweight title when he defeated Anthony Joshua and Fury high point as a fighter was his trilogy with Wilder in which he survived a two knockdown to get a draw in their first fight and then winning the next two with stoppage.  The third fight of their trilogy was a brutal fight in which both men hit the canvas. 

The question that remains is what Fury or Usyk we will see 다운로드. In his last fight, Fury barely escaped with a split decision over Francis Ngannou in Ngannou’s first boxing match after a great career in the MMA. Usyk won in a knockdown over the Daniel Dubois but before that final stoppage, he went down with a body shot deemed a low blow.   Usyk came in this fight as the smaller fighter and Fury had a higher knockout percentage 도서 pdf 다운로드. If one was a betting person, Fury was more likely to knock out Usyk than the reversed.    If Fury, who defeated Wilder in their last two fights, Fury would win or so I thought..  If the Fury that showed up in Ngannou’s fight then Usyk can win by decision, but I be honest, Fury came into shape and was lighter than his fight with Ngannou.  . 

In reviewing data before the fight, Usyk used his jab 54% during his fights, whereas Fury throws his power shots 56% 다운로드. The average Heavyweight throw 44 punches per round and Fury is close to the average with 44.8  average punches whereas Usyk threw nearly 50 punches per round Download the full hymn. Both men came into this fight with a reputation of being good defensively as Fury only allowed 6 punches to be connected against and Opponents only landed 19 percent against Usyk 다운로드.

The opening round was close as Usyk landed lefts to the body, Fury jabbing and keeping distance.  Fury landed 9 punches while throwing 37 punches while Usyk landed 8 of 18 so Usyk was more accurate, close round I gave it Usyk, but others gave it to Fury.

In the second round, Usyk landed overhand left to start round with body shots, he looks aggressive whereas Fury is jabbing.  Fury landed a right to the body, but Usyk landed body shots.  The last seconds of the round say a Usyk combo landed but Fury landed an upper cut to the body. Usyk answered with body shots and Fury ends the round with an upper cut.  I had the round for Usyk, 20-18.  According to CompuBox, Usyk landed 50 percent of his power shots as he landed 14 power shots.

Usyk opened the third with body shots, but Fury pivoted with a nice right.  Usyk using head movement trying to avoid Fury’s jabs, but Fury landed solid jabs.  Usyk went to the body, to tire the bigger Fury as the round ended.  Again, another close round as Fury avoided being cornered but Usyk is not letting Fury circle without pressuring him.  Fury also landed his combinations.  I had the round for Usyk and had  Usyk up 30-27.   The round was close and could have gone for Fury.

Fury landed body shots and more active in the fourth round as Usyk looked for a combination but missed with a straight left.  Usyk landed a nice lead left and Fury nails with an upper cut that has Usyk off balance Fury landed body shots and forced Usyk to cover up.  Usyk closed the distance but got nailed from the long upper cut.  Fury did a little clowning, but Usyk kept his cool. Fury won this round and had it 39-37 for Usyk.

Fury caught Usyk with a jab as the fifth round opened and Usyk looked to find angles to land his right hook. Fury landed a good right and left hook to the body and Fury pressured Usyk.  Usyk 48-47 but this is close bout so the score could be reversed.

The sixth round began with Usyk back to pressure tactic and Fury landed four punch combinations and then tied up his opponent.  Fury takes the round and scores the fight 57-57 even as we go into the second half. Fury appeared to be prepared to impose his will on the smaller Usyk. Fury landed 20 punches in the sixth round and had a 58-35 edge in landed punches from the fourth to the sixth round.

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Ernie Terrell

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*** FLASHBACK – This article was originally published for viewing on / dated August 2, 2007 – and, this version adding some extra photos 다운로드.

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

My friend – Ernie Terrell

On October 16, 2004, Ernie Terrell was inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame, and I was so honored to be chosen as his presenter 밀정 무료.

In my 47 years of following boxing, I have been gifted to have met so many wonderful people – but Ernie just has to be that one on the top, as he is such a humble man that I respect, not only as a fighter, but as a human being 다운로드.

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Joshua Destroys Ngannou … 2nd Round Knockout


By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWWA)

Anthony Joshua scored a brutal KO Win Over Francis Ngannou in a fight that many thought would be competitive, but Ngannou was hoping to repeat the close fight against Fury, which included a Ngannou knockdown of Fury.  A few thought Ngannou should have been declared winner of his bout with Fury but not this fight.  Joshua dominated from the opening bell which included two knockdowns before the final knockout caused by a vicious right hand.  In two minutes, Joshua did to Ngannou what many thought Fury would do 김어준 뉴스공장. This was a fight between one of the best heavyweights versus an MMA star fighter trying to adjust to boxing. 

Joshua spent the first half of the opening round avoiding Ngannou’s left hooks and then as Ngannou attempted to switch to a southpaw stance, Joshua nailed him with a right hand that sent Ngannou tumbling backward.  Ngannou got up at the count of eight but as the second round began, Joshua sent Ngannou down a second time and then finally a vicious right sent Ngannou down for good.  Three right hands and that dealt the end of Ngannou. 

Joshual came in this fight prepared and took his opponent seriously while Ngannou managed to get a big PPV payday financed by the Saudi’s based on his close fight with Fury.   Joshua treated Ngannou as a newcomer as he exploited his opponent sieve-like defense. 

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40th Anniversary – FIGHT OF THE CENTURY

*** FLASHBACK *** This article was originally published for viewing exactly 13 years ago (March 5, 2011) on

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

As we approach this week in boxing, something that will forever live in the sport happened forty years ago: Muhammad Ali vs  e스토어. Joe Frazier – the FIGHT OF THE CENTURY. On March 8, 1971, the boxing world saw the most eagerly anticipated championship fight that I have ever been involved with in my fifty years in boxing 스미싱 다운로드.

The fight itself exceeded even its own promotional hype between two fighters unbeaten and having contrasting styles. They both had legitimate claims to the heavyweight title, Ali as lineal champion (31-0 / 25 by KO) and Frazier as the undisputed heavyweight champion (26-0 / 23 by KO)  kt biz say download. The guaranteed purses were 2.5 million dollars to each, then a record for a single prize fight.

I will always remember where I was on that Monday night, watching on closed circuit, at the historic Granada Theater, Santa Barbara, California  윈도우10 홈 다운로드.

The fight took place at Madison Square Garden, New York City, with a star studded audience. The ringside commentators were Don Dunphy and Archie Moore, and my late friend Arthur Mercante served as the referee 다운로드.

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Sir Henry Cooper

FLASHBACK – In loving memory and respect to a wonderful friend Jim Amato (R.I.P.) here’s sharing his article piece that was originally published dated October 11, 2014 on

In remembrance of Jim Amato, never to be forgotten, all his postings can be viewed by clicking onto his name in the Categories section 다운로드. He came on board to dmboxing in 2008 and contributed simply the best of the best in boxing. May his soul rest peacefully in heaven with the Lord 다운로드.

Sir Henry Cooper0002

By Jim Amato (Senior Boxing Writer)

He came from a fighting family and by the time his boxing career ended in 1971 he was the most beloved British boxer of all time  다운로드. Only once did he challenge for the world’s title but he dominated the British heavyweight scene for over fifteen years. His popularity soared even more after retirement and eventually the Queen of England knighted him  다운로드. Sir Henry Cooper was more than just a British fighter. He was a fine example of what British boxing is all about. 

Henry’s professional career started in September of 1954 and he proceeded to win his first nine fights including an eight round points win over Joe Bygraves  다운로드. In Henry’s tenth bout he lost the first of many bouts due to an eye cut to Uber Bacilleri. He would later avenge that loss. The roller coaster career of Henry Cooper had now begun. He would drop a ten rounder to Joe Erskine and stop Brian London in one round only to lose in five to Peter Bates. 1955 was a rough year for Henry as Bygraves kayoed him for the British Empire title. Future world champion Ingemar Johansson then bombed him out. Joe Erskine then outscored him for the British title. Henry began to turn things around late in 1958 with a stoppage over Dick Richardson and a point win over respected American Zora Folley. He finally won the British and Empire titles by decision over Brian London in 1959. He halted Gawie de Klerk in an Empire defense and defended both titles by a fifth round stoppage of Joe Erskine. In 1960 Henry scored important decision victories of Roy Harris and Alex Mitiff. He again defended his titles by a fifth round stoppage of Erskine in March of 1961. On December 5, 1961 Henry suffered a major setback when Folley kayoed him in the second round of their rematch.

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Wilder vs. Parker / Joshua vs. Wallin … Heavyweight Bouts (12-23-23) From Saudi Arabia

By Tom Donelson / Respected, Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Deontay Wilder took on Joseph Parker and Anthony Joshua was fighting Otto Wallin as they prepare for their own super fight in 2024 but then if any of these fighters lose, this would put a damper on that big money fight 다운로드.

For Wilder, this was not a gimme as he has fought only one fight since the Fury trilogy, a one round knockout of Robert Helenius whereas Parker maintained his activity with four fights in 2023.  Wilder has his issues with boxers, and Parker was the WBO champion before losing that over five years ago to Anthony Joshua. 

As for Joshua, he was on the top of the world and the king of the Heavyweights before he was knocked out by Anthony Ruiz.  Since then, he has lost twice to Oleksander Usyk before winning his last bout against Robert Helenius.  Wallin was a tough fighter who gave Tyson Fury a good fight 다운로드.

The first round between Wilder and Parker was a feeling out round with only real punches landed by Parker but in the second round Parker superior boxing skills started to show with a few body shots.  Through the third round, Parker connected on the more meaningful punch, and this continued into the fourth round as Parker became more aggressive with his offences as he stuck his jab in Wilder face and ended the round with a left hook 다운로드. After four rounds, it was 40-36 for Parker.

In the fifth round, Parker forced Wilder to retreat with effective jabs and good right hand and throughout the sixth round Wilder was looking for a one shot, something he had tendency to do when being outboxed.  Parker was the more accurate puncher as he lands a nice right in the middle of round and concludes the round with body shots  So far I have it an easy shut out for Parker 60-54 다운로드.

The seventh round wa like the previous rounds as Parker defense kept Wilder at bay and while Wilder is failed to connect with his right, but Parker landed a few rights of his own.  Now Wilder was behind  seven rounds to zero.  And the eighth round, Parker rolls from a Wilder right and he nailed with his own rights, plus combinations flurries 뿌리깊은 나무. One big right hurt Wilder left him stagger and the referee took a long look to see if it could be stopped.  It was getting late for Wilder as he had yet to take a round from Parker.  With four rounds left, it is 80-72 on my card.

The ninth round repeated the previous nine rounds as Parker  landed his right hand whereas Wilder couldn’t connect on his powerful round.  Wilder connected on only twenty-four punches compared to Parker sixty-three punches after nine rounds.

The tenth and eleventh round saw Parker continue his domination as he proved to the more accurate puncher and with one round left, it was 110-99. Parker was now one round away from winning this fight. Wilder tried to land big right hands but failed to land a punch of consequences and Parker won the fight easily as the judges had it 118-111, 118-110 and 120-108.  (I am assuming one judge had one round even, but I was hard pressed to reward even one round to Wilder).


The big money fight between Joshua and Wilder is now in jeopardy and Wilder time as a contender for the title may be coming close to an end.  Wilder showed all his weakness, his failure to adopt and his failure to improve his boxing skill to cover those times when the knockout doesn’t come showed up.  At 38, he looked old, and the ravages of the Fury fight may had their impact.  Wilder never landed more than six punches in all twelve rounds.  

Parker connected on 41 percent of his power shots and landed more than double of power shots and his jab was more effective setting up his power shots.

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Jack Dempsey Museum / Memory … REVISITED


Last month on October 9th, I published my article piece regarding the Jack Dempsey Museum – Memory 다운로드.

I was actually amazed how it attracted many, sharing my wonderful experience traveling to Manassa, Colorado in August of 1975 남이될수있을까 mp3. I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for those that responded to their liking.

For anyone that have might of missed it, and would like, the complete article and actual photos taken on that such memorable day 48 years ago, it can be viewed by clicking onto either Heavyweights or History in the Categories section on this website 카카오톡 api 다운로드.

I’m delighted to also share a few more photos from my personal Jack Dempsey collection!


David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

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Tyson Fury “Split Decision” Winner Over Francis Ngannou … 10 Rounds / Non-Title Bout


By Tom Donelsom / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Tyson Fury had his battle of the baddest against Francis Ngannou, former UFC champion who was doing his first boxing match at the age of thirty-seven 아이폰 백그라운드 다운로드. What should have been an easy match for Fury turned out to be battle of survival as he barely got by Ngannou and even hit the floor in the third round by a Ngannou left hook.  This fight was close on the Compubox data as Fury landed seventy-one punches to fifty-nine, but Ngannou landed more power shots 37-32.  Usually in these matchups, the boxer has the advantage since more Mixed Marital Arts are not allowed to kick or get their opponent to the ground.  So, this is hands versus hands and the boxer has more experienced with just using hands.  Ngannou has been at the top of the UFC heavyweight division, and he was taking on the baddest man in the boxing world. 


I had Fury winning the first two rounds as he landed more punches and even in the second round turned southpaw, to confuse his opponent.  In the third round, Ngannou stunned Fury with a left hook that sent boxing heavyweight champion to the canvas, and I had the third round as a the 10-8 round for Ngannou and after three rounds, it was 28-28 윈도우 7 32비트 다운로드. Fury acknowledges after the fight, “He’s a very awkward man and he’s a good puncher and I respect him a lot.” 

The fourth round was a pick em which I gave to Fury, but it could easily have gone to Ngannou but the next two rounds, Fury landed some good shots and looked like he might be getting back in control of the fight.  Near the end of the fifth round, Ngannou look tired.  After six rounds, I had it 58-55 but it could easily have been 57-56.  Ngannou had the better of the next two rounds as he landed some hard lefts and rights.  After eight rounds I had it 76-75 and remember the fourth round was tight so it could be the opposite in favor of Ngannou 맥용 포토샵 무료.

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Jack Dempsey Museum, Manassa, Colorado / MEMORY

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

It was in August 1975, when traveling back to visit my relatives in various locations in the state of New Mexico, I ventured north for an unbelievable experience, a visit the birthplace of Jack Dempsey, Manassa, which is located in the southern part of Colorado, in the “San Luis” Valley 존 윅 3 다운로드.

Upon my arrival, I located a log cabin style house in the middle of town, that was actually moved to this city park location in July 1966, and was refurbished in honor of Jack Dempsey 윈도우 8.1 업데이트 수동 다운로드. The interior walls were lined with photos and mementos of Dempsey’s brilliant career.

The Curator there was so wonderfully nice and was amazed at my focus and interest, that he thinking I lived nearby, offered me a job there as a tour guide 다운로드. Then he did something that was truly amazing, removing the actual gloves from a display case that Dempsey wore in the Luis Angel Firpo fight (September 14, 1923) so I could wear them while posing for a picture 300 2 downloads.

Unfortunately, I had a misfortune happen regarding these photos 자기소개서 ppt 다운로드. In November 1983, while moving from my old house to my new house, it started to rain that day and the water got into the U-Haul trailer we

were towing and into my nicely framed photos. I cried and was so upset and disappointed beyond belief. The photo of me wearing those gloves was the one most damaged.

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