Joshua Destroys Ngannou … 2nd Round Knockout

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By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWWA)

Anthony Joshua scored a brutal KO Win Over Francis Ngannou in a fight that many thought would be competitive, but Ngannou was hoping to repeat the close fight against Fury, which included a Ngannou knockdown of Fury.  A few thought Ngannou should have been declared winner of his bout with Fury but not this fight.  Joshua dominated from the opening bell which included two knockdowns before the final knockout caused by a vicious right hand.  In two minutes, Joshua did to Ngannou what many thought Fury would do 김어준 뉴스공장. This was a fight between one of the best heavyweights versus an MMA star fighter trying to adjust to boxing. 

Joshua spent the first half of the opening round avoiding Ngannou’s left hooks and then as Ngannou attempted to switch to a southpaw stance, Joshua nailed him with a right hand that sent Ngannou tumbling backward.  Ngannou got up at the count of eight but as the second round began, Joshua sent Ngannou down a second time and then finally a vicious right sent Ngannou down for good.  Three right hands and that dealt the end of Ngannou. 

Joshual came in this fight prepared and took his opponent seriously while Ngannou managed to get a big PPV payday financed by the Saudi’s based on his close fight with Fury.   Joshua treated Ngannou as a newcomer as he exploited his opponent sieve-like defense. 

Right now, Joshua is not in line for a title shot as Fury fights against the undefeated Usyk includes a two-fight contract so that blocks Joshua from any big fight against Fury 다운로드.

In another fight,  Joseph Parker fought against Zhilei Zhang, a big punching Chinese fighter.  Parker embarrassed Deontay Wilder with an easy decision and against Zhang, he survived two knockdowns in the third and eighth round to win a majority decision.   In the third round, a straight left jab sent Parker down and in the eighth round that he was winning, a Zhang short right sent him down.  Parker landed more punches in eight of the twelve rounds and with the two knockdowns, this was a close fight on the scorecard, a majority decision. 

Parker landed 101punches  to 75 punches for Zhang, and seventy-nine power shots to Zhang 40 power shots 다운로드. The final score was 114-112, 115-111 for Parker, and one judge 113-113 even.  It was close fight due to the Zhang two knockdowns.  I had it 114-112 but I could see the 113-113 score as well.  Parker boxing skills allowed him to survive.   Parker had beaten two big bangers in Wilder and Zhang.  What should we take from this? 

Francis Ngannou was a good MMA fighter, but he still has a way to go to be an elite heavyweight and Joshua came in this fight ready to rumble.  Maybe a better question is why did Fury did so badly against Ngannou, is this a sign of decline in Fury or did he simply not take the fight seriously?  Parker showed his boxing surviving skills as he got up from two knockdowns to win an important fight against Zhang. 

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  1. AJ wisely came prepared. If Fury had he likely would have done the same thing. This sets up AJ v Fury nicely

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