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David Reviews The "Gathering Of Angels"

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39th Celebration Event
By David Martinez
Photos by George Garcia

On August 12, 2007, in Downey, California was the day for a very special event, the 39th anniversary celebration of the Golden State Boxers Association “GATHERING OF ANGELS” luncheon banquet.

The event was hosted by yours truly, David Martinez, in conjunction with event coordinator Josie-Arrey Mejia.

The name “GATHERING OF ANGELS” was the original name of the organization that was founded in 1968 by Ray Owens, and two years later in 1970, was changed to it’s current title: The Golden State Boxers Association.
David Martinez and Ray Owens
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“Gathering Of Angels”

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

This is a story about Ray Owens, my friend and an amazing man who in 1968 was the founder of GATHERING OF ANGELS. This group is now known as the Golden State Boxers Association, and is the longest running organized boxing club in the United States.

As a member of the Golden State Boxers Association, I met Ray Owens at a meeting several months ago and I was just simply overwhelmed by the man. He is humble, sensible, and so knowledgeable about boxing.

So for those who don’t know, let me present a capsule look at what started thirty almost thirty nine years ago.

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