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Lopez by Unanimous Decision over Lomachenko

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America, and well respected contributor to since 2008

There was the fight in the ring and then there was the fight on the scorecards 다운로드. When Teofimo Lopez Jr. and Vasiliy Lomachenko faced each other to decide the official undisputed lightweight championship of the world, the fight in the ring was close and, in the view of many, decided in the final round 다운로드. I had Lopez up by a 115-113 score, but it could have been 114-114 or 115-113 in favor of Lomachenko. Yes, it was close, and certainly closer than the scorecards indicated acdsee pro 8 다운로드.

When Lopez and Lomachenko faced off in this unification bout, the opening rounds saw Lopez control the fight with his jabs followed by body shots.  The first half of the fight was a tactical fight with Lopez dominating the action 다운로드.

The biggest shock was that Lopez not only kept his composure, but that he also managed to out-box the master boxer, Lomachenko.  He used his jab to keep Lomachenko off balance and used uppercuts and straight rights to the body.  After the sixth round, ESPN had the fight 59-55 and I had it 60-54 in favor of Lopez.  It was hardly a great fight but a tactical fight which Lopez was winning webm 파일.

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RING 10 New York and Lisa McClellan Present “Life After Boxing” / Fundraiser Event


I am happy to announce that a fundraiser event is on the horizon with all proceeds going towards assisting ex-boxers in need of help 다운로드.

Event: Life After Boxing

Date: Saturday, November 7, 2020

Time: 10pm

Location: Junior’s Place, 1802 E 시크릿 가든 대본 다운로드. Shawnee Street, Freeport, IL 61032

Tickets: General $50.00-$75.00 / VIP $100.00-$150.00 … purchase at or

Contact Information: Lisa McClellan (608) 815-650-1297 or

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Book Review

폴아웃 3 다운로드

In the Ring With Jack Dempsey – Part I: The Making of a Champion, by Adam J 다운로드. Pollack is the most thorough and detailed book ever written about former world heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey. This book (the first of two) chronicles Dempsey’s life and career from its start up to his winning the world heavyweight championship, fight by fight, as told by those who saw the contests and reported on them at the time, utilizing multiple local next-day newspaper reports 제노버스2 다운로드. This includes training, predictions, pre-fight hype, and discussions about the opponents.

As with other books in the In the Ring series, this book also discusses the context of the times, the color line and race in boxing and society (offering the perspectives of both white and black-owned newspapers), World War I, Dempsey’s personal and managerial choices, and how these topics affected the sport and Dempsey’s life and career 오토메 펑션 다운로드. Even new facts about the controversial Jim Flynn fight are revealed. Boxing fans will obtain knowledge and insight into Jack Dempsey’s life and career like never before 피파18 커리어모드 다운로드.

The book contains 560 pages, with over 550 rare photos, illustrations, cartoons, and fight advertisements.

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Book Review

The Life and Crimes of John Morrissey: Bare-Knuckle Boxing Champion, New York Gangster, Irish American Politician Paperback – Author: Kenneth Bridgham (Illustrated, August 19, 2020)

In 1855, New York City was scandalized by one of the most infamous murders in its history, that of gang leader Bill “the Butcher” Poole, the feared knife-fighter who later would inspire Daniel Day-Lewis’s character in Martin Scorsese’s film The Gangs of New York Wanted download. The acknowledged mastermind in the Butcher’s undoing was John Morrissey, a two-fisted Irish immigrant who, more than any other man of the age, represented the nefarious links between organized crime, politics, sports, and high finance in America ojdbc8.jar. The loose inspiration behind Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in The Gangs of New York, he was an undefeated bareknuckle prize-fighter, widely recognized as the national champion, as well as a feared gangster and mob boss before either term was coined, rumored leader of the Dead Rabbits street gang, and eventually U.S 월광보합 커스텀롬 다운로드. Congressman and member of the New York state senate.  He became the millionaire operator of some of the world’s most opulent gambling halls, and was the founder of the Saratoga thoroughbred racecourse 다운로드. Equally comfortable hobnobbing with pimps, cut-throats, and thieves as he was with Presidents Lincoln, Johnson, and Grant, or railroad tycoons like Cornelius Vanderbilt, the once impoverished street kid rose to a level of wealth and power unprecedented for Irish Americans to that point in the nation’s history 다운로드.

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Current Champions

올미다 다운로드

Every 3 months on a quarterly basis, in February, May, August, and November offers this feature – the Current Boxing Champions in each weight division.  They are shown in their respective world title belt organization, with their native country, and each champion’s professional ring record listed in following format: win-loss-draw-no contest (knockout wins) and the date of winning their title 트윗 덱 다운로드.

*** As of – August 7, 2020 ***

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Jose Luis Garcia

FLASHBACK / This article originally appeared on on June 14, 2014

By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer / World Renowned Boxing Historian and Sports Collector / Contributor to since 2008 – Thank You Jimbo 오토캐드 2012 32비트 다운로드!

There may have never been a more talent rich period in the heavyweight division then from 1968 to 1978. With Muhammad Ali (a.k.a. Cassius Clay) on the sidelines due to his draft case other big men emerged 다운로드. They would compete with each other on an almost equal basis for the next decade. Joe Frazier had risen to the top of the heap but the level below him would remain as mainstays in the ratings for years to come 행복한 나를 다운로드.

Jimmy Ellis, Jerry Quarry, Oscar Bonevena, Floyd Patterson, George Chuvalo and Henry Cooper would eventually give way to Ron Lyle, Joe Bugner, Ken Norton, Earnie Shavers and Jimmy Young 하이 네임 다운로드. All time great champions like George Foreman and Larry Holmes also made their mark and Ali re-emerged to reclaim his throne.

Lost among the giants of that time period was a fine heavyweight from Venezuela named Jose Luis Garcia visa32.dll.

Although Jose never challenged for the world championship he did meet three who did. He also met three world champions in a career that never seemed to reach its full potential.

Jose turned pro in his native country in 1968. He would go undefeated in his first nine bouts before losing a decision to future light heavyweight champion Vincente Rondon. Three fights later Jose was halted by tough Allen Thomas in his first U.S. appearance. The lean Garcia was beginning to grow into a full fledged heavyweight.

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Bob Stallings – Tough Guy Tested Contenders

갤럭시 kies

By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer / World Renowned Boxing Historian / Contributor of 130 outstanding article pieces to since 2008

During this era there were also heavyweights who were not quite good enough to be ranked contenders but they were good enough to test boxers wanting to go to the next level 다운로드. George Scrap Iron Johnson comes to mind. Also rugged Leroy Caldwell. Out of New York was a boxer named Bob Stallings. Although Stallings won only one bout more then he lost in his career, he met quality opposition 삼국 군영전 4 다운로드. In fact he was able to spring an occasional upset now and then.

Stallings was born on July 7, 1944 in South Carolina. He fought out of New York and turned professional in 1964 포켓몬스터 블랙2 한글판 다운로드. Bob was always matched tough. In his pro debut he met a prospect who was 15-1. Bob lost that bout. He continued and in 1965 he dropped bouts to Mel Turbow and Buster Mathis 다운로드. He then defeated Chuck Wepner. In 1966 he again lost to Mathis but in 1967 he beat highly regarded Alvin “Blue” Lewis. 

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