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Lopez by Unanimous Decision over Lomachenko

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America, and well respected contributor to since 2008

There was the fight in the ring and then there was the fight on the scorecards 다운로드. When Teofimo Lopez Jr. and Vasiliy Lomachenko faced each other to decide the official undisputed lightweight championship of the world, the fight in the ring was close and, in the view of many, decided in the final round 다운로드. I had Lopez up by a 115-113 score, but it could have been 114-114 or 115-113 in favor of Lomachenko. Yes, it was close, and certainly closer than the scorecards indicated acdsee pro 8 다운로드.

When Lopez and Lomachenko faced off in this unification bout, the opening rounds saw Lopez control the fight with his jabs followed by body shots.  The first half of the fight was a tactical fight with Lopez dominating the action 다운로드.

The biggest shock was that Lopez not only kept his composure, but that he also managed to out-box the master boxer, Lomachenko.  He used his jab to keep Lomachenko off balance and used uppercuts and straight rights to the body.  After the sixth round, ESPN had the fight 59-55 and I had it 60-54 in favor of Lopez.  It was hardly a great fight but a tactical fight which Lopez was winning webm 파일.

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Tyson Fury Dominates Deontay Wilder – 7th Round Stoppage – WBC Heavyweight Championship Fight

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member of Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) … Contributor to since 2008 with outstanding input and expertise – Thank You 다운로드!

Tyson Fury fought the best fight of his life and adopted from his previous fight.  He simply was the aggressor and dominated from the opening bell jquery 멀티파일. There wasn’t a round that he didn’t lose, and he impose his will upon Wilder.

Wilder began throwing jabs in the first round to Fury’s middle to slow the bigger Fury and Wilder nailed Fury with a big right and nothing, Fury withstood the punch 다운로드. Fury lands his own combinations to end the round and force Wilder to cover up.

Wilder did land a good right that forced Fury to clinch and continues his jab to Fury’s body and missed with a big right but Fury counter with a one-two that forced Wilder to hold and as the bell rang ending the second round, Fury connected on another combinations. 

As the third round opened up, Fury steps up the pace and landed big right hands, and one of them sent Wilder to the canvas near the end of the round.  Wilder came off the canvas on unsteady legs and blood pouring from his mouth.  Fury took the fight to Wilder and while this had its risk, Fury own power made the gamble work in the third round 다운로드.

Wilder fell to the ground in the fourth round, but it was ruled a slip by the referee.  Wilder is barely able to slow the Fury assault and best that could be said, he survived 오토리 다운로드. In the fifth round, Fury sent Wilder down again by a ferocious body shot.  Fury lost a point for butting his head in a clinch but after the fifth round, it was obvious that Fury was the better fighter this evening, but the question remained, did Wilder have one big shot left to end the fight. 

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Preview Look: Upcoming Wilder vs. Fury 2 … Heavyweight Showdown

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

This Saturday, Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder is one of the few fights that is actually worth a PPV 드라마 시티헌터 다운로드. In a day in which PPV in both MMA and boxing, there are many fights that are undeserving.  

Today’s heavyweight group is actually full of some actually good fighters at the top of the heavyweight division 모바일 알약.  

Wilder is the Alabama masher, who can end a fight with one punch, something he showed against Luis Ortiz. In both Ortiz fight, he was behind on points, but he stopped Ortiz both times.  In their first fight, Ortiz even stunned Wilder and forced Wilder to actually survive.  

Against Fury, Wilder was consistently frustrated by Fury boxing skills.  Fury is an unusual fighter for even though he is 6’9”, he is a very good boxer who has good foot movement 영화 태풍 다운로드. Fury frustrated Wladimir Klitschko in their bout.  While many of us thought at the time, Klitschko age finally showed and certainly at the age of 40, there were times, he never seems to be able to pull the trigger.   While age played a factor in his loss, so did Fury boxing style which also frustrated Wilder as well 다운로드.

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Jarret Hurd & Danny Garcia “By Unanimous Decision” Over Francisco Santana & Ivan Redkach – on Showtime

Santana vs 다운로드. Hurd
Garcia vs 일러스트 패턴 다운로드. Redkach

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) … Contributor to since 2008 with outstanding input and expertise – Thank You 일러스트 10 다운로드!

Jarret Hurd is coming back after losing his title and his first loss to Julian Williams.  (Williams lost to Jeison Rosario a week ago in a surprise knockout.)   Hurd now is looking to regain his titles, and this was the first step to that goal in the Barclay Center in Brooklyn against Francisco Santana.   The first two rounds, Hurd showed discipline as he jabbed and box against Santana, who seemed to follow Hurd around the ring 질투나요 baby 다운로드.

Hurd boxing style over the first four rounds bothered Santana, who seemed more of a sparring partner than a serious contender in the early rounds.   Halfway through the fifth round, Hurd starting to throw serious punches as Santana move consistently to his right 다운로드. This move negated Santana best punch, his left hook but protected him against the Hurd upper cut.

As Hurd entered the second half of the round, he was winning the fight easily but looking awkward in adopting a more subdued boxing style as oppose to his more aggressive style.  He never seemed comfortable and his boxing instinct reined in, he never appeared to go for broke.  As the fight progressed, there was little drama until the last thirty seconds of the tenth and final round.  Hurd landed six big hooks that Santana took but Hurd landed the upper cut that sent Santana down for the eight count.  As Santana rose up, the fight had but five seconds left so Santana survived 다운로드.

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The Heavyweight Division

The Champions / as of: January 7, 2020

WBO: Anthony Joshua

IBF: Anthony Joshua

WBA: Anthony Joshua*

WBC: Deontay Wilder**

*Mahmoud Charr is the WBA “regular” heavyweight champion and Trevor Bryan is the WBA interim heavyweight champion

**Dillian Whyte is the WBC interim heavyweight champion


By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America / Contributor to since 2008

The heavyweight division is becoming an interesting division with some intriguing fighters and even more intriguing bouts.  Anthony Joshua won his title back by out boxing Andy Ruiz, who didn’t show the same ability to penetrate Joshua defenses as he did in their first fight, but then Joshua didn’t give him a chance in the rematch.  This bout reminded me of Lennox Lewis and David Tua 리모콘 어플. Lewis did not bother to give Tua, who had a devastating left hook a chance to hit him, and Lewis simply jab, jab, jab with occasional right hand while Tua could never get close to throw any meaningful punches.  After getting knocked around by Ruiz in their first match, Joshua showed adaptability and simply boxed Ruiz 영어책 다운로드. Ruiz never got his chance to hit a home run but Joshua always had the technical skill and showed his boxing skills when he out boxed Joseph Parker in their match and he showed his ability to comeback off the canvas against Wladimir Klitschko to win that bout by knockout 7공주 mp3 다운로드.

Tyson Fury is a big 6’9” fighter but he also has boxing skills and is not easy to hit.  Against Wladimir Klitschko, his defensive skills kept Klitschko off guard 유안타증권 다운로드. Part of the reason sited at the time was Klitshcko age but after watching the Wilder fight, Fury frustrated Wilder equally.  Wilder nearly ended the fight twice with two powerful rights that sent Fury down but Fury both times manage to climb off the canvas.   Fury did have issues in his last fight as Otto Wallin opened up a massive cut over Fury eye and nearly stopped him in the early rounds due to cuts 다운로드. This was the second fight that Fury had to struggle to finish the fight, but he did finish the fight and won the bout.

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Joshua dominates Ruiz to regain WBA/IBF/WBO Heavyweight Titles

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America / Contributor to since 2008 with expertise articles and input 다운로드.

Anthony Joshua simply used his technical skills and boxing ability and dances his way to an easy decision. I had the fight 119-109 but this was a hardly exciting fight 다운로드. Ruiz was incapable to get any consistent offense and only in the eighth round did Ruiz connect on power shots including a sharp right and nasty left hook, but that was about the explosive attack by Ruiz.  I gave the eighth round to Ruiz and it was the only round that Ruiz actually landed more punches than Joshua.  Ruiz only averaged 22 punches thrown per round and landed just five punches per round.  Joshua was hardly a throwing machine, but he averaged 36 punches per round and connected on nine punches per round 다운로드.

Joshua threw the double of jabs than Ruiz and landed three times as many jabs and even landed a slightly more power shots plus he was more accurate with those power shots.  The jabs allowed Joshua to control the space between Ruiz and him, denying Ruiz opportunities to nail Joshua with power shots 다운로드.

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Wilder by KNOCKOUT over Ortiz – 7th Round

By Tom Doneslon / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Wilder needed one punch to erase a four-round deficit on two of the judges’ scorecard and a two-round deficit on the other card.  (I had it 59-55 and many others had it 60-54.)  Ortiz seemed in control and connected on counter punches as it would appear that Wilder hesitated to throw punches 다운로드. In their first fight, Ortiz stunned Wilder in the sixth round and like in this fight, was ahead on the scorecards when Wilder stopped him. Ortiz had the power to stop Wilder and Wilder understood that, so he played it safe 다운로드.

When looking at the Compubox data, the actual connect rates were close 다운로드. Going into the seventh round, Ortiz only connected on three more punches, but he had a 20-8 advantage in power punches through six rounds.  Interesting enough, Ortiz only landed more punches in three of the first six rounds and Wilder landed more punches in two of those rounds with both landing two punches in the fourth round.   Ortiz was winning rounds, but he was not dominating the fight.  He succeeds in keeping Wilder off balance and never allowing Wilder to set on his punches, in particular his right hand 다운로드.

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Pariah: The Lives and Death of Sonny Liston

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America / Contributor to since 2008

Showtime special on Sonny Liston, Pariah: The Lives and Deaths of Sonny Liston, reveals the various controversy and conspiracy theories surrounding Liston career and death.  Liston, like Joe Frazier, George Foreman and even Larry Holmes were overshadowed by Muhammad Ali and his talent has often been ignored and never truly appreciated.   He was not just a powerful puncher or brawler, but he had good boxing skills to go with that awesome power. 

The problem with Liston is that the truth about his life often overshadowed his skills in the boxing ring and often led to various conspiracy stories.  There is no doubt of his connection to organized crime and his rise to prominence occurred during the time in which Mob controlled boxing and he did work for the mob as an enforcer outside the ring pc용 카톡.

During the 50’s, mob control of the boxing became part of congressional investigation and Liston connection to the mob became part of the hearing.  This did two things.  It first delayed his shot at a title as Cus D’Amato had a good reason to keep Liston from fighting Patterson despite Liston defeating top contenders 다운로드. The second thing is that reinforce Liston as a villain.

As the 1950’s ended and the 60’s begin, the Civil Rights movement was in full swing, challenging the racism existed and the documentary made it clear that many in the Civil Rights movement didn’t want Liston as a representative of their movement, a man perceived as a thug by much of American 스타 빠른무한 다운로드. Floyd Patterson was the polite gentleman who many viewed as a role model plus he was the heavyweight champion.

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Canelo by “KO” over Kovalev, 11th Round, to Win WBO Light Heavyweight Title

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) and contributor to since 2008

Sergey Kovalev has been a different fighter since the first half of the first Andre Ward fight when he looked powerful, even knocking Ward down.  Ward changed strategy and went inside Kovalev while nailing his body with shots 다운로드. While you can argue who won that fight , it was close and Kovalev wore down in the second half of that fight.  In their second battle, Ward  stopped Kovalev in their second fight with a similar strategy of hitting the body and from that point, Kovalev was a different fighter 다운로드.

Against Canelo Alvarez, he fought as much not to lose as oppose to win.  He threw 70 plus punches per round while Alvarez threw on only 30 punches per round and going into the eleventh round, the number of punches connected were even as both landed  an average of 11 punches per round.   Alvarez landed a higher percentage and connected on more than double of power shots while nearly 78% of Kovalev punches were jabs.  63% of Alvarez punches were power shots and interesting this may have influenced scoring at ringside 들국화 1집 다운로드. Some like Dan Rafel had Kovalev up by three rounds going into the ninth round while Kevin Iole had the oppostive score.

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Golovkin edges Derevyanchenko by Decision

cython 다운로드

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

On October 5, 2019 at Madison Square Garden, New York, Gennady Golovkin faced Sergey Derevyanchenko for the vacant IBF middleweight championship 어벤져스 자막 다운로드. Golovkin began the fight dropping Derevyanchenko in the first round and a left hook open up a cut over Derenyuanchenko and it look like this could be an early night for GGG and visions of a third Canelo Alvarez-GGG fight. 

Derenyuanchenko sensing time was running out, came out fighting in the third round as he hit Golovkin from angles including body shots.  This round saw Derenyuanchenko sending a message, “I am not done yet.” 

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