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Crawford wins 140 lb. WBO belt … Matthysee over Provodnikov … Fonfara by “KO” over Chavez Jr.


By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

A HBO doubleheader began with Thomas Dulorme, coming down from welterweight to junior welterweight, facing one of the best pound for pound fighters, Terence Crawford who was moving up from the lightweight division.  Over the first six minutes, Dulorme threw the majority of punches and tried to push the action and Crawford worked at a relaxed pace while countering.  Dulorme punches rarely got through the Crawford defenses and looked more like flash than really be effective.

Crawford 2

Crawford relax style allowed Dulorme to press the action and Dulorme had a reputation of fading in the second half of fights; explaining Crawford’s strategy of allowing Dulorme to press the action and play defense.  Harold Lederman had Dulorme in the lead three rounds to two but Dulorme’s activity could easily have influenced the judges to give all five rounds to the Puerto Rican fighter.

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Kell Brook retains title by “KO” … Gary Russell Jr. wins WBC featherweight title by “KO”


By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Kell Brook defended his  IBF welterweight championship against Jo Jo Dan in Great Britain.  Brook had yet to test defeat and his Romanian opponent was a southpaw, a style that Brook has not fought nearly in six years.   Brook got off to fast start as he nailed Dan from various angles in the opening round.    Brook sent Dan down with an upper cut within the first minute of the second round and Dan got back up; only to go down from another quick right.  Dan went into survival mode as he hold and threw punch from any angles from close in.  Brook nailed Dan with three big rights over the final two minutes but Dan survived.

Brook continued his assault as he unleashed power shots, in particular his right hand throughout the third and fourth round.   Late in the fourth round,  Brook’s right sent Dan down and Brook tried to finish the job.  Brook connected on power shots, forcing Dan to retreat.  At the 2:59 mark of the fourth round, a Brook left hook sent Dan down.  Dan wobbled back to his seat and his corner stopped the fight as they saw that he has taken enough punishment.

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Kovalev stops Pascal by “KO” retains light heavyweight title

PHOTO Montreal 1

By Tom Donelson (BWAA) Boxing Writers Association of America

Sergey Kolalev faced Jean Pascal in Pascal’s backyard, Montreal, for all of Kolalev light heavyweight belts.

Kolalev was coming off a big victory over Bernard Hopkins and now he was facing the awkward fighter, Pascal. Kolalev started to find the distance in the second round with big rights and forcing Pascal to retreat.  Kolalev continued to pressure in the third round but Pascal started to land big rights but with a minute left, Kolalev landed a big left hook that forced Pascal back to the rope to stop Pascal’s rally.   Kolalev landed another big left hook followed by a big right that sent Pascal almost through the rope, forcing the referee to issue an eight count and Pascal was saved only by the bell.

photo montreal 2

Kolalev started hard at the beginning of fourth round as he trapped Pascal and pounded him.  While Kolalev dominated the first part of the round but Pascal made a comeback down the stretch as he landed five big punches to send Kolalev reeling for the first time in the bout.  Pascal continued to pound with counters in the fifth round that forced Kolalev to occasionally retreat as he did over the second half of the fourth round. Pascal continued to land off balanced shots throughout the sixth round and ended the round with a big left hook.   HBO Lederman had the bout 58 to 55 at the halfway mark.

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Upcoming Fights

By Tom Donelson  / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

This weekend (NBC TV) Keith Thurman faces off against Robert Guerrero for what is called the interim WBA championship so I guess this is for a belt even though WBA also has Floyd Mayweather as the unified champion.  So who knows and who cares, the winner will receive a belt and be able to declare himself a champion.

NBC pic

For Thurman, this could be his toughest fight as Guerrero has some of the best in the business and is one of the toughest fighters. Guerrero began his career as a boxer, thus the nick name “Ghost”, but as he moved up in weight; he changed his style from being a boxer to being a banger.  Guerrero has only two losses, one that he revenged against Gamaliel Diaz and to Floyd Mayweather.

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Golovkin by “KO” over Murray, retains WBA middleweight title

By Tom Donelson / Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Martin Murray was supposed to give Golovkin competition for triple G’s title and for the first three rounds, he did.  Murray countered the advancing with Golovkin with solid rights and body shots while Golovkin was attempting to find ways around Murray defenses.   While it was obvious who was the more powerful puncher but Murray showed to be a tough fighter who could take GGG’s best.


Going into the fourth round, this was close but Golovkin turned the fight around and turn a close battle into a battle of survival for Murray.  Halfway through the round, Golovkin threw a haymaker that Murray avoided but as Murray was attempting to escape; Golovkin nailed him with a body shot that sent Murray down.  Murray survived the count but Golovkin attacked with ferocity and as the Triple G’s landed solid combinations, Murray simply knelt down to avoid more punishment.  He survived the round but from this point; Golovkin had control of the fight.

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Wilder wins WBC title

WBC title fight

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Deontay Wilder won a unanimous decision but what impressed me was not his victory but the ease that he dominated the fight and showed himself to be a vastly improved fighter.  The first thing that was surprising was that the inexperienced Wilder showed more nuance in his fight game than the supposedly more experience Stiverne.  (While Wilder had more pro fights; Stiverne had fought the tougher fighters and had already been in two big events against Chris Arreola.)

Wilder used his longer reach and jab to set the real estate between the two fighters.  Stirvene, whose jab was an effective weapon against Arreola, fail to even effectively jab nor did he cut off the ring.  Repeatedly Wilder was able to escape and move away from the on charging Stirvene.  Stirvene attempted to walk Wilder down but he never attack the body of Wilder; which would have paid dividend in the later rounds against Wilder.  Instead, he rarely jabbed his way nor did he attack the body with much conviction or consistently. 

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Bermane vs. Wilder … WBC heavyweight title

title fight Jan 2015

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Deontay Wilder takes on Bermane Stiverne in an event that is totally unusual; an American in a heavyweight bout that means something.   Stiverne’s WBC heavyweight title is on the line and the undefeated Wilder has the opportunity to win a heavyweight, something no Americans have done since Shannon Briggs defeated Siarhei Liakovich for Liakovich WBO title nearly nine years ago.

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Mayweather – Pacquiao … why they will fight $$$

Mayweather - Pacquiao

By Tom Donelson / Writer for since 2008

Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Will he or won’t he? That is the question vexing boxing fans as they wonder if the fight that has been promised for the past five years will ever happen; Mayweather-Pacquiao.  Certainly there is one reason that fight happens: money. There was a time that Pacquiao could attract big PPV numbers but against Algieri and Rios, those numbers dropped below 500,000 and Mayweather big numbers came when he fought big names just as Canelo Alvarez but his last bouts were south of million so while he attracted bigger PPV numbers than the PAC Man, he has not match the big numbers that Showtime was hoping when they signed him to a six fight contract.

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Pacquiao wins lopsided decision to retain welterweight title belt


By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

It was self-evident that Pacquiao was the better fighter than Chris Algieri, who showed the same great chin he displayed against Ruslan Provodnikov, when he survived two knockdowns in the first round and a swollen shuteye.  Algieri advantage was supposed to his jab, the same jab that saved him against Provodnikov but in this battle,  Pacquiao neutralized this jab with his quickness and power.

By the fourth round, Pacquiao experience in big events showed up as he started to attack the body to go with head shots and Algieri at this point was down by four points with a 10-8 round in the second round due to a flash knockdown.   Aligieri showed some life in the fifth round with late shots including the rights down the stretch of the round but this brief revival ended in the next round.   Pacquiao picked up the pace as he decided to be Hall of Fame fighter he is as he sent Algieri down with a straight left at the halfway point of the round.  He followed this up thirty seconds later with another left sending Algieri down a second time in the round.  Algieri showed resilience but resilience don’t win fight when you are the one getting hit.

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Hopkins loses lopsided decision to Kovalev in light heavyweight unification title fight

H - 1

By Tom Donelson / contributed to since 2008

Member of Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

tail of tape

Bernard Hopkins is the old man of boxing, a man who is nearly half a century age, trying one more time to cheat father time.  In Sergio Kovalev, he faced his one of his toughest opponent.  Before the main event, prospect Sadam Ali faced Argentina Carlos Abregu.  Abregu had only lost to Tim Bradley and would provide a test for Ali.

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