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  1. PLEASE HELP!! Can you suggest who I can contact for films of my fights from the Olympic Auditorium? They were broadcasted in 80/81.

  2. I have many, many fights on video from Dempsey, Louis, Olympic fights galore. I have just relocated to So Cal from Ohio and am unpacking as we speak, so contact me with any specifics (opponent, date etc.) 330 701-7434 Ken

  3. I would like to find fights that my father Jose Pimentel and my uncle, Jesus “little Poison” Pimentel were in. Can you tell me where I can find those?

    Jess Pimentel

  4. can you suggest who I can contact for a copy of gaetan heart vs Cleveland denny fight in montreal Canada 1980 he faught under sugar ray leonard / Roberto duran card thanks

  5. I’m looking for any information on my father Jim Lynch. He was a golden gloves boxer in the 40’s or 50’s. He possibly used another name similar to Billy Carrigan or Jim Ballance.

  6. Does anybody remember the Grant Mugabi fight on the undercard of Holmes Tyson in Atlantic City January 1988 .

  7. Can you give me any information on my dad? He boxed in the 1930s. Jimmy Galindo. Thank you.

  8. Jimmy Galindo fought two professional fights … both in 1932 … both in Brooklyn, NY … both ended by KO losses … both fights were at weight 130 pound junior light weight limit … opponents were Artie O’Neil (October) … Mickey Kelly (Nov).

  9. I was interested in finding televised matches of my father, his name is Andres Garcia, He fought in the late fifties early sixties. Can u please help me? He was in the L.A Golden Gloves team back in 1958, He was awarded the Ed Sanders Memorial Trophy. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

  10. David do you have any additional information on this classic fight between Toby Vigil and George Latka?

    The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 22
    Publication: The Los Angeles Times i Location: Los Angeles, California Issue Date: Wednesday, September 11, 1940

    Matchmaker Charley MacDonald was so excited by the angle that he blurted forth the news that George Latka will appear again at Hollywood Oct. -5 with Toby Vigil the party of the second part. EYE HEALED Latka returned from a trip east last week with cut eye healed. The opportunity to join the long list of Latka victims or make himself famous was given Vigil because of his recent knockout​ victory over Eddie Marcus

    October 5, 194
    A Publisher Extra Newspaper
    Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 11
    Publication: Reno Gazette-Journal i Location: Reno, Nevada Issue Date: Saturday, October 5, 1940 Page: Page 11

    “ Professor” George Latka may have to school himself a little more before angling for a crack at the lightweight championship. The San Jose boxing instructor, a 4-1 favorite, was decisively beaten at the Hollywood stadium last night by a young Mexican sharpshooter, Toby Vigil of Los Angeles, as six thousand fans howled in excitement. Winner of eight straight bouts, Latka the former Gary, Ind., boxer won but three of the ten rounds on Referee Mushy Callahan’s card, six going to Vigil and one even. It was a punishing battle and Latka, whose managers have him signed for a non-title match with Sammy Angott of Louisville, Ky. the National Boxing champ, left the ring well-marked. Vigil, whose rise was interrupted several months ago by a hand injury weighed 134, Latka 135.

    Publication: Arizona Republic i Location: Phoenix, Arizona
    Issue Date: Saturday, October 5, 1940
    Page 14

    Toby Vigil, Los Angeles Mexican, scored a spectacular upset tonight by handing George Latka, San Jose, Calif., boxing instructor, his first defeat in two years. Referee Mushy Callahan’s scorecard gave Vigil six rounds, Latka three and one even. There were no knockdowns, although Vigil staggered Latka in the 10th with a “left hook to the body, followed by two hard smashes to the jaw.

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