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In Rusty’s Corner


Rusty Rubin is a veteran boxing writer




Two important fights this weekend and both in Vegas on the same Saturday night 다운로드.

At the Palms, on PPV, come-backing Bronco McKart takes on Aussie Anthony Mundine in a middleweight match-up.

Southpaw McKart took two years off from boxing but has looked good in his return against fighters a bit less quality than Mundine 다운로드.

McKart. 54-9-1 (32), at age 41, gives up four years in youth to Mundine, 43-4 (25). But McKart does have a slight edge in height and reach and that may serve him well in this bout 다운로드.

Keeping in mind that a clash of heads is always possible when a southpaw fights a conventional fighter, there is always a chance for a stoppage 영화 숙희 다운로드. With that in mind, Mundine is not your ‘conventional’ fighter.

My pick, McKart to keep it going a bit longer, riding out a tough hard-fought decision 수고했어 오늘도 다운로드.

In the other fight this weekend, at Mandalay Bay, Amir Khan 26-2-1 (18), goes up against Danny Garcia, 23-0, (14). Although the record book shows it as a loss, one of Khan’s losses was a bad, hometown decision to Lamont Peterson in Washington, D.C 다운로드.

This takes nothing away from Garcia, 24, who has also fought some iron in the super middleweight class. The reach and height advantage goes to Khan, 25, by a small margin 다운로드.

This should be a more exciting fight than the one being offered by PPV, but you never know what happens when the two combatants face off against each other 다운로드.

Khan by decision. Continue reading In Rusty’s Corner

Classic rematch!

By David Martinez

In a fight that was as spectacular as it was billed, WBO Featherweight champion Orlando Salido came back in round ten to retain his belt over Juan Manuel Lopez last Saturday night in San Juan, Puerto Rico, a fight that was aired by Showtime 다운로드.

After a feel-out round in the opening stanza, these two boxers certainly put on a show for the ages. Salido had a terrific round three and was winning round five until he was knocked down by Lopez 율동동요 다운로드. From that point on, the bout was toe-to-toe action, with round nine being a candidate for “round of the year”. In round ten, Salido put Lopez down with an uppercut and as Lopez tried to regain himself, referee Roberto Ramirez wisely halted the contest 32 seconds into the round 임베디드 리눅스 다운로드.

I was surprised that Lopez chose not to box tactically using his lead right hand jab, but instead was determined to slug with Salido which led to his demise in this classic rematch 다운로드. At the time of the stoppage, the ringside judges had it 85-85, and 86-84, 86-84, both for Lopez.  On my personal unofficial card, I had Lopez ahead 86-84 마스터캠 x5.

David is Interviewed on!

David made an appearance recently on with another interview. Check it out here:

Adrien Broner / Eloy Perez
Marcos Madiana / Devon Alexander

By David Tyler

Boxing expert, David Martinez is paying doghouse boxing another visit Reddit download. This time to provide expert analysis of this Saturday’s fights on HBO at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

David Tyler : David, I am looking forward to Saturday’s HBO Boxing After Dark 다운로드. I believe these are two quality fights. Your thoughts about this fight card?
David Martinez : The fight card will feature two very promising fights 다운로드. I am impressed that HBO will start this year’s Boxing After Dark fights with four really good boxers.

DT : I like the Adrien Broner/ Eloy Perez match-up 다운로드. One of these two guys will take a giant leap forward with an impressive victory. Agree?
DM : Certainly I would agree. Adrien Broner has a great opportunity to be one of boxing’s next superstars 다운로드. Both of these fighters have undefeated records but Eloy Perez has two draws and one no-decision. As I examine the resumes of both fighters…it’s the knockout percentage that gets my attention 다운로드. Broner has a 22-0 record with 18 knockouts. Perez has seven knockouts in 26 fights. We have discussed this before…on the surface it looks like one fighter has more power than the other guy…maybe that’s true but you really have to take a close look at the opponents and their records 다운로드.

DT : So I shouldn’t take it for granted that Broner will score a knock out?
DM : Both of these fighters are very good…legitimate top 10 boxers in the Featherweight division sony playmemories. Perez needs to be very careful during the first two or three rounds. Broner brings a lot of raw power to the ring and it’s those early rounds that will dictate if Perez has enough boxing skills to avoid those punches and counter with some shots of his own xcode 10. This will be a very competitive fight.
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Johnny Ortiz and Anthony Prieto ~ my friends!


In life we have friends; I have many, and two that ceratinly stand out for their talents are Johnny Ortiz and Anthony Prieto 다운로드.

Johnny Ortiz – I am delighted to announce that a new revised edition of his publication “MY LIFE AMONG THE ICONS” has been recently released for purchase 다운로드. I have known Johnny for the past twenty years and he has truly emerged as one of my best friends, and I consider him to be one of the most knowledable boxing authorities that I have ever met 다운로드. I hope that you will join me to support the publication of his book, which is a fascinating memoir of a raconteur whose life intersected with the giants of sports and the glamour of Hollywood 암살교실 1기 다운로드. To purchase your copy, you may order online by contacting the publisher at: or by calling 1-800-839-8640

Anthony Prieto – I am grateful for a friend who is very talented in singing and artistic drawing, and so devoted in working as a volunteer with the California Condor Recovery Team 다운로드. I have known Anthony for most of my adult life and we first met because our mutual love for boxing. I attend many of the concert events in which he performs, as I truly enjoy his flavor of Latin music creo 3.0 다운로드. There are two CDs currently available: “Anthony Prieto by Anthony Prieto” and “Life Love and Desire / Anthony Prieto.” To purchase these CDs, you can go to the following websites:,, or 다운로드.

If for any reason you want to contact Johnny or Anthony directly, I can accomodate this if you would so kindly go through me to arrange it, as I respect their privacy 엘지 브릿지 다운로드. In knowing both, they would honor any request you might desire of them.

Thank you for your support for my two friends; I respect both for their talents and I consider myself blessed to have them as my friends 디블로터 다운로드!

RING TRIVIA answers for April 2011

( a monthly feature from David Martinez Boxing )

1) On July 4, 1912 in Vernon, California, Joe Rivers lost his bid for the lightweight title vs 다운로드. Ad Wolgast when the bout ended in one of the most controversial finishes in boxing history … the outcome was ?
answer is ~ double knockout

2) When Larry Holmes won the WBC heavyweight championship (vs 유튜브 자막 다운로드. Ken Norton) on June 9, 1978 … his manager and trainer was ?
answer is ~ Richie Giachetti

3) What former heavyweight champion was the referee for the lightweight title fight between Joe Gans vs 다운로드. George Memsic on September 27, 1907 ?
answer is ~ James J. Jeffries

In Rusty’s Corner

Rusty Rubin is a veteran boxing writer

As I prepare for my annual holiday vacation, I want to make sure that I reach each and everyone who reads this column (and even those who do not), the very best wishes for the holiday season 다운로드.

Both ShowTime and HBO have a nice early Christmas present on tap for boxing fans.

Let’s take a close look at two fights which will be held at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Washington, on December 11.) 윤미래 다운로드. The double main-event figures to have more action than most of the fight cards you’ve seen this year. What would you expect from some tough bantamweights 퍼스트 어벤져스 다운로드?

In the first bout, hard hitting Vic Darchinyan, 34, from Australia, takes on undefeated 25-year-old, Mexican Abner Mares. This bout is going to be a classic boxer versus slugger match, with Mares, 20-0-1 (13, much preferring to box and Darchinyan, 35-2-1 (27), always ready, willing and able to tee off 다운로드.

Except for Darchinyan’s power, this bout really offers little to choose from. Darchinyan is a southpaw, which may create problems for Mares, who does have a 3 ½” reach advantage 세움터 도면 다운로드.

I make it a point to pick a winner, and so I’ll give a slight edge to Mares to take a hard-fought decision in a fight that will see a lot of blood fly 스타크래프트 1.161 립버전 다운로드.

The other bout, for the IBF bantamweight title features champion Yohhny Perez, a tough 31-year old Colombian taking on former IBF champ Joseph Agbeko, 22, from Ghana 웨딩 사진 다운로드.

Perez, 31, is a talented boxer with a mark of 20-0-1 with 14 knockouts, while Agbeko, 27-2 (22), wants his title back.

Perez, seems to have a bit of a problem with his defense, so my gut feeling is that the African fighter will take a close decision in a very tough toe-to-toe brawl 정글플래셔 다운로드.

Both fights are scheduled to be shown on ShowTime.

On HBO, a couple of light welters compete for the WBA crown, from Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas 다운로드.

These two fighters are better know in Europe than in America as they have seen most of their action out of the USA.

Amir Khan 23-1 with 17 knockouts from the U.K., takes on Marcos Madana 29-1 (17) for the WBA light welterweight title 슬렌더맨 게임 다운로드.

On paper this bout also appears to be a toss-up. Madana 29, from Argentina, having more ring experience, but Khan a slight edge up in opponents talent as well as punching power.
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Happy Halloween!

By John Boitnott  / Producer

I really like knowing David Martinez 다운로드. Of course there’s his endless boxing knowledge – his ability to analyze a fight – even as it’s happening. I respect his advice big time.

One of the best things he does is something that only happens at Halloween 다운로드. He will dress up like a masked wrestler. So let me share with you now a photo of this years 2010 edition of him at a party posing with young lady – Kim djmax trilogy 다운로드. He will always accommodate others for a picture and let me say that it’s my absolute pleasure to serve as his producer since this website started back in July 2007 – thank you David 스플린터셀 다운로드!

FIGHT CALENDAR for August 2010

be sure to stay posted to every month for your complete boxing schedule

FRIDAY – August 6, 2010 (ESPN2)
from: Chicago, Illinois
James De La Rosa vs 마인크래프트 아쿠아틱. Michael Rosales (Welterweights)
Patrick Lopez vs. Prenice Brewer (Junior Welterweights)
Mike Mollo vs. Franklin Lawrence (Heavyweights)

FRIDAY – August 6, 2010 (Showtime)
from: Hinckley, Minnesota
Chris Avalos vs 요 화경 다운로드. Christopher Martin (Bantamweights)
Lateef Kayode vs. Alfredo Escalera, Jr (Cruiserweights)

SATURDAY – August 7, 2010 (HBO)
from: St 다운로드. Louis, Missouri
Devon Alexander vs. Andriy Kotelnik (WBC / IBF Junior Welterweight Championship)
Tavoris Cloud vs. Glen Johnson (IBF Light Heayweight Championship)

SATURDAY – August 7, 2010 (Fox Sports)
from: Jalisco, Mexico
Gennady Golovkin vs 다운로드. Milton Nunez (Middleweights)
Roman Gonzalez vs. Manuel Vargas (Junior Flyweights)
Julio Julio Emilio vs. Zapir Rasulov (Welterweights)

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In Rusty’s Corner

Rusty Rubin is a veteran boxing writer

Allow me to thank my many friends in boxing for their calls, cards and visits during my recent illness….I’ll be as good as new as soon as the good Lord allows science to discover how to make a complete skeletal transplant 윈도우 비스타 서비스팩1 다운로드. Seriously, the prayers mean a lot to this old scribe.

In the upcoming fight department, July 31, Saturday, should be a hum-dinger at Mandalay Bay on Pay-Per-View 타이타닉 게임 다운로드.

The again veteran counter puncher Juan Manuel Marquez faces a rematch with Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz for the WBO/WBA lightweight title. This fight is a rematch of a recent Houston, where Marquez stopped Diaz late 마인크래프트 정식판.

Diaz, at age 26, (35-3, (17), is ten years younger than Marquez and has a big reach advantage.

Marquez, 50-5-1 (37), remains the best counter-puncher in the business as he proved when he stopped Diaz in his Texas hometown 스타크래프트 다운로드.

Not only does Marquez boast more fights, but far better competition, but when you deal with age, it doesn’t always mean as much.

A pick here looks easy, as Diaz’ only three losses came in his last six fights, while Marquez and time keeps marching on 다운로드. The logic here is that if Diaz can’t beat Marquez at home, why think he would do better in far more neutral Las Vegas?
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