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David is Interviewed on DoghouseBoxing.com!

David made an appearance recently on DoghouseBoxing.com with another interview. Check it out here:

Adrien Broner / Eloy Perez
Marcos Madiana / Devon Alexander

By David Tyler

Boxing expert, David Martinez is paying doghouse boxing another visit Reddit download. This time to provide expert analysis of this Saturday’s fights on HBO at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

David Tyler : David, I am looking forward to Saturday’s HBO Boxing After Dark 다운로드. I believe these are two quality fights. Your thoughts about this fight card?
David Martinez : The fight card will feature two very promising fights 다운로드. I am impressed that HBO will start this year’s Boxing After Dark fights with four really good boxers.

DT : I like the Adrien Broner/ Eloy Perez match-up 다운로드. One of these two guys will take a giant leap forward with an impressive victory. Agree?
DM : Certainly I would agree. Adrien Broner has a great opportunity to be one of boxing’s next superstars 다운로드. Both of these fighters have undefeated records but Eloy Perez has two draws and one no-decision. As I examine the resumes of both fighters…it’s the knockout percentage that gets my attention 다운로드. Broner has a 22-0 record with 18 knockouts. Perez has seven knockouts in 26 fights. We have discussed this before…on the surface it looks like one fighter has more power than the other guy…maybe that’s true but you really have to take a close look at the opponents and their records 다운로드.

DT : So I shouldn’t take it for granted that Broner will score a knock out?
DM : Both of these fighters are very good…legitimate top 10 boxers in the Featherweight division sony playmemories. Perez needs to be very careful during the first two or three rounds. Broner brings a lot of raw power to the ring and it’s those early rounds that will dictate if Perez has enough boxing skills to avoid those punches and counter with some shots of his own xcode 10. This will be a very competitive fight.
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Chavez, Jr. and Donaire win on HBO!

By Tom Donelson

(Member of Boxing Writers Assoc.)


Two Mexican fighters went toe to toe most of the night in the shadow of the Alamo in San Antonio.  Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr 다운로드. has the curse of the being the son of the great Julio Cesar Chavez plus he faced a hungry fighter in Marco Rubio who viewed this fight as his opportunity.  Rubio had more knock outs coming into this fight but it became obvious that Rubio did not have the power to punish Chavez and Chavez pushed Rubio around the ring 비활성 매크로.

Over the first two rounds, Rubio was the busy fighter but not the more accurate fighter as he missed many shots against charging Chavez.  By the third round, Chavez used his hook to slow Rubio down and there were times that one could see the father in his son as Chavez ripped left hooks after left hooks to the body.   Rubio threw his own haymakers as they fought inside the boxing trenches 스케치업 무료 다운로드.

In the sixth round, Chavez changed tactics as he boxed and move whereas Rubio looked temporally befuddled but it gave Chavez and even Rubio a break from the tough infighting that both were involved in over the previous rounds.  In the seventh round, trench warfare returned as both men simply pounded each other as Rubio threw more punches but Chavez punches had more impact.  In the final minute of the seventh round, Chavez pounded Rubio with a nice combination that included a solid right hand Select2 download.

During the eighth round, Emanuel Steward observed that Rubio should move and box more since he was not a devastating puncher whereas Larry Merchant quipped that “Rubio is not as much a devastating boxer, either.”    Over the last three rounds, Chavez and Rubio nailed each other with power shots including left hooks to the body.  Chavez threw accurate right hands throughout the bout set up by his left hooks, showing that he can be a two handed puncher.  As for Rubio, he showed grit as he was never hurt by Chavez and there were times that he connected on his own body shots including left hooks but Chavez was the more accurate puncher which is why he won the unanimous decision 피고인 1회 다운로드.

For Chavez, he beat a good fighter in Rubio but he has yet to be tested by an elite fighter and while he would love to fight Sergio Martinez, he admitted in the post-fight interview that he had to fight better than he did against Rubio.  He had trouble with his weight and a DUI interrupted his training, giving one doubts if he has the same dedication as his father.  He admitted the need to stay in shape if he wants to stay in the Middleweight division 다운로드. Continue reading Chavez, Jr 다운로드. and Donaire win on HBO!

How High Should We Rate Riddick Bowe?

By Jim Amato / Senior Boxing Writer

Hopefully the one time heavyweight champion of the world Riddick Bowe will never fight again 다운로드. His post career problems have been well documented.

The question now is, where does Bowe rank among the great heavyweights of all time? How would he have fared against Louis, Marciano, Frazier or even dream fights in his own time against Lewis or Tyson 스팀 백그라운드 다운로드? Here is a boxer who may have never realized his full potential. When he was near it his career declined due to his own self-indulgence.

After Lennox Lewis stopped Riddick in the 1988 Olympics, Bowe was considered a risky project 다운로드. Rock Newman took the risk of managing Bowe and convinced the skeptical but astute Eddie Futch to undertake the task of molding Riddick. The rest is history tv cast. Bowe progressed nicely thru the ranks, turning pro in 1989 by halting future contender Lionel Butler in two rounds. In 1990 he stopped faded ex-champion Pinklon Thomas in nine 마법천자문. He also destroyed Bert Cooper in two.

In 1991 he kayoed Tyrell Biggs in eight and outscored ex-champ Tony Tubbs. He later kayoed future titleholder Bruce Seldon in one round visa32.dll. In 1992 he cemented a shot at the title by halting South African Pierre Coetzer in seven rounds.

Finally Riddick “Big Daddy” Bowe was in the ring facing heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield 다운로드. The well-schooled and well-conditioned Bowe won a hard fought but convincing decision and the crown. Was this the turning point of his career? Was it the beginning of the end 다운로드? The night Bowe won the title from Holyfield he could have arguably competed with any heavyweight who ever lived. He was that good.

So where did it all go wrong 인디자인 cs5 다운로드? Did Riddick believe he was unbeatable? Easy defenses against ex-champ Michael Dokes and shopworn journeyman Jesse Ferguson did little to sharpen his skills 웹 디렉토리 다운로드. His weight as well as his ego began to swell. By the time he met Holyfield in their rematch he had become a different fighter. So had Evander who had totally dedicated himself in training. Their second bout is mainly remembered for the “Fan Man” incident but in reality it was a highly entertaining fight. Even at the height of his skills against an ill prepared Bowe, Evander had all he could do to win the decision and regain the title. Without the championship, Riddick had become an enigma to himself. Would he rededicate himself or let the talent he had slip through his fists.

Riddick began his march toward reclaiming his crown. He would beat once highly regarded Herbie Hide and knock out overrated Jorge Luis Gonzalez who had beaten Riddick in the amateurs. He would again meet a now ex-champion Holyfield in a rubber match. He would pick himself off the canvas to knock out Evander and it appeared Riddick was still a prime player in the heavyweight sweepstakes. All that came crashing down following two brutal and highly controversial bouts against Andrew Golota.
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Happy Birthday ~ ALI

In rememberence of Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday this week, January 17, I am bringing back one of my favorite features on THE GREATEST that was part of a series I did for for this Web site 다운로드. Here now, for your enjoyment, is that story. Happy Birthday Champ!

Muhammad Ali


By David Martinez / Boxing HistorianThis is the last of a six part series on Muhammad Ali 다운로드. It has truly been my pleasure to share with you my personal accounts of THE GREATEST heavyweight champion in my era of boxing.

For those of you who have missed any of this special series, you can simply go to the menu on this website and click on the category, “Ali”, to view each part 암살교실 1기 다운로드.

So, in my final, part six, I will take you back to Saturday afternoon, March 5, 2005. The location was the Stevens Steak House, Commerce, California 다운로드. The event was the annual California Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee ceremonies.

This wasn’t even a live fight, but I will simply recognize it as one of the most memorable events that I have attended in my almost fifty years of involvement in boxing creo 3.0 다운로드.

As the ceremonies were just about to conclude, the doors opened at the restaurant and the 600-plus SRO crowd started to chant “Ali, Ali, Ali, Ali, Ali” as the three time heavyweight champion entered the room 다운로드. It was so electric, it was as if the Pope himself had walked into the room, and it was one of those moments in time where one just had to be there to witness and feel it 엘지 브릿지 다운로드.
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FROM THE DESK OF: David Martinez / Boxing Historian

( Winter 2012 Edition )

On a quarterly basis, I always write to thank and acknowledge the people that make this website the success that it is 다운로드. My producer is John Boitnott, the main person who is simply my right hand man with his professional expertise regarding this website. Other key people are: Bob Quackenbush (Proof Reader and Photo Editing), Kathy Kraft (Proof Reader), Rusty Rubin (In Rusty’s Corner column), Tom Donelson (Boxing Correspondent Writer), Jim Amato (Senior Boxing Writer), and Ray Luna (Media Photographer) 오버로드 13권 다운로드. I am so grateful to have these wonderful people that contribute to this website in a positive manner.

My t-shirt, hat, and tank top products are a huge part of this website and the girls that pose wearing these items have all added a personal touch with their beauty and support google play service.

As a boxing historian and avid collector for over fifty years, I strive to bring everyone the best in boxing in a most respectable and professional way 다운로드. The fan mail that I receive is greatly appreciated and I respect your views and opinions.

One change on this website has been my RING TRIVIA, which had been monthly and is now offered quarterly in March, June, September, and December 마인크래프트 아쿠아틱. I have added more questions (formerly three and now five) with the answers available for viewing sooner in a two-week time frame. I have always been fascinated with boxing trivia, and as a young boy growing up I would pick the minds of my older generation boxing friends to learn for myself the history of boxing that they knew and lived 요 화경 다운로드. When this website was born in July 2007, I knew that RING TRIVIA would be a main feature and I intend to keep it so.
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Golden State Boxers’ Association Awards Banquet

2011 Inductees Honored at Holiday Gala

By Michele Chong – GUEST POST – for dmboxing.com

Several boxing champs, contenders and members of the Golden State Boxers’ Association (GSBA) were honored at this year’s awards ceremony and holiday banquet taking place at the Steven’s Steakhouse in Commerce 메탈슬러그 시리즈.

This boxing group is built through a network of past and current fighters, trainers cornermen, judges, referees and others working in the fight game 다운로드. Meeting every Tuesday in Hollywood, the GSBA provides a “one-stop shop” for boxing aficionados to get together in sharing their love of the sport 다운로드. President Larry Montalvo and Vice President Bill Dempsey Young and their dedicated wives have bridged the gap in bringing everyone together through their love of boxing 울펜슈타인 3d 다운로드. And each person in the hall has a strong tie to the sweet science. Dining on steak, shrimp and chicken, those in the sold-out crowd listened to heartfelt tributes to this year’s honorees 다운로드. One of the most touching moments was when I watched British lightweight Allen Syers’ family accept a posthumous award. Elise Syers, wife of Allen, his son Philip and their family accepted the “Don Fraser Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award” bestowed upon Allen, who passed away on December 5 다운로드. Syers was a longtime member of the group and his passing leaves a void.

Boxing builds unbreakable bonds and many in the room reconnected after first meeting decades ago 워 썬더 다운로드. Burbank’s Rick Farris and Frankie Santillan share a history of boxing in their youth, turning pro at the same time–and even forging a friendship after fighting each other 보이스3 7회. Friendships like these, in and out of the ring, are what makes this organization special. Everyone is treated with respect, no matter how many victories or defeats are logged on their ledgers 다운로드. Continue reading Golden State Boxers’ Association Awards Banquet

Ward Wins the Super Six Title!

By Tom Donelson
(Member of Boxing Writers Association)

Andre Ward and Carl Froch faced off in the final of the Super Six title; the winner recognized as the best of the Super Middleweights with a big fight over the horizon with Lucian Bute 다운로드. Going into this fight, it was a tossup as Ward was a 3 to 1 favorite stateside but among British boxing fans, it was 3 to 1 in reverse.

In the opening minute of the bout, Ward snapped a left hook inside in a clutch but the first minute of half saw a feeling out process 다운로드. Over the last minute, both men landed body shots on the inside as Ward jab was slightly more effective as he landed twice as many jabs as Froch.

Beginning in the second round, Ward jab allowed him to land a couple of rights in the opening minute but as the round progressed, Froch landed some solid jabs to set up a long right 다운로드. But over last minute of the round, Ward landed a left hook while Froch countered two left hooks to the body as he trapped Ward to the rope but a Ward left hook forced Froch to retreat and this was followed by yet another Ward’s left hook ending the round 다운로드.

Ward began the third round with solid jabbing as his accuracy befuddled the British fighter, who looked for ways to score with jabs of his own 일러스트 벡터 다운로드. With a minute left in the round, Ward jab set up a sharp left hook whereas Froch concentrated on body shots. The last twenty seconds saw both men fighting in close quarters as they connected on body shots even though Ward’s shots looked sharper 용용공주 다운로드.
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Fight of the Year and the Bogus Controversy

GUEST POST for dmboxing.com

by Adam Pollack

The Lamont Peterson – Amir Khan fight has to be considered fight of the year 다운로드. Wonderful intense battle by two young elite prime warriors giving it their all. Some brutal blows were landed by both in 12 rounds of excellent high level combat 다운로드. The speed, footwork, counters, body shots, uppercuts, blazing combinations, were all just wonderful. Kudos to both for showing us what a true championship fight is all about 안녕하세요 다운로드.

But what is all this talk of controversy? I saw no controversial fight. I saw no home cooking. Stop trying to make every big boxing fight out to be controversial or a fix 다운로드. Stop trying to react emotionally, but instead look at matters in a fair and objective manner. It isn’t good for the sport to cast aspersions on that referee, nor are the criticisms of his point deductions fair 다운로드. I respectfully disagree with HBO and those who say the referee was unfair.

First of all, neither knockdown of Peterson in the 1st round was a knockdown 현정아 사랑해 다운로드. The first was correctly called a slip and a trip. The second was a trip and a push. Right there, for the referee to call that a knockdown shows that he had no bias against Khan 다운로드. In the heat of the moment, though, referees have to make snap judgments, and sometimes they get it wrong. Happens in the NBA, NFL and the like. Part of the sport 다운로드. But honestly, watching it live, without the benefit of instant replay, I was not sure whether or not it was knockdown. You have to go with the referee’s judgment at that point 다운로드.

As for the fouling, the referee was perfectly justified in taking points off of Khan. It is a violation of the rules to hold, to pull a man’s head down, and to push 중국 천둥 다운로드. Amir Khan did all three, and did all three of them incessantly, flagrantly, and despite repeated and consistent cautions throughout he bout by the referee to stop doing these things. You don’t need a referee to tell you to stop violating the rules or he’ll take points off. Every boxer is charged with knowledge of the rules, and every boxer knows that if you keep breaking the rules, you can get points taken off. The referee kept cautioning Khan, and yet he did not stop. If a referee does not take points off, then there is no reason for a fighter ever to obey the rules or listen to the cautions. No one whines and moans when a referee in the NFL calls a holding penalty, or illegal contact, etc. If you violate the rules, you get penalized. If you don’t want the penalty, don’t commit the penalty. And when there is a 15-yard penalty for roughing the passer, no one says the official gave the other team the game. They say that player should not have done what he did, that he should modify his behavior in the future lest he might potentially cost his team the game.
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Photo By Ray Luna
My friend Harold Lederman, from HBO World Championship Boxing, proudly displays the official  dmboxing.com  t-shirt 다운로드.
With Christmas just around the corner, what a great way to treat yourself or a friend with this attractive product that was introduced four years ago, in December 2007, on this webiste 모닝스페셜. Since that time I have changed to blue t-shirts, to match the blue hats, so this white t-shirt has become a collector’s item. It is limited in stock and is only available in one size: extra large (XL) 다운로드.
To purchase this Haines long sleeve t-shirt with logo on the front, with shipping included in the price, send your name and address with a check or money order (NO cash) for $15.00 to:
David Martinez / Boxing Historian
Post Office Box 41536
Santa Barbara, CA 93140

Mares retains title!

By Tom Donelson

(Member of Boxing Writers Assc.)

Showtime featured the final of their bantamweight championship series featuring Abner Mares fighting Joseph Agbeko for the Showtime championship but before the main event, the raging bull Vic Darchinyan taking on the boxer Anselmo Moreno.  In the opening round, Darchinyan took the attack to Moreno, trying to get Moreno to open up.   At the 1:30 mark, Darchinyan connected on a left that forced Moreno to retreat.   Moreno managed to slip a few of Darchinyan’s powerful left and while Darchinyan managed to connect on a couple of lefts, most of his big shots missed their targets 다운로드.

In the second round, Moreno excellent boxing allowed him to connect on big left hands to counter the left’s coming from Darchinyan and Moreno jab allowed him to control the early rounds but at the 1:30 seconds of the fourth round, Darchinyan finally connected on a heavy handed left for the first time in a couple of rounds 레스토랑 게임. Frustration of Darchinyan showed up as he wrestle and threw Moreno to the ground, which cost him a point.

Darchinyan pressed Moreno in the fifth round and finally trapped Moreno in the corner at the end of the round including a straight left that connected.  Moreno continued to box effectively as he nailed Darchinyan with some solid lefts after right hand jabs while Darchinyan best punches in the round were left to the body 다운로드.

Moreno played matador in the seventh round as Darchinyan bull rushes simply went pass Moreno and in the middle of the round, Moreno nailed Darchinyan with brutal body shots.   By the end of the round Moreno showed a variety of punches including body punches followed quick head shots 미스터 선샤인 5화 다운로드.

Moreno picked Darchinyan apart as he started to throw power shots that slowed Darchinyan, who looked like a fighter with no answers for the slick boxing Moreno.  This continued in the ninth round and through most of the tenth round even though Darchinyan managed to connect on some hard lefts but Moreno showed mastery of the ring 파라노말 액티비티 2 다운로드.

In the final stanza, Darchinyan attacked Moreno with the idea of knocking him out but other than pushing Moreno down, Moreno slick boxing simply avoided Darchinyan attacks and wild left; thus producing an easy decision.  Darchinyan suffered a major setback while Moreno sent a message to the rest of Bantamweight division; he was for real 다운로드. Continue reading Mares retains title!