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Muhammad Ali / Revisited … (Part #5 of 6)


By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

In part five of my six part series on Muhammad Ali, I would like to give you my personal view of ten incredible highlight facts during his boxing career:

1 ) Ali is the only one to have won the linear heavyweight championship three times 다운로드. The linear title is recognized by tracing an unbroken lineage of titleholders going back over 100 years, with every champion defeating the previous title holder in the ring 다운로드.

2 ) Ali has appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine 37 times, second only to Michael Jordan.

3 ) According to many boxing historians, they rate Ali as the greatest heavyweight of all time 다운로드. In my personal rankings I rate Ali #1, just ahead of Joe Louis.

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Muhammad Ali / Revisited … (Part #4 of 6)

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

In part four of my six part series on Muhammad Ali, I will go back to the time when I started to follow boxing – 1961 다운로드. It was June of that year and I had just celebrated my thirteenth birthday; as a young boy, I eagerly anticipated every boxing match and its results, as I still do today 다운로드.

Something else happened in June of 1961 that would be a significant part of a young Cassius Clay’s (“aka” Muhammad Ali) life in boxing 맥 mysql. One man, a wrestler named Gorgeous George Wagner, would be the one to install the name “The Greatest” to Clay’s fame, and what came with that was his charisma and showmanship 아이패드 논문 다운로드.

A 19 year-old Clay was to have his seventh professional fight vs. Duke Sabedong in Las Vegas. That same week, also in Las Vegas, Gorgeous George was to have a wrestling match vs 다운로드. Freddie Blassie, with both being promoted by Mel “Red” Greb.

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Muhammad Ali / Revisited … (Part #3 of 6)

이카로스 다운로드
part 3 MAIN

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

In the third installment of my six in a series, I will give my personal view of the three (3) fights during Muhammad Ali’s career where he emerged victorious – but by close margins where he could possibly have lost as well 페이스북 내정보 다운로드.

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Muhammad Ali / Revisited … (Part #2 of 6)


By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

In the second installment of my six in a series, I will answer a question
that is most often asked of me, with regards to Muhammad Ali 다운로드. That
question is – when was Ali at the height of his career?

First of all, I must say that it has been a blessing to witness the greatest
heavyweight champion of this era fight throughout his career (1960 – 1981) 솔리드 웍스 프로파일 다운로드.

In my opinion, Ali was at his pinnacle during a stretch after the first Floyd
Patterson fight (November 1965) to his final defense against Zora Folley (March 1967) before he was stripped of the heavyweight title 인피티니 워 다운로드.

During those years he defeated, in order: Floyd Patterson, George Chuvalo,
Henry Cooper, Brian London, Karl Mildenberger, Cleveland Williams, Ernie
Terrell, and Zora Folley with the Williams fight being his finest
performance zabbix agent.

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Muhammad Ali / Revisited … (Part #1 of 6)

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian /

As there are no current or scheduled fights happening on which to report due to the COVID-19 situation, I am posting six of my personal accounts on Muhammad Ali for your enjoyment 다운로드.

This six-part series was first published starting back in November 2008 on a monthly basis. So it’s now my pleasure to bring the articles back to you on a weekly basis with each edition to include different Muhammad Ali photos from my private collection remains.

I will start this series’ first edition, by saying that the best closed-circuit fight that I ever attended was with my father, Daniel J 200mb 이상 다운로드. Martinez, and two of my best friends, Al Garcia and Hector Ybarra, at the Santa Barbara, California “historic” Granada Theater. On March 8, 1971, we saw the most eagerly anticipated championship fight that I have ever been involved with in all my years in boxing … Joe Frazier vs 다운로드. Muhammad Ali.

I was so excited come fight time that I left my work early on that Monday afternoon just to be sure I was the first one in line to get tickets and the best seats: front row center balcony Autoset download. I got both to view the fight.

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Fifty Years Ago


FLASHBACK *** This article originally appeared on on February 25, 2014. Please Note: If this article were written today, the title, of course, would read “Fifty-Six Years Ago” 다운로드. Also, I’m happy to share with you this Muhammad Ali jacket – a treasure in my collection!

By David Martinez /

If you were around then, as I was, you know that it was fifty years ago this month that Cassius Clay (now known as Muhammad Ali) shocked the world by stopping Sonny Liston to win the World Heavyweight Championship 다운로드.

The stoppage came after six complete rounds; but when the bell sounded to begin the seventh round Liston remained on the stool, not able to continue 송민호 겁 다운로드. The fight officially went into the record books as a seventh round knockout win for the young, brash confident 21 year old champion, Cassius Clay.

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Muhammad Ali vs. Cleveland Williams / Full Fight Telecast

By David Martinez /

This is Muhammad Ali certainly at the pinnacle of his career 스타크래프트 다운로드.

It was November 14, 1966, Houston Astrodome, for the world heavyweight championship, scheduled for 15 rounds.

While watching, note Ali’s fleet foot speed, tremendous left jab and punching power 다운로드.

This was Ali at his best … his very best; and try to keep in perspective that you are watching a heavyweight fighter and not a lighter weight fighter 다운로드.

Ring Side commentators: Don Dunphy and Jim Brown

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World Cup and Boxing Cross Paths

알리미벨 다운로드 *** FLASHBACK  – This article originally appeared on on June 10, 2010. The 2018 World Cup will be held in Russia, and runs from June 14 through July 18 바로보기와.

By Bob Quackenbush / for

Friday, June 11, 2010 marks the beginning of a month-long sporting event that is viewed by more people around the globe than any other, including the Olympic Games.  What is this event?  The World Cup soccer tournament.  Held every four years, this spectacle captivates audiences from Asia and Africa, to North and South America, and, of course, Europe.  People from all walks of life will be watching on everything from fuzzy-imaged old TV’s to the fanciest LCD/HD big screens, as well as in person at stadiums throughout the host nation which is South Africa 다운로드.

Why would an article about soccer (or “football” as it is known in most of the world) show up on a boxing website?  The reason is that the two sports crossed paths over thirty-two years ago in a special way.  On October 1, 1977, the great Pele, generally acknowledged as the most outstanding soccer player of all time, was wrapping up his career at Giants Stadium playing his final game with the New York Cosmos of the old North American Soccer League.  A true ambassador of the sport, Pele, who had played his entire career for Santos F.C 다운로드. of Brazil, and for the Brazilian National Team, came to the United States in 1975 to play for the Cosmos and to give the sport a “shot in the arm” in the USA 디자인 돌 다운로드. This match was his testimonial game, as the Cosmos faced his former club, Santos, with Pele playing one half for each team.

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Why Mike Tyson is NOT in My Top Ten

*** FLASHBACK – this article originally appeared on on September 8, 2008

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

I have rated many fighters in many different divisions, eras, and ethnic groups 다운로드. One of my first ranking features that I posted on this Web site (see Archives / August 2007 or Rankings on menu to view) was my view of the top ten heavyweights of all time (i.e.) “Rating the Heavies”, in which I have gotten some criticism for not including Mike Tyson in my elite group 다운로드.

First let me say that it is always a pleasure to write what I have seen in my 48 years of following boxing as a sport I deeply love. I have seen every heavyweight champion fight, either by living during his era, by film or by speaking with individuals who actually saw these champions fight, even at the turn of the 20th century cms 다운로드. I respect everyone’s opinions and, of course, have mine to tell after having studied this very subject, giving a great degree of research on my part 다운로드.

As I get older, the majority of people who have disputed that Tyson could have beaten Ali or Holmes if they fought in their primes are mostly people whom, if I asked, “Who was Cassius Clay?”, would not know the answer any more than they would know that George Reeves was the first Superman 다운로드. This simply tells me that they never knew the fighter that beat a more feared man than Tyson ever was, that being Sonny Liston, and who also survived the biggest knock down in his career in the 1963 Henry Cooper fight, and all when he was Cassius Clay 다운로드.

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