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As many of you might already know, Chuck Bodak suffered a stroke about six months ago. I am happy to report that he is doing well today, and thanks to the many that have contacted him through these difficult times 다운로드.

Chuck Bodak

My good friends Michele Chong and Steve Harpst have kept me well informed, so I can relate any news to the many that I reach out to on my website here 아이폰 음원 다운로드.
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Legendary Corner Man Chuck Bodak Has A Stroke


Dear Boxing Friends:

I have received many phone calls & e-mails regarding my friend boxing corner man CHUCK BODAK. I am sharing the latest information regarding his health, and I ask everyone to please add him to your prayer list for a speedy recovery 다운로드. The following e-mail is from my best of friends: Michele Chong and Steve Harpst from the Burbank, California, youth boxing club.

David Martinez

Hi all,
We saw our friend and legendary cutman Chuck Bodak yesterday at the hospital 다운로드.
He is doing okay, considering the effects of a stroke at 91 years old.

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