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Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao II

By David Martinez /

This past week, I enjoyed Manny Pacquiao as guest on Fox Sports 1 “Undisputed” hosted by Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe 드라마 시티헌터 다운로드.

Pacquiao, the former eight-division champion (61-7-2 / 39 by KO) and current WBA “Regular” Champion, made it very clear that he wants a rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr 모바일 알약. (50-0 / 27 by KO), but he first has to take care of business in his upcoming July 20 welterweight showdown with unbeaten WBA Champion Keith Thurman (29-0 / 22 by KO) in Las Vegas 영화 태풍 다운로드.

At the age of 40, and Mayweather 42 years old, does anybody really want this match?

Their fight in May 2015 was the highest grossing PPV boxing event in history, and I doubt a rematch will even come close 다운로드.

On the TV show, Pacquiao said “I still deserved the win, but respect the judges.” The judges scores were unanimous 116-112, 116-112, 118-110 … my scorecard was 9 to 3 in rounds, 117-111, for the winner Mayweather 다운로드.

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Mayweather – Clear Cut Winner – Stops McGregor in Round 10


By Tom Donelson (BWAA)
Author, Member of Boxing Writers Association of America
The big fight proved to be closer than expected and even had some drama before Mayweather finally ended it in the tenth.  In the early rounds, Conor McGregor proved a riddle that it took Mayweather nearly half of the fight to solve and the Irish MMA fighter managed to land a few blows against Mayweather 엑셀 무설치 다운로드. Over the first five rounds, McGregor landed 51 punches to 40 for Mayweather as his style confused the boxing master but from sixth round to the end, Mayweather landed 130 punches to 60 punches, many of them power punches 다운로드. From the fifth round, the fight started to change as Mayweather connected more consistently but it wasn’t until ninth that the fight entered its end phrase as McGregor wore down under the Mayweather pressure 다운로드.

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이베스트투자증권 다운로드

Floyd says good-bye

다운로드 Floyd
By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Floyd Mayweather wins his 49th without a lost as he simply took Berto apart, not that this was not predicated.  The best one could hope for going into this match was for Mayweather to act his age and maybe Berto strike lightening but alas, it did not happen 다운로드.

Mayweather simply boxed around Berto and at times, Berto seemed mesmerized by Mayweather who seemed to hit Berto whenever he wanted and Berto had enough trouble finding much to hit.  As for the fight itself, it was even more one sided as the one-sided scorecards 120-108, 118-110, 117-111.  I suspect that two of judges gave Berto rounds for simply showing up but it was hard to give any rounds to Berto other than out of sympathy 다운로드.

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Mayweather unanimous decision over Berto, in final fight of career

포인터 포커스 다운로드 May - Berto A

By David Martinez /

I didn’t actually watch the fight LIVE as did others, as I knew it would be a predictable cake walk decision win for Mayweather, and it was.  But – I did watch it delayed tape next day 울버린 다운로드.

WBC / WBA  welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather (49-0 / 26 by KO) easily outpointed Andre Berto (30-4 / 23 by KO) on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas windows 10 enterprise.

With his victory, at age 38, Mayweather tied the unbeaten 49-0 ring record of the great Rocky Marciano.

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Mayweather vs. Berto … and Other Thoughts

X force download  Mayweather - Berto

By Tom Donelson  / Author, Member of Boxing Writers Association of America, and contributor since 2008

The upcoming Mayweather-Berto is one of those fights that would have been attractive years ago when Berto was undefeated and whose career was on the rise.  Now, Berto career as an elite championship caliber fighter has been on life support for years and he lost to two of Mayweather previous opponents; so there is little chance that he will win.    The Berto who beat Freddy Hernandez five years ago might have the potential of producing a competitive fight but today’s Berto is not capable of providing a competitive fight unless Mayweather fights like he is 59 as oppose to the 39 he is presently 다운로드.

A better question is why did Mayweather chose Berto for his “last fight” and his opportunity for 49 straight victories without a defeat.  The answer is maybe, he wanted a chance to pick a fight that he could paint one more Picasso against a fighter who would come to him but not be a major threat to win.  It is interesting who he didn’t pick including Keith Thurman, Kell Brook, or Amir Khan among others and some pundits have written that maybe Mayweather should have taken on triple G’s for the Middleweight title 뱀파이어 써커.

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Mayweather defeats Pacquiao by a unanimous decision

webm 파일 Mayweather - Pacquiao

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Floyd Mayweather did what no one expected, turn what was supposed to be the fight of the century into a sparring session.  His defensive wizardry was the key as he simply out maneuvered Manny Pacquiao.  Mayweather is one of the underestimated undefeated fighter as we pundits consistently find ways that this guy is supposed to lose and yet he simply uses his defensive wizardry and simply turn most fighters into putty in his hand acdsee pro 8 다운로드.

From the first round Mayweather strategy became obvious; use his jab to establish real estate between him and the smaller Pacquiao while launching occasional right hand.  Rarely did Pacquiao ever trap Mayweather on the rope nor did he ever hurt Mayweather.  You can count on your hand the numbers of effective left hands that Pacquiao landed and Mayweather managed to nullify Pacquiao’s offense as he did to other past good fighters like Canelo Alvarez and Robert Guerrero 다운로드.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao … “My early prediction”

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By David Martinez /

Last month on February 20, 2015 it was made official that Floyd Mayweather Jr 쉐어 웨어 다운로드. (WBA/WBC welterweight champion) and Manny Pacquiao (WBO welterweight champion) would “finally” meet in a boxing ring after years of talk and speculation 다운로드.

I have always contended that this bout would happen because of the large amount of money it will generate for all. So now this huge match is set for May 2, 2015 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, on HBO and Showtime pay-per-view 다운로드.

This fight is the most anticipated in boxing since Joe Frazier vs. Muhammad Ali, March 8, 1971. That fight was billed as the “Fight of the Century” and it certainly was when two undefeated champions met in their primes for the “undisputed” heavyweight championship 드라이버 다운로드.

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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

poster pic

By David Martinez /

Last week it was officially announced that finally Floyd Mayweather Jr 다운로드. and Manny Pacquiao will fight on May 2, 2015.

The two best boxers of their time, in our time today, will decide who is the best in the ring.

I have always contended that this fight would happen because of the huge amount of money it will generate for all 다운로드.

The fight isn’t the most anticipated in my era of boxing , though ; Joe Frazier vs. Muhammad Ali on March 8, 1971 was that.  Two undefeated champions at the pinnacle of their careers for the “undisputed” heavyweight championship of the world 콰이용 모바일 다운로드.

However, boxing will get a big fight with Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.  The build up will take us back 44 years to what it was like for Frazier and Ali, and like that fight … this fight is good for boxing in this generation 코드 블럭 다운로드!

(click onto link below to view promo fight video)

Mayweather – Pacquiao … why they will fight $$$

마인크래프트 1.5.2 자바 Mayweather - Pacquiao

By Tom Donelson / Writer for since 2008

Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Will he or won’t he 커런시캅 다운로드? That is the question vexing boxing fans as they wonder if the fight that has been promised for the past five years will ever happen; Mayweather-Pacquiao.  Certainly there is one reason that fight happens: money 다운로드. There was a time that Pacquiao could attract big PPV numbers but against Algieri and Rios, those numbers dropped below 500,000 and Mayweather big numbers came when he fought big names just as Canelo Alvarez but his last bouts were south of million so while he attracted bigger PPV numbers than the PAC Man, he has not match the big numbers that Showtime was hoping when they signed him to a six fight contract 드론전쟁 굿킬 다운로드.

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Floyd Mayweather … what’s next?

다운로드 MayweatherBy TOM DONELSON / Member Boxing Writers Assoc 네이버 움짤.

So what does Floyd Mayweather do now after his rematch win over Maidana?   The number one criteria for Mayweather will be which fighter can bring big PPV’s numbers since the name of the game is big PPV numbers.  Mayweather vs 다운로드. Maidana 2 (September 13, 2014) had sales of 925,000 buys, which is a slight increase over their first fight and so far since Mayweather signed his six fight contract with Showtime; only one of his fight has gone over million, that being his fight with Canelo Alvarez which exceeded 2 million buys.   This was considered the highest PPV event of the year but there is a decline in PPV buys with both Mayweather and Pacquiao no longer consider automatic 1 million plus buys by themselves ssdt download.

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