Stevenson Defeats De Los Santos by Decision … Navarrete vs. Conceicao Battle to a Draw


By Tom Donelson (BWAA) Member Boxing Writers Association of America

Shakur Stevenson defeated Edwin De Los Santos in a very boring fight that would have cured insomnia and be quite honest, I lost interest as round and round we saw a pattern of Stevenson jabbing and De Los Santos simply did very little, satisfied to finishing the fight.  Stevenson landed 65 punches over 12 rounds, landing at a 31 percent rate whereas De Los Santos landed 40 punches, landing at a 12 percent rate.  Stevenson landed a little more 5 punches per round and De Los Santos little more than 3 punches per round.   Stevenson had some nagging injuries before the fight, but he did little to excite his own future in getting bigger fights as he was satisfied with jabbing and take no chances 다운로드.  De Los Santos was the challenger who needed to push the issue and never did.  He seemed too afraid to push the issue and never seemed to be willing to take a chance.  As challenger it was his responsibility to push the issue and he never did 애즈원 천만에요 다운로드.

In the fight before Stevenson vs De Los Santos, Robson Conceicao fought Emanuel Navarette in an exciting fight.  Navarette landed the harder punches and sent Conceicao down twice, but Conceicao landed double the punches and it was a close fight that could have gone either way.   One judge had it 114-112 for Navarette and the other two had it 113-113.   The Navarrete two knockdowns were the difference since two judges had Conceicao winning 7 rounds, but two 10-8 rounds allowed the majority draw.  No knockdowns and we may have had a new junior lightweight champion. 

Conceicao landed nearly ten times jabs than Navarette and that allowed him to dominate punches landed and even had slight advantage of in power punches.  And he won the final round on all the cards.  The difference in the two fights, Conceicao went into the fight to win a championship and he gave Navarrete a battle.  If nothing else, he deserved a rematch.  De Los Santos refused to take chances and he lost the fight unanimously.  Conceicao boxed a tough puncher and took chances.  He was knocked down twice and there was time that it appeared that he would be stopped while he ended the fight with swollen eyes.  And by taking chances, he did not win the championship, but he did manage a majority draw.  And he may get yet another chance to win a title 화이트칙스 다운로드.

Total landed116213
Total thrown487852
Jabs landed21112
Jabs thrown173420
Power landed95101
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