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  1. david call me lost your number and my computre crashed .Hope you are doing great GOD is good i have my 15 year in bis coming up love for you to be part of it .my new cel is (805)304-0375 Thank you Robert Ortiz Team Scrappy

  2. I am trying to complete 1976 Olympian Chuck Walker’s record. I’ve interviewed Chuck and box rec now has 8-1-1 but he has 3 wins not recorded. One with Tony Dupuy around 8/30/86 and late 85 with Raul Aguirre are two of them. Chuck cannot come up with dates. After leaving Messa, AZ, he continued his career 4 years later in TX.

  3. Happy New Year Dave!!!! Your web-site looks amazing. Your knowledge and love for boxing is definitely appreciated by many people. A blessed day to you and yours….

  4. My name is Jose Mendez I’m from Oxnard and I participated in the 1986 amatuar boxing event in la Casa de la raza. I would like to know if I can still get a copy of the newspaper. I came in with la Colonia boxing club with my trainer Eduardo Garcia.

  5. Looking for information on James “Packey McFarland” Fauvie welter weight champ of Indiana from warren Ohio in the 1920’s.

  6. Hi David – how do i reach you? I’d love to talk about olympic auditorium “back in the day” and my grandfather – Johnny Blandino -who was a featherweight until the family made him quit (he ran for LA City Council but lost) his boxing career as a promoter and director on the Olympic Auditorium boxing guild (need to double ck the name). I’ve got some great visuals as well. Leslie Westbrook http://www.lesliewestbrook.com

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