RING TRIVIA from David Martinez for October 2007


1) As a young kid growing up, Roberto Duran idolized what “masked” wrestler ?
a) Mil Mascaras
b) Torbellino Blanco
c) El Santo
d) The Destroyer

2) Who is the “only” boxer in history to win titles in six “different” weight classes 다운로드?
a) Sugar Ray Leonard
b) Julio Cesar Chavez
c) Oscar De La Hoya
d) Roy Jones

3) Who was the “only” heavyweight champion to hold a title, but never won it in an actual fight in the ring 다운로드?
a) Ken Norton
b) Leon Spinks
c) Marvin Hart
d) Max Schmeling

Answers will be posted up for viewing on October 20, 2007 … with new Ring Trivia questions posted on the 1st of every month 다운로드!

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