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Judah, Adamek, Jennings victorious on NBC Sports Network fight card


By Tom Donelson

(Boxing Writers Assc.)

Bryant Jennings took on the veteran and former champion Sergei Liakhovich as he attempted to take a major step forward toward a championship bout.  Both fighters fought a fast pace for heavyweights in the first round as Jennings quick hands may have given him the advantage but Liakhovich managed to land a few body shots to the shorter and quicker Jennings.    Jennings opened a cut over Liakhovich’s left eye and just as he did in the first round, Jennings jab and follow up rights were the major scoring points 다운로드.

The fourth round began with a vicious exchange as Jennings nailed Liakhovich with left hooks and power right hands but Liakhovich managed to connect a few solid shot including a right hand.   Jennings moved around the ring, which allowed him to throw successful combinations as Liakhovich followed the faster Jennings around the ring.  Jennings punctuated the round with right hand and left hook.  Jennings continued his domination of the fight as he exploded over the final minute of the fifth round with a five punch combination 다운로드.   A Jennings upper cut in the seventh round told the story of the first seventh rounds as Jennings lifted Liakhovich’s head and may have busted Liakhovich’s nose, Going into the final three rounds, Liakhovich nose and eyes were swollen.   The eighth and ninth round repeated the pattern of the previous rounds as Jennings faster hands were landing with impunity and there were times that Liakhovich was ready to go but only his will kept him up.  Liakhovich’s corner ended the fight after the ninth round since their fighter was getting pounded and there was no way he was going to stop Jennings 유튜브 바로 다운로드. Jennings showed that he could become the next great American heavyweight.

Tomasz Adamek fought Nagy Aguilera in the second event as Adamek was trying to get back into the heavyweight contention after losing to Vitali Klitschko.  Adamek used his superior boxing skills to win the first round against Aguilera but in the second round, it was Aguilera who walked the Polish fighter down as he managed to land some solid overhand right hands that forced Adamek to retreat.   Adamek began the third round by jabbing and combinations but in the middle of the round, Aguilera right hand found a home over Adamek’s jab but with ten seconds left, Adamek nailed Aguilera with a left hook and right hand nearly knocked Aguilera down but the bell saved Aguilera from further punishment 어머니 다운로드. Continue reading Judah, Adamek, Jennings victorious on NBC Sports Network fight card