The Gio Express Rolls On … Cabrera Mioletti Now 17-0

By Steve Corbo

The “Gio Express” pulled out of Chicago on Wednesday Morning and landed Friday Night at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Washington where undefeated super featherweight Giovanni “Gio” Cabrera Mioletti (17 -0 – 0 with 8  wins by KO)  kept his perfect record intact by earning a unanimous decision, in a 10 round super featherweight bout, over previously unbeaten Luis Porozo (14-1-0 with 7 wins by KO) 다운로드. The official judges scores were 98 to 92 twice and 97 to 93. For Mioletti (129.5) this was the 11th time he fought on Promoter Brian Halquist’s Battle At The Boat osx iso. He and Porozo (129.5) opened the show as the first bout which was nationally televised on Showtime’s “Showbox: The Next Generation”.

In Porozo he faced an undefeated pro, who as an amateur was a member of the Ecuadorian Olympic Boxing Team and fought in 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China avr studio 4 다운로드. And, for the first couple of rounds there was no doubt Porozo came to fight. He dominated the action, scoring almost at will with lead right hands to the head of Mioletti 다운로드. But as the fight progressed Mioletti’s superior skills came to the forefront as he took control by making the necessary adjustments to dominate Porozo 다운로드.  Despite his amateur pedigree and  undefeated pro record, Porozo was content to run, throw wide, awkward, punches, hold and often seemed more intent on surviving than winning the fight avi 코덱 다운로드. From the third round on Miloetti took control and never looked back.

There were no knockdowns, although Porozo was staggered once and ready to go on a couple of occasions. Mioletti also suffered a cut from a head butt early in the fight, but it was not a factor in the outcome. Porozo had his hands full. Not only was Mioletti’s pressure taking a toll, but exhaustion was also a factor in the latter rounds of the fight. This was Porozo’s first scheduled 10 rounder. Except for winning an 8 round decision last year he had previously never gone past six rounds and it showed in the ring at the Emerald Queen.

For many in the television audience, this was the first chance they have had to see the “Gio Express” in action. With a fan friendly style and a picture perfect record, he is a fast rising prospect in the game and one who we will hear more about in the future, as he positions himself for bigger and better things. Incredibly, in his 17 pro fights, this was the 7th time he has stepped into the ring to face an undefeated fighter and each time he has emerged with his hand raised in victory.  

This was an awkward fight, but for the “Gio Express” it represented an opportunity to gain valuable experience, which will serve him well in the future.  Under the guidance of John Nocita and Sammy DiTusa, “The Gio Express” will pull into Chicago and be back training at Leyden Township’s Veterans Park where they will continue to refine Gio’s style and incorporate the lessons learned from this fight into his arsenal.    

A recent headline tallied “Giovanni Mioletti – The Best Unknown Fighter”.  Well, if you are a fan of this website ( and this writer (Steve Corbo), you already know all about Giovanni Mioletti. We first introduced him over a year ago when we told our readers There are a lot of young, talented boxers out there, just waiting in the wings to get their shot at stardom.  Giovanni Cabrera Mioletti is one of them.  Keep an eye on this kid …”  

Now 17 – 0,  the “Gio Express” rolls on!         

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