I would like to officially announce that the “white” dmboxing website t-shirt is now a collectors item 다운로드. This product was introduced in December 2007, and with the recent change to “blue” t-shirts to match my website hat in color makes it simply a must for you 다운로드!

This attractive t-shirt is a cotton (Haines) long sleeve with logo on front and is only available in one size – extra large – because of a limited supply in stock 다운로드.

To purchase this product … just send a check or money order (NO cash) for $15.00 and I will include FREE shipping to any where in the USA – as my way to say thank you for your support to this website!

David Martinez / Boxing Historian
P.O. Box 41536
Santa Barbara, CA 93140

NOTE: by going to the category section & clicking on to t-shirts, you can view the new “blue” color t-shirts that are available in all sizes