Wilder vs. Parker / Joshua vs. Wallin … Heavyweight Bouts (12-23-23) From Saudi Arabia

By Tom Donelson / Respected, Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Deontay Wilder took on Joseph Parker and Anthony Joshua was fighting Otto Wallin as they prepare for their own super fight in 2024 but then if any of these fighters lose, this would put a damper on that big money fight 다운로드.

For Wilder, this was not a gimme as he has fought only one fight since the Fury trilogy, a one round knockout of Robert Helenius whereas Parker maintained his activity with four fights in 2023.  Wilder has his issues with boxers, and Parker was the WBO champion before losing that over five years ago to Anthony Joshua. 

As for Joshua, he was on the top of the world and the king of the Heavyweights before he was knocked out by Anthony Ruiz.  Since then, he has lost twice to Oleksander Usyk before winning his last bout against Robert Helenius.  Wallin was a tough fighter who gave Tyson Fury a good fight 다운로드.

The first round between Wilder and Parker was a feeling out round with only real punches landed by Parker but in the second round Parker superior boxing skills started to show with a few body shots.  Through the third round, Parker connected on the more meaningful punch, and this continued into the fourth round as Parker became more aggressive with his offences as he stuck his jab in Wilder face and ended the round with a left hook 다운로드. After four rounds, it was 40-36 for Parker.

In the fifth round, Parker forced Wilder to retreat with effective jabs and good right hand and throughout the sixth round Wilder was looking for a one shot, something he had tendency to do when being outboxed.  Parker was the more accurate puncher as he lands a nice right in the middle of round and concludes the round with body shots  So far I have it an easy shut out for Parker 60-54 다운로드.

The seventh round wa like the previous rounds as Parker defense kept Wilder at bay and while Wilder is failed to connect with his right, but Parker landed a few rights of his own.  Now Wilder was behind  seven rounds to zero.  And the eighth round, Parker rolls from a Wilder right and he nailed with his own rights, plus combinations flurries 뿌리깊은 나무. One big right hurt Wilder left him stagger and the referee took a long look to see if it could be stopped.  It was getting late for Wilder as he had yet to take a round from Parker.  With four rounds left, it is 80-72 on my card.

The ninth round repeated the previous nine rounds as Parker  landed his right hand whereas Wilder couldn’t connect on his powerful round.  Wilder connected on only twenty-four punches compared to Parker sixty-three punches after nine rounds.

The tenth and eleventh round saw Parker continue his domination as he proved to the more accurate puncher and with one round left, it was 110-99. Parker was now one round away from winning this fight. Wilder tried to land big right hands but failed to land a punch of consequences and Parker won the fight easily as the judges had it 118-111, 118-110 and 120-108.  (I am assuming one judge had one round even, but I was hard pressed to reward even one round to Wilder).


The big money fight between Joshua and Wilder is now in jeopardy and Wilder time as a contender for the title may be coming close to an end.  Wilder showed all his weakness, his failure to adopt and his failure to improve his boxing skill to cover those times when the knockout doesn’t come showed up.  At 38, he looked old, and the ravages of the Fury fight may had their impact.  Wilder never landed more than six punches in all twelve rounds.  

Parker connected on 41 percent of his power shots and landed more than double of power shots and his jab was more effective setting up his power shots.

Joshua started aggressively in his bout with Otto Wallin as he connected on a body shot and got his jab, but Wallin got his jab going. In the second round the Joshua jab was working and setting up combinations. In the center of the ring,  both fighters land shots and Joshua got the better of the two.

In the third round, Wallin pressured Joshua with jabs, but he was also getting nailed by Joshua with body shots and as Wallin moved forward, he couldn’t avoid getting hit by Joshua.  The fourth round was similar as Joshua got the better of the exchanges.   After four rounds, I had it 40-36 for Joshua and going into the fifth round, Joshua looked confident as he started the round with a right hand and jabs led to straight right.  Classic boxing as Joshua started combinations with straight left jabs followed by right hands.  Wallin attempted to open up but received a beating as a result.  A left stagger Wallin and Joshua continued to dominate the round.  After the end of the round, Wallin corner stopped the fight.  The key to Joshua victory was his domination in power shots as he connected on 44 percent of power shots. 

Punch Stats

Total landed5325
Total thrown165134
Jabs landed1814
Jabs thrown8594
Power landed3511
Power thrown8040

Joshua looked good and now has to wait to see who he will fight next since the Wilder loss takes their big fight off the table..  He is starting to look like Joshua of old, before the Ruiz knockdown and he is now fighting more aggressively.  As for Wilder, he looked old, looked like a fighter who had fought in his share of wars and no longer seemed capable of pulling the trigger. 

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