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Marvin Hagler vs Loucif Hamani, February 16, 1980, Portland, Maine.

It only goes two rounds. It’s a fight that solidified Hagler as the top ranked Middleweight, and later in that same year on September 27, he would go on to win the World Middleweight Championship vs Alan Minter 시크릿 가든 대본 다운로드. The rest is boxing history, as Hagler would go on to retain the title for the next seven years, making 12 successful defenses, before losing in 12 rounds by a split decision to Sugar Ray Leonard in 1987 다운로드.

David Martinez
Boxing Historian

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    hope you are well. doing good up here, but miss all my friends- yourself included. come up for a visit sometime, and let me know when you are having your next boxing party. Is Oscar retiring? If so, we need to find you a new guy to back. will be coming down for thanksgiving, will try to run into you then. take care and tell everyone I said Hey.


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