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I want to start off the year 2014 to say how blessed I am to be providing this website to everyone 비트윈. My wealth of boxing goes back to 1961, and this website was born on July 15, 2007, so boxing has been embedded in my life for over fifty years.

I always want to say THANK YOU to the small group of people that help me make this website what it is and will continue to be 영화 산상수훈 다운로드. They are: John Boitnott (Web Master); Bob Quackenbush (Photo Editing and Proof Reader); Rusty Rubin (In Rusty’s Corner); Tom Donelson (Boxing Writers Association); Dave Wilcox (Glove 2 Glove);  Jim Amato (Senior Boxing Writer); Kathy Kraft (Proof Reader) 다운로드. I have always said “a captain is as only as good as his crew” and this crew is beyond my belief in what they provide with their expertise 신이라 불리운 사나이 다운로드.

I would also like to acknowledge the girls that model my products; they are kind enough to do their part with providing beauty when I advertise my items for sale 다운로드.

Another website that I support and would like to extend an invitation to visit is … my friend Edgar Gonzalez does an outstanding job providing boxing news and information 다운로드.

One item that gets lots of attention here on my website is my monthly FIGHT CALENDAR … remember you can copy / paste and print it for your boxing schedule each month 다운로드. It is posted on or around the 1st of every month and displays every major fight world-wide.

The next posting on this website will be a feature I am anxious to bring you regarding a boxing gym in Los Angeles, California called “The Boxing District” 다운로드. The personnel there are just outstanding and they provide boxing training to the highest degree – so be sure to see this feature coming to this website in a few days 다운로드.

On a closing note, there are a few people (Adam Pollack and Steve Corbo are at the top of the list) that have provided GUEST POSTS for this website 윈도우10 64비트 다운로드. If there is anyone that would like to do so, I welcome your thoughts and opinions. You can send for approval to my email address:

A “belated” Happy Birthday wish to my good friend Johnny Ortiz who just celebrated his special day on January 6.  Johnny and I served together with the World Boxing Hall of Fame, and his radio show “RINGSIDE WITH JOHNNY ORTIZ” was the first live boxing show (1992-2004) in the Los Angeles / Southern California market … a bench mark in media boxing history.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2014, and thank you for making this website one of your choices in boxing.  May God bless you today, tomorrow and always!


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