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1) Who was the first boxer from the legendary Kronk (Detroit) Gym to win a world title 다운로드?  

a)  Jimmy Paul

b)  Thomas Hearns
c)  Milton McCrory
d)  Hilmer Kenty

2.) On January 1, 1913, because of rumors that heavyweight champion Jack Johnson was retired, who beat Al Palzer to win the “white” heavyweight championship 잔나비 로드트립 다운로드?

a)  Al Kaufman
b)  Fireman Jim Flynn
c)  Frank Moran
d)  Luther McCarty

3)  Who did Frank Bruno fight in a heavyweight title bout at Wembley Stadium, London, England that drew over 40,000 fans 탐식의재림 다운로드?
a)  Tim Witherspoon
b)  Oliver McCall
c)  Lennox Lewis
d)  Joe Bugner

4)  What boxer had a career total of 152 bouts in eleven years, which was an amazing average of almost 14 bouts per year 구글어스 프로?
a)  Jimmy Heair
b)  Julio Cesar Chavez
c)  Jose Luis Ramirez
d)  Kid Chocolate

5)  The late, legendary boxing writer, Harry Carpenter, first wrote for what newspaper 다운로드?
a)  New York Times
b)  London Daily Mail
c)  Los Angeles Herald Examiner
d)  German Rheinische Post

NOTE:  Answers will be posted in three weeks or less for viewing 카봇 달나라를 구해줘 다운로드!

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