RING TRIVIA – answers

A quarterly feature from dmboxing.com

Five questions appearing in March, June, September, December

1) In 1889, John L 다운로드. Sullivan defeated Jake Kilrian in a bout that lasted seventy-five rounds. Who was the time keeper ?

a) James Corbett

b) Bat Masterson – is correct answer

c) Wyatt Earp

d) Tex Rickard

2) What former heavyweight champion held the title the shortest – 2 months, 2 days 다운로드?

a) Leon Spinks

b) Ken Norton

c) Tony Tucker – is correct answer

d) Buster Douglas

3) Manny Pacquiao won his first world title in 1998 in what weight division 유클라우드 매니저 다운로드?

a) Flyweight – is correct answer

b) Bantamweight

c) Featherweight

d) Lightweight

4) Who was the first light heavyweight champion at 175 pounds to win that created title in 1903 ?

a) Bob Fitzsimmons

b) Marvin Hart

c) Jack Root – is correct answer

d) George Gardner

5) What Los Angeles based boxer fought every fight (16) in his professional career, but one, at the Olympic Auditorium ?

a) Javier Muniz

b) Larry Harding

c) Jimmy Robertson

d) Richard Steele – is correct answer

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