Anderson Defeats Martin … 10-Round Unanimous Decision

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA)

Jared Anderson faced his toughest test against former Heavyweight champion Charles Martin ojdbc8.jar. 104 years ago, on July 4, 1919, Jack Dempsey defeated Jess Willard in Toledo and now the undefeated Jared Anderson wanted to make his statement in the heavyweight division in Toledo, and he certainly won the fight on the scorecard 월광보합 커스텀롬 다운로드. The decision was unanimous 99-90, 99-90 and 98-91 and I had it 99-90, but the reality was that Anderson showed heart and guts but also showed his inexperience 다운로드.

Jared began using his quickness to gain control of the bout over the first quarter as he landed fifteen punches on Martin four punches. He won the first four rounds and looked like he was in control but in the fifth round, Anderson faced the challenge of his young career 다운로드.  One weakness of Anderson nearly derailed his victory as he has a habit of moving straight back when avoiding punches and in the fifth round, Martin nailed him with a straight left halfway through the round 나팔바지. For the next ninety seconds, it was survival time as the inexperienced Anderson found himself trying to defend himself as Martin simply pounded him from one end of the ring to the other.

Survived he did and in round six, he came back out, connecting and out -landing by a two to one margin against Martin. The fifth round was the first round he lost in his career.

Anderson had never seen the seventh round in his young career, but he won all the remaining rounds as he out punched and out landed Martin the rest of the fight but in the tenth round, his inexperience nearly cost him the fight. With seconds left, he raised his hand in victory, knowing all he had to do was to survive those seconds, but Martin stunned him with a left and put Anderson on the defensive. He covered up as the final bell rang. He forgot that rounds last three minutes and not two minutes and forty-five seconds. The final Martin barrage was a little bit too little and too late.

Anderson normally averaged sixty-three punches per round with a 40 percent connect rate but tonight the average punches thrown was thirty-seven punches per round and he landed sixteen punches for an average of nearly 43 percent connect rate. Martin landed 85 of 324 punches for a mere 27 percent.

Anderson showed guts in surviving that fifth round and showed that he can take a punch of a legitimate puncher, but he also showed defensive lapses that nearly cost him the fight. Forget Martin’s punch stats, he nearly stopped Anderson in the fifth round and while Anderson nailed him numerous times with solid shots, Martin never appeared hurt, but he did manage to hurt Anderson in the fifth round and certainly stunned him in the closing seconds of the tenth round.  Martin did hit the canvas at the end of the third round but he got up quickly and appeared more stunned than hurt.

Anderson showed he can be a contender for the heavyweight title, but that time is not yet now.

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