Jarrett Hurd loses by KNOCKOUT – and – Brandon Figueroa Defeats Mike Masayo by DECISION

By Tom Donelson / Member Boxing Writers Association of America (BWWA)

Jarrett Hurd was a junior Middleweight champion five years ago with three belts in his possession but he has now lost two straight bouts at the Middleweight division, his latest loss to Armando Resendiz.  Resendiz had one lost to Marco Hernandez and with only 15 fights under his belt, he is not yet a leading fighter in the Middleweight division 다운로드.

Resendiz started off fast as he took the first two rounds with aggressive approach as Hurd got off to a slow start. Hurd won the third and fourth round and the fifth round was close but after that, it was all Resendiz.  I had the fight 48 to 47 for Resendiz but it could easily have been Hurd up by one round.  Compubox showed why Resendiz won as he dominated the sixth through the ninth before the fight was stopped.  He battered Hurd and while Hurd landed his punches but there were no real damage being done by the former champ.  Resendiz landed nearly 140 punches over the last four rounds before the fight was stoppage.  Hurd landed plenty of punches and overall he landed 228 punches and was slightly more accurate with 41% landing versus 36% for Resendiz. 

Resendiz landed an average of 31 punches, but Hurd averaged 26 punches landed so it wasn’t a defensive masterpiece, but it was an action bout 오버로드 13권 다운로드. The fight was stopped due to severe laceration of the lip and Hurd lost his second straight.   Hurd was one of the best Junior Middleweight five years ago but at the age of 32 and now a Middleweight, Hurd is not a Middleweight contender google play service.

In the main event, Brandon Figueroa, looking to win a featherweight title, needed to beat Mark Masayo, who was looking for his own rematch against Rey Vargas.  This was a close bout and while the score was wider that I thought it should be, Figueroa was the winner but it could have gone either way.  This was good fight and like the Hurd-Resendiz fight, this was not a defensive struggle as both fighters simply had an action fight.  Magsayo lost two points for excessive holding 다운로드.

This was close fight on the Compubox numbers, and I had the fight 115-111 with Masayo losing two points deduction.  Figueroa landed 176 of his 653 punches thrown with 161 power shots compared to Magsayo landing 179 punches of his 593 thrown with 160 power punches landed 마인크래프트 아쿠아틱. While the numbers were close, Figueroa had more left in his tank as Magsayo wilted later in the fight.  Magsayo holding deduction were as much as about surviving as he needed to buy time on couple occasion to keep him from losing the fight on a TKO.  Figueroa stated that he was strong at featherweight and looks forward to grabbing a title at this weight against Rey Vargas. 

One thought on “Jarrett Hurd loses by KNOCKOUT – and – Brandon Figueroa Defeats Mike Masayo by DECISION

  1. Hurd seems finished as a contender. Resendiz shows real potential. The Magsayo v Figueroa fight without deductions was very close in reality.

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