John Boitnott / Web site Producer

John Boitnott producer

By David Martinez / Boxing Historian

I have had some of you ask me about my website producer, who is John Boitnott, one of my best friends.

I met John about twelve years ago, when I was doing boxing reports for KEYT news radio 1250AM for morning personality John Palminteri.

John Boitnott was the producer and board operator for that daily show and we instantly began a friendship through boxing and it has blossomed through the years to today.

When I left the World Boxing Hall of Fame in March 2007, after ten years of dedicated service as a board member and historian, I knew right then and there that I wanted to take boxing to another a level where I could reach out to the world.

John Boitnott had seen a vision when he saw some of my passing e-mails to people on information, schedules, news and personal input on boxing. What John did not know was that, even before the invention of a computer, when I as a young kid over 45 years ago, I used to use a typewriter to get this same information to people.

A dear friend of mine, the late Peter Del Campo, once told me that I was like a beacon of light in my early efforts to bring boxing news and schedules to everyone.

So John literally orchestrated my becoming mainstream and a beacon in boxing over the internet. He volunteered to use his expertise to become the producer of something I live every day of my life with a passion that no one can even comprehend. So, in July 2007, DavidMartinezBoxing.Com became a reality.

John was certainly the launching block to something that has given me pure pleasure in the last year and a half and I am so fortunate that I have a producer that understands who I am and what I stand for in boxing.

John, professionally, is a web master for NBC-TV in the San Francisco-San Jose area market and has helped make my boxing Web site into what it is today and will be in the future.

The fact that John lives in Northern California and I live in Southern California, and how we co-exist in making this website as productive and inventive as it is, is like any long distance relationship that works in true harmony.

As we start the new year 2009, I want to take this opportunity to thank John Boitnott for the outstanding job that he does in every phase of this website and for the satisfaction that he gives me as my producer!

John Boitnott (left) and David Martinez (right)
John Boitnott & David Martinez
November 2008