Muhammad Ali – David Martinez Collection



I was recently interviewed by NEWSCHANNEL 3 (ABC-TV) Santa Barbara, California regarding my Muhammad Ali collection and deep interest in boxing 다운로드.

I am sharing that video link that aired on June 10. 2016.  I would like to thank KEYT Channel 3 Sports Director Mike Klan and News Anchor John Palminteri for their outstanding input on the newscast 다운로드.

(click onto link below to view video)

Local Man has Incredible Muhammad Ali Collection


2 thoughts on “Muhammad Ali – David Martinez Collection

  1. Really enjoyed seeing KEYT’s interview with you and hearing John P.’s comments. It might be time to again think about an off-site museum space for your entire collection.

  2. Great Stuff David. I have added your blog to my favs. Met Ali on two occasions.

    The very best. Share your views on MT. Where was the so called greatness. Young guys never saw a boxing match until he started giving no-body’s a pay day. I will be following . Thanks.

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