RING TRIVIA "answers" for January 2009

1) On February 28, 1961 at Madison Square Garden, New York, what former heavyweight champion lost in a Boxer vs 현대 산스 폰트 다운로드. Wrestler match to Buddy Rogers ?
the answer is – Primo Carnera

2) In September 1999, what song did Oscar De La Hoya use as a theme prior to his fight with Felix Trinidad 다운로드?
the answer is – Bailamos by Enrique Iglesias

3) What former heavyweight champion played the role of Mede, a plantation slave, in the 1975 movie Mandingo mpg 파일?
the answer is – Ken Norton

there are always three “new” RING TRIVIA questions posted up for your enjoyment on or about the 1st of every month … with answers available for viewing same month – about three weeks later