RING TRIVIA "answers" for October 2008

1) The late Paul Newman portrayed middleweight champion Rocky Graziano in the 1956 movie Somebody Up There Likes Me … what actor was originally picked to play that role before Newman 매드 게임즈 타이쿤?
the answer is – James Dean

2) In 1977, what two boxers fought for the California Sate Heavyweight Championship and the referee of their bout was replaced after the 1st round, due to a epileptic seizure 다운로드?
the answer is – Howard Smith vs. Henry Clark

3) Former heavyweight champion Jim Jeffries had the nickname – The Boilermaker … he had another nickname, which was 다운로드?
the answer is – California Grizzly

three “new” RING TRIVIA questions are posted up on or about the 1st of every month … with the answers available three weeks later – sometime around the 21st of each month for viewing!