Spence by One-Sided Decision over Garcia … Retains IBF Welterweight Title

By Tom Donelson / Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America, and has contributed to dmboxing.com with expertise since 2008

Errol Spence Jr 행진곡 다운로드. dominated this bout and the only real close round was the second round. Spence won all rounds on all cards and quite frankly, Mikey Garcia was great lightweight, but he is not a true welterweight.  He simply got out boxed and the second round was the only round which you could make an argument that he won but the judges didn’t even give him that 다운로드.

Mikey Garcia is a great lightweight but he could not make the jump to welterweight and now he is considering going back to lightweight or junior welterweight. 

Spence had the size advantage and he used it effectively as he controlled the distance between both fighters 쇼미더머니4 노래 다운로드.   The compubox numbers told the whole story as Spence landed 345 of 1082 punches and nailed 51% of his power shots.  Spence connected on triple the power shots than Garcia got credit for connecting all of his punches!  Garcia was merely a punching bag 드래곤 길들이기2 다운로드.

The first round set the pace as Spence fired his jab before landing a left hook to the body.  He landed punches down the middle and Mikey Garcia looked slower as he missed a left hook 뮤직 천국 다운로드. In the second round, Garcia tried to get inside Spence’s jab and in this round, Garcia landed his right followed by a left over the top and a combination 다운로드. He added a left hook to the body but Spence landed his own hard left and had a double jab to end the round.  This was the closest round of the fight 액세스 2016 무료 다운로드.

The third and fourth rounds were essentially the same round as Garcia simply couldn’t counter as Spence’s jab opened up Spence’s offense.  His punches were accurate and he landed double and triple jabs plus hooks to the body.  Spence threw in an uppercut as Garcia couldn’t find the answers to landing effective punches to Spence 다운로드.

In the fifth round, Garcia came out smoking but Spence simply put the rally down with effective jabs, vicious body shots and straight shots hurting briefly to Garcia. 

Spence ripped Garcia with a left hook at the beginning of the ninth round and shot to the body 삼성 사진 다운로드.  Spence moved up the pressure and began to hurt Garcia.  Spence pummeled Garcia and shot everything to end the fight.  Spence nailed Garcia and tore him apart and while Garcia made a stance, Garcia’s corner debated whether or not to end the fight.  Mikey Garcia convinced his corner not to stop the fight. 

Spence went for the kill but Garcia was fighting for his respect and while he was getting nailed with right hands and body shots, Garcia continued to fight.  Garcia was getting blasted, but he stood standing 스타 빨무 맵 다운로드. In the final round, Spence put his hands on his hips, marveling that Garcia was still standing under Spence’s assault.

Spence is now looking at Manny Pacquiao and while many at ringside viewed Pacquiao as capable of putting up a better fight, my own view is that Spence should beat the 40 year old Pacquiao; but it will be a big money fight.

As for Garcia, it would be nice if he fights Lomachenko, but Garcia is a PBC fighter and Lomachenko belongs to Top Rank so that will add difficulty to getting that fight done.  As for a Pacquiao-Spence fight, both are PBC fighters and it is the kind of fight that allows Spence to have a big name on his resume while earning some big money.

The welterweight division is deep and Garcia found out that there may be too many good fighters to fight to gain a piece of the title, whereas in the lightweight division or even junior welterweight, he is still one of the best.  

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