Tyson Fury / Place In Boxing History

By Tom Donelson (BWAA) Author, Member Boxing Writers Association of America … Contributor to www.dmboxing.com since 2008

Tyson Fury is the King of Heavyweight and one of those fighters we may learn to appreciate later.  The first time I saw him, Steve Cunningham, a former cruiserweight, knocked Fury down in the second round.  Eventually Fury stopped Cunningham and wore the smaller Cunningham down.  I was less than impressed that a cruiserweight could send him down even for a moment.  A more impressive moment in Fury career when in the twelfth round in his first fight in the Wilder trilogy hwidgen. Wilder connected with a vicious right that sent Fury sprawling in face first.  Wilder celebrated as if. he won the fight and most of us agreed. No one survived when they went face first but Fury got up and finished the fight to garner a draw.  He would go on to win the next two fights by stopping Wilder 다운로드.

At 6 foot 9 inches, Fury is a unique fighter for like any man his size, he can stop you with one punch, but he is light on his feet for he is a good boxer.  He also can adjust as he showed in the second Wilder fight as he forgo boxing Wilder to being a pressure fighter to take advantage of his size against the hard hitting Wilder. 

His most recent bout with Chisora showed Fury at his best.  He boxed and then he pounded.  When he fought Wladimir Klitschko, it represented a changing of the guard, but we didn’t know it at the time.  Klitschko had trouble getting his punches off and part of it was due to his age and part due to Fury ability to evade his punches.  Joshua would end the reign of Klitschko for good with a 11th round stoppage shortly afterward and for many of us, we viewed this as the beginning of the Joshua era as Fury spent three years battling drugs and personal demons 82년 김지영 다운로드.

When he came back, he was the dominant force in the Heavyweight division. After two tune up fights, he had his first match with Wilder which ended in a draw.  In between his trilogy, he defeated unbeaten fighters Otto Wallin and Tom Swartz and after the trilogy ended, he defeated two British fighters, Derek Chisora and Dillion Whyte. 

From the time of the end of Lennox Lewis to Fury defeat of Wladimir Klitschko, the Klitschko’s brothers dominated the heavyweight division as they cleaned out the division.  Fury has yet to clean out the division and he still must defeat Oleksandr Usyk, the other undefeated heavyweight and Anthony Joshua who may have three losses but still is an excellent heavyweight and still one of the best. 

Fury can cement his legacy as a great if not very good heavyweight historically if he beats Usyk or both, Usyk, and Joshua for he will have cleaned out the division of the best heavyweights 다운로드.

Fury is a colorful figure who is good for entertainment both in the ring and outside but within the ring, he is unique fighter, a big man who can box, move, and still knock you out with one punch 다운로드. For many of us who lived during the Ali era, Ali is the model heavyweight but, in this century, the Klitschko’s brothers and Fury have shown their moments of greatness.  Fury trilogy with Wilder showed greatness as he took on the hardest puncher in the Heavyweight and took his best to best him two of three times with a draw.    Fury if he retires with no losses can have legitimate claim to greatness.

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  1. True, but some fans get too wrapped up in the definition of greatness. To me he never beats Louis, Liston, Ali, Foreman Frazier, Tyson, Lewis. Others could make it very interesting with modern training. Bowe, Holfield, Johnson, Dempsey, Witherspoon, Marciano, Thomas, Lyle, Walcott, Charles, Langford, McVey, Jenette, Quarry, Cooney currently Usyk could all be interesting.

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