By Jim Amato

THE TERROR OF TERRE HAUTE … Bud Taylor And The 1920’s 로고스 바이블.

AUTHOR: John D. Wright

THIS was a great book! When I received it I had heard of Charles “Bud” Taylor. I knew he was in the Hall of Fame but he was a fighter from the past 다운로드. I really knew little about him. I know better now thanks to author John D. Wright. John’s labor of love brought to light a career forgotten. A career that should be remembered 새파일 다운로드. Bud Taylor was a hell of fighter. He was a hell of a man too and Mr.Wright covers all the bases.

The names on Bud Taylor’s record are impressive to say the least. Just a sample … how about Memphis Pal Moore, Pancho Villa, Charley Phil Rosenberg, Carl Tremaine, Bushy Callahan, Jimmy McLarnin, Tony Canzoneri, Al Singer, Fidel La Barba and Battling Battalino. Need I say more? This man could fight! After reviewing Bud’s record I have no doubt that Mr. Taylor is where he belongs … in the Hall Of Fame.

In this book though John D. Wright covers much more then Taylor’s ring accomplishments. He told a story of a man, Bud Taylor. The good, bad and the tragic. This is an outstanding story and a great read. I highly recommend this book. One of the best I’ve read in years.