RING TRIVIA for December 2010

1) In May 1989, who won the first ever newly created WBO heavyweight title 다운로드?
a) Francesco Damiani
b) Ray Mercer
c) Tyrell Biggs
d) Michael Dokes

2) What British boxer often wore “TRUE BRIT” embroidered on his trunks 지렁이 키우기 게임 다운로드?
a) Ricky Hatton
b) Nigel Benn
c) Frank Bruno
d) Chris Eubank

3) Jack Johnson (also) fought the brother of what heavyweight champion 다운로드?
a) Marvin Hart
b) Bob Fitzsimmons
c) Tommy Burns
d) Jim Jeffries

Three new RING TRIVIA questions are posted up every month … with answers available for viewing about three weeks later for your enjoyment 다운로드!

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