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Ward Wins the Super Six Title!

By Tom Donelson
(Member of Boxing Writers Association)

Andre Ward and Carl Froch faced off in the final of the Super Six title; the winner recognized as the best of the Super Middleweights with a big fight over the horizon with Lucian Bute 다운로드. Going into this fight, it was a tossup as Ward was a 3 to 1 favorite stateside but among British boxing fans, it was 3 to 1 in reverse.

In the opening minute of the bout, Ward snapped a left hook inside in a clutch but the first minute of half saw a feeling out process 다운로드. Over the last minute, both men landed body shots on the inside as Ward jab was slightly more effective as he landed twice as many jabs as Froch.

Beginning in the second round, Ward jab allowed him to land a couple of rights in the opening minute but as the round progressed, Froch landed some solid jabs to set up a long right 다운로드. But over last minute of the round, Ward landed a left hook while Froch countered two left hooks to the body as he trapped Ward to the rope but a Ward left hook forced Froch to retreat and this was followed by yet another Ward’s left hook ending the round 다운로드.

Ward began the third round with solid jabbing as his accuracy befuddled the British fighter, who looked for ways to score with jabs of his own 일러스트 벡터 다운로드. With a minute left in the round, Ward jab set up a sharp left hook whereas Froch concentrated on body shots. The last twenty seconds saw both men fighting in close quarters as they connected on body shots even though Ward’s shots looked sharper 용용공주 다운로드.
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Mares retains title!

By Tom Donelson

(Member of Boxing Writers Assc.)

Showtime featured the final of their bantamweight championship series featuring Abner Mares fighting Joseph Agbeko for the Showtime championship but before the main event, the raging bull Vic Darchinyan taking on the boxer Anselmo Moreno.  In the opening round, Darchinyan took the attack to Moreno, trying to get Moreno to open up.   At the 1:30 mark, Darchinyan connected on a left that forced Moreno to retreat.   Moreno managed to slip a few of Darchinyan’s powerful left and while Darchinyan managed to connect on a couple of lefts, most of his big shots missed their targets 다운로드.

In the second round, Moreno excellent boxing allowed him to connect on big left hands to counter the left’s coming from Darchinyan and Moreno jab allowed him to control the early rounds but at the 1:30 seconds of the fourth round, Darchinyan finally connected on a heavy handed left for the first time in a couple of rounds 레스토랑 게임. Frustration of Darchinyan showed up as he wrestle and threw Moreno to the ground, which cost him a point.

Darchinyan pressed Moreno in the fifth round and finally trapped Moreno in the corner at the end of the round including a straight left that connected.  Moreno continued to box effectively as he nailed Darchinyan with some solid lefts after right hand jabs while Darchinyan best punches in the round were left to the body 다운로드.

Moreno played matador in the seventh round as Darchinyan bull rushes simply went pass Moreno and in the middle of the round, Moreno nailed Darchinyan with brutal body shots.   By the end of the round Moreno showed a variety of punches including body punches followed quick head shots 미스터 선샤인 5화 다운로드.

Moreno picked Darchinyan apart as he started to throw power shots that slowed Darchinyan, who looked like a fighter with no answers for the slick boxing Moreno.  This continued in the ninth round and through most of the tenth round even though Darchinyan managed to connect on some hard lefts but Moreno showed mastery of the ring 파라노말 액티비티 2 다운로드.

In the final stanza, Darchinyan attacked Moreno with the idea of knocking him out but other than pushing Moreno down, Moreno slick boxing simply avoided Darchinyan attacks and wild left; thus producing an easy decision.  Darchinyan suffered a major setback while Moreno sent a message to the rest of Bantamweight division; he was for real 다운로드. Continue reading Mares retains title!

Cotto gets his Revenge!

By Tom Donelson

( Member of Boxing Writers Assc 세장의 부적 다운로드. )

The big event in New York was Miguel Cotto seeking revenge against Antonio Margarito but before the big event there were three undercard fights to whet the fans appetite.  Michael Jones began the early rounds against Sebastian Lujan by easily out boxing his opponent.  Over the first three rounds, Lujan had a hard time connecting as Jones connected on some sweet combinations 동요 mp3 다운로드.

In the fifth, Lujan managed to connect on a few more shots but after the sixth round, Jones returned to controlling bout with his boxing skills as he simply started to wear Lujan down with his blistering combinations 다운로드.   Each round started to look same as Mike Jones simply used Lujan as a punching bag and this fight started look like a sparring session as he won an easy unanimous decision 다운로드.

The second bout was a rematch for one of the best fights of 2011 as Pawel Wolek challenged Delvin Rodriguez.  The first three rounds appeared to leave off from their last fight as they pounded each other 다운로드. Rodriguez used left upper cuts and right hand to score big whereas Wolek connected on right hands which scored on Rodriguez’s head.

Delvin Rodriguez opened up on Wolak in the fourth round as he bloodied Wolak nose while stunning him with left hooks and uppercuts.  In the sixth and seventh round, Wolak landed the harder punches as Rodriguez slowed down but after appeared to be hurt in the seventh round, Rodriguez recovered enough to throw quick combinations and Wolak eyes were bleeding at the end of the round 다운로드.

The ninth round saw two tied fighters who continued to grind it out. Rodriguez used his hand speed to throw in combinations as Wolak right hand landed to the temple of Rodriguez but in the tenth, Rodriguez had Wolak in trouble as Rodriguez landed combinations to Wolak head.  Wolak struggled to stay on his feet over the last minute as Rodriguez tried for the knock out his opponent by throwing punches in bunches but had to be satisfied with a decision victory.   In a round in which many rounds were competitive; Rodriguez quick combinations gave him the edge as he won the easy decision on the scorecard 다운로드. Continue reading Cotto gets his Revenge java ajax 파일!

Chavez Defends His Title

By Tom Donelson

(Member of Boxing Writers Assc.)

Peter Manfredo, Jr 유튜브 mp4 1080p 다운로드. has never been one of the elite fighters but since his days on The Contenders, he has maintained his popularity and this has allowed him shots at big money fights and even championship bouts.  In the prefight interview, Manfredo, Jr 로그 레거시. noted that he was a blue collar fighter who loves to mix it up as he prepared to fight  another money making machine, Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. whose linage has allowed him to be a feature fighter in his own right.   Chavez is the son of the great hall of fame fighter, Julio Cesar Chavez, Sr 다운로드. and while he is a bigger fighter than his dad, he has yet shown that he is a great fighter in his own right. He is a good fighter with a good career going so far but with the Chavez name, being just a good fighter is not an option 테라m 유니크 매크로 다운로드.

Manfredo came into the fight as the underdog and knew that he had to win or essentially his career was over. Chavez entered the ring just behind his dad, the living legend loved by many of his Mexican countrymen.  Chavez Jr 다운로드. had the cross of living up to his father reputation as he defended his version of the Middleweight championship.   This promised to be a fight of two bangers and Manfredo came out jabbing as he advanced behind those jabs as Chavez boxed to avoid the charges while he counter with those classic Chavez left hooks.   Chavez spent the first round feeling out Mandredo as he wanted to absorb Manfredo’s punches, checking out Manfredo’s power 다운로드. Continue reading Chavez Defends His Title

Pacquiao vs. Marquez, and HBO fight card

By Tom Donelson

( Member of Boxing Writers Assc.)


Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez finished their trilogy Saturday night or have they?  A few observations on the fight begin with the Oscar De La Hoya syndrome.  In 2004, De La Hoya was beginning his promotion for his bout with Bernard Hopkins and the promotional team thought of a having a double header with Hopkins defending his title while De La Hoya would attempt to wrestle German fighter Felix Sturm title away. Hopkins won his bout but De La Hoya found the German Middleweight a little more than he could handle 웹 크롤링 다운로드. While De La Hoya took the early rounds, Strum dominated the second half of the fight and most observers had him winning the fight  seven rounds to five but he lost by that score.  While De La Hoya threw nearly double the punches, Sturm was more accurate, connected on more punches and his punches started to shake De La Hoya.   Many of the judges gave the close rounds to De La Hoya and there were many who wonder how much the prospective Hopkins-De La Hoya fight was a factor in the scoring.  Many Marquez fans will be wondering; did the prospect of a Mayweather-Pacquiao color the judges’ decision in a fight with many close rounds ms word 뷰어?

There is the Ken Norton Syndrome that affected Team Marquez.  In his third fight with Ali, Norton gave the last round away as he thought he had the fight in the hand adobe reader 11 다운로드. In addition, he gave away another round in the middle of the fight.  He lost a decision that he should have won by simply giving away the last round in a fight that was much closer than Norton thought 블러드c. Team Marquez told their guy that he had the fight in the bag, so Marquez simply took the foot of the gas pedal and lost the last round, a round that could have cost him the fight.  Marquez should have known better and so should have his corner.  Team Marquez had as much to do with their fighter losing as any one 다운로드. Continue reading Pacquiao vs 다운로드. Marquez, and HBO fight card

Bute and Kirkland Shine!

By Tom Donelson

( Member of Boxing Writers Assc.)

The Road Warrior Glen Johnson was once again traveling to another fighter’s hometown, this fight being in Quebec City, and in the home country of Canadian hero, Lucian Bute.  The first fight featured undefeated Pier Olivier Cote challenging Jorge Luis Teron in a junior welterweight bout.    Cote decided that he wanted a short night as Cote unleashed quick punches, including a super-fast right hand that left Teron looking for the exit 아이폰 음원 다운로드. Cote launched into a series of combinations but in the middle of the exchanges, Teron nailed Cote with a right that staggered Cote.  The second round continued the explosion as Cote exploded a left jab followed by a right hand that sent Teron down.  Teron got back up only to be hit with a left hook that opened up blood from Teron nose as Teron went down on his back to the canvas 다운로드. Teron sat on the rope for three or four seconds before crawling away from the ropes but he couldn’t get up.  Cote won with a spectacular knockout 다운로드.

In the main event, Johnson and Bute fought tentatively as both fighters felt each other in the opening minutes of the first round.  The round ended with Bute trapping Johnson in the corner with quick combinations as Johnson tried to figure out how to counter a younger and faster fighter microsoft office 365.

Bute quickness seemed to have paralyzed Johnson into inaction as Bute maintained the distance between the two fighters.  Bute seemed to have upper hand as he looked comfortable whereas Johnson looked confused with his occasional right hand landed short of his target.  Going into the fourth round, Johnson grappled for answer as Bute started connecting to the body 다운로드.

Johnson finally connected with a right hand but it appeared to have little impact and over the last thirty seconds of the fifth round, Bute picked up the pace as he unleashed body shots and straight lefts to win the round and maintain his lead on the scorecard 다운로드.

Johnson started to get into the fight as he landed with solid rights followed by jabs but Johnson had not followed up with a left hook whereas Bute showed more variety in his attack 다운로드. As the second half of the fight began, the only round that could have been called even or in favor of Johnson was the first as round second through the sixth round was all Bute 다운로드. Continue reading Bute and Kirkland Shine 4k 배경화면 다운로드!

Donarie wins!

By Tom Donelson

(Member of Boxing Writers Assc.)


Nonito Donarie is on the verge of superstardom and in the original capital of boxing, New York City; he faced the undefeated Argentina fighter Omar Andres Narvaez.  Donarie have beaten some of the better fighters in the lower weight division including Fernando Montiel and the power punching Vic Darchinyan.  Donarie wanted to make his point that Pacquaio wasn’t the only great Philippine fighter 다운로드.

The opening minutes was a feeling out process as Narvaez boxed and looked for weakness against the hard punching Donarie.  Near the end of the round, both fighters nailed each other with solid hooks but Donarie punches were heavier.   The second round saw two technical fighters playing a chess match as both fighters look for advantage but action proved sparse as neither fighter could gain an advantage ms access 2010 한글판. Narvaez defense forced Donarie to move forward and threw punches, but punches missing their target.

Narvaez showed some defensive wizardry and countered effective at times as he would nick Donarie while forcing Donarie to stalk 다운로드. Donarie never felt comfortable in attacking Narvaez.  In the fourth round, Donarie threw punches but all were blocked but Narvaez failed to throw punches of his own and with thirty seconds left, Donarie landed a right hand that shook Narvaez and forced the Argentine fighter to retreat 다운로드.

Throughout the fifth round, Donarie threw punches after punches while Narvaez simply played possum, blocking most of the punches but he did very little to counter the bigger Donarie.   Narvaez defense frustrated Donarie, who was forced to fight a more patient fight and he was unable to get Narvaez into a firefight anaconda3 다운로드. Continue reading Donarie wins!

Hopkins – Dawson and other HBO fights!

By Tom Donelson
(Member Boxing Writers Assc.)

Bernard Hopkins once again decided it was time to teach a young fighter the fine arts of the sweet science 유레카 mp3 다운로드. Hopkins goal was to control the pace and fight when he wanted to. Hopkins waited as Dawson moved forward cautiously in the opening moments of the fight 다운로드. Hopkins led with a right hand and bull rushed with his head down as he avoided jabs. Dawson missed most of his punches but he did manage to connect on a hook for the best punch of the round with Hopkins lying on the rope 다운로드.

Hopkins fought at a slow pace, which was the way he liked it at the beginning of the second round. Hopkins landed a right hand but he did try to push Dawson down 튀어 나와요 동물 의 숲 다운로드. Dawson landed two jabs followed by short hook. The fight proved to be a rough affair as Hopkins tried to turn this into an ugly affair. The key moment of the fight occurred when Hopkins threw a right and landed on Dawson back, who then threw Hopkins off him 라이브 7화 다운로드. Hopkins landed on the canvas on his elbow, injuring his shoulder. The referee ruled it a TKO as he declared that Hopkins could not continue. The real question was this a true TKO or not 다운로드?

In the opening bout of the HBO / PPV card, Paul Malignaggi used his quick feet and fast hands to keep the tough Orlando Lara off him. The one thing that was obvious, Malignaggi hands were faster as he blistered out four or five punch combinations but Lara punches when they landed had more power 다운로드. In round three saw Malignaggi outlanding Lora by an 8 to 1 margin.

In the fifth round, Lara corner told him, start fighting but Malignaggi continued to out punch his opponent, who was left throwing one single shot at a time 다운로드. This continued for the rest of the fight as Malignaggi simply hit Lora when he wanted to and rarely got hit back. One example of this was in the eighth round when Lora was posing with his right hand and looking to pull the trigger; Malignaggi nailed him with four punch combination 신구미호 다운로드. This led to an easy decision for Malignaggi.

In the second bout, former champion Kendall Holt faced undefeated Danny Garcia in a battle of junior welterweights for the WBO version of the title 엘소드 핵 다운로드. Holt used his jab in the opening two rounds to set up his right as Garcia looked tentative as he threw weak punches.

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Klitschko & Gamboa win!

 By Tom Donnelson

( Member Boxing Writers Assc 다운로드. & International Boxing Research Org. )


(Wroclaw, Poland)  The Heavyweight division is the Klitschko’s brothers personal fiefdom and everyone must pay tribute by taking a licking.  Since 2004, no one has even come close to beating the Klitschko’s brothers and this past Saturday fight between Vitali Klitschko and Tomasz Adamek was no exception. Adamek, the former Cruiserweight and light heavyweight champion, proved game but no match for he was too small and did not possess enough of powerful punch to make a difference.  The other problem for Adamek, was that at the age of 40, Vitali Klitschko still possesses sharp reflex to parry of any attacks. Klitschko is one of those tall fighters who fights like a tall fighter; using his jab effectively to control real estate.  Throughout the bout, Adamek had problems with getting inside Klitschko’s jab and Klitschko averaged 40 plus jabs per round with those jabs successful blunting any attack that Adamek attempted.  Unlike David Haye, who spent most of his bout against Wladimir avoiding combat, Adamek attempted to fight 다운로드.

One example of Adamek spirit and technical skills came in the fifth round in which a more aggressive approach allowed him to connect with a combination that even shook Vitali for a brief moment but those combinations were few and far between.  From the middle of the second round through the sixth, occasional rallies by Adamek gave the Polish faithful that a miracle would yet happen for their favorite son; but those moments were mere illusion in which a brave fighter managed to come up with the occasional connect but paying the price.   Adamek face at the end of the fight showed the results as all but three punches that Vitali connected hit Adamek’s face 세장의 부적 다운로드.

At the end of the second round, a Vitali right connected and sent Adamek reeling back in the rope, with the rope keeping Adamek from hitting the canvas.  The referee did not count the punch as a knockdown even thought he could.  The next time, Vitali sent Adamek reeling into the rope with another right but this time, the referee counted this as a knockdown, rightly concluding correctly that the rope held Adamek up 동요 mp3 다운로드. Continue reading Klitschko & Gamboa win 다운로드!

Can Ortiz Beat Mayweather?


By Tom Donelson
Member of Boxing Writers Association & Internationl Boxing Research Organization )

Can Victor Ortiz beat Floyd Mayweather in their upcoming match 터치바이터치 mp3 다운로드? The answer is yes in the sense that any one can win a fight but no one is going to bet on Ortiz. Mayweather is the overwhelming favorite and for good reason 보이스3 6화. He is one of the best pound for pound fighters over the past couple of decades and Mayweather have yet to taste defeat.


Mayweather often intimidated fighters not with his power but speed.  He dominated his opponent with his defensive mastery plus a fast hand which counters his opponents before they could even launch an attack.  He has had very few close fights, the last being against Oscar De La Hoya, which was a split decision victory and two close fights with Jose Luis Castillo 델타포스 다운로드. Never has Mayweather been in what was considered a war and he have avoided many bruising victories.  He often comes out of fights with his face unscratched 다운로드.


Mayweather has one chink in his armor, he is 34 years and his last fight was 16 months ago and this could dim just enough the speed and timing.   Victor Ortiz aggressive style is similar to Castillo and he could challenge Mayweather by forcing the fight to go at a first pace.   Ortiz showed against Berto that he had the heart that many felt was missing after he went toe to toe against a determined foe.  He dominated most of the action and even knocked Berto down twice to garner a unanimous victory.  In that same fight, Ortiz had to come back from being down in the sixth against the quick handed Berto 다운로드. The sixth round showed the maturity of Ortiz as he no only survived a near loss but he came back in that round to knock Berto down and took control of the fight back 전차로d 다운로드.


Mayweather has the experience in big fights and his skills levels are beyond most boxing mortals but at 34, even the greats show sign of morality.  This is Ortiz opportunity for a victory that could vault him into the elite junior welterweight and puts him into position for other big fights